Everything about the Esenyurt Area in Istanbul Living and Investing

Esenyurt is a district of Istanbul. Esenyurt, which used to be a district of the Buyukcekmece district of Istanbul and has been a municipality of the city since 1989; In 2008, it was combined with the town of Kirac and gained the status of a district. The district has been part of the development in recent years due to increased activity in housing construction. Many parks and cultural centers were built within these settlements. Esenyurt has become a popular residential area because the newly built houses in Esenyurt are more affordable than in the center of Istanbul. Due to the many shopping centers in the district, the people left the shops on the streets and turned into shopping centers. The thermal waters extracted in the region have the highest quality geothermal properties in the country.

When the location of the district is examined: It is located in the Thrace sub-region of the Marmara region, within the boundaries of the Istanbul Metropolitan area. There is Kucukcekmece Lake in the east of this region, Buyukekmece in the west, Hosdere village and TEM Highway in the north, and Firuzkoy and ES Highway in the south. There are 13 health centers, 1 state hospital, 1 Kizilay hospital, and 1,000,000 in the district m² city park. Security in the district was transferred to the police force as of June 1, 2009. The Police Headquarters building has been prepared. According to the data announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the population of Istanbul Esenyurt in 2021 was 977 thousand 489 people. There are many educational institutions in the district. Istanbul Esenyurt University, which started education in 2013, has great importance. There is also a large observatory and many libraries in Esenyurt.

Where is Esenyurt Located?

Esenyurt is on the European side of Istanbul, located in the Marmara Region in northwest Turkey. Kucukcekmece Lake is in the east, Buyukcekmece in the west, Hosdere district and TEM Highway in the north, and Firuzkoy and E-5 Highway in the south. The district is surrounded by Buyukcekmece in the west, Basaksehir in the north, Arnavutkoy in the northwest, Avcilar in the east, and Beylikduzu in the south. The distance between the center of Istanbul and Esenyurt is approximately thirty-six kilometers in total.

What are the Advantages of Living in Esenyurt?

Esenyurt district, which is located on the European side of Istanbul, is located next to Buyukcekmece, Beylikduzu, and Avcilar districts on the coast of the Marmara Sea. If you come to Istanbul for a historical, touristic, or cultural trip, you need to get away from the city center to go to Esenyurt. It takes an average of 45-60 minutes to travel from the city center to Esenyurt. In Esenyurt, where the population is increasing, transportation options have also increased over the years. Metrobus lines, provide a great convenience in traveling in Istanbul.

The advantages of living in the Esenyurt district are listed below:

  • Esenyurt’s air is clean.
  • Its streets are tidy.
  • Its streets are well lit. Esenyurt’s modern infrastructure has wide and spacious roads.
  • Electricity services are just like in Europe.
  • There is a lush green Esenyurt with city park forests, parks, landscaping, and fountains.

Esenyurt has gymnasiums, sports equipment placed in parks and sites, and aerobics halls for women.

  • There are sports tournaments between schools; there is an Esenyurt that offers opportunities for people of all ages to live healthy with summer sports schools.
  • There is an Esenyurt that provides all kinds of social opportunities with cultural centers, cinema and theater halls, a library, bowling alley, free wedding and circumcision feasts, aids for low-income citizens, and cultural trips.
  • It is very rich in terms of thermal water resources. It has Ataturk Mahallesi Thermal Facility and Saadetdere Thermal Facility. Furthermore, it is known that the geothermal spring water is rich in minerals and this water is one of the best quality geothermal waters in Turkey. Skin diseases, rheumatism, hernias of the waist and neck, muscle diseases, neurological diseases, physical and mental fatigue, and chronic diseases are among the diseases that water is good for.

What is the Standard of Living in Esenyurt?

Due to the increase in the activities in housing construction, the prices of the newly built houses in Esenyurt are more affordable than in the center of Istanbul. There are many shopping centers in the district. There are many opportunities for activities, there are many parks and cultural centers. The transportation facility is good.

What are the Weather Conditions in Esenyurt?

Esenyurt has cool winters and warm summers. It has a relatively cool Mediterranean climate.

While other districts of Istanbul are extremely hot, Esenyurt is cool. In this respect, the people of Esenyurt are very lucky.

What are the Education Conditions in Esenyurt?

There are many educational institutions in the district. Istanbul Esenyurt University, which started education in 2013, has great importance, you could check Education System in Turkey. There is also a large observatory and many libraries in Esenyurt.

How is the Transportation in Esenyurt?

There are many ways to reach Esenyurt. The district is 45-50 kilometers from Istanbul  Airport. The airport provides transportation to many major cities of the world and the country. It takes an average of 50-55 minutes to reach Esenyurt from the airport by taxi. It is also possible to use the shuttles departing from the airport. However, you can reach Istanbul Airport by using the HAVAIST buses departing from points close to Esenyurt. HAVAIST stop alternatives close to Esenyurt can be: Avcilar Metrobus, Haramidere Torium, Beylikduzu Marmarapark, Bahcesehir Merkez Ispartakule-Bizimevler. There are many ways to reach Esenyurt by bus; the district is located 26 kilometers from the bus terminal in Esenler. The bus station has connections with many cities in Turkey, you can also see our article about Travel & Transport in Turkey. In urban transportation, it is possible to reach many districts from Esenyurt by bus. Some of these are Taksim, Bakirkoy, Avcilar, Beylikduzu, Yenibosna, Aksaray, Sogutlucesme and Mecidiyekoy.

Public buses to/from Esenyurt

142E Esenyurt Incirtepe – Aksaray

142K Esenyurt Kiptas 4. Etap- 5. Etap- Avcilar

142T Esenyurt Public Hospital – TUYAP Exhibition and Conference Centre

429 Kirac – Yenibosna Metro

Metrobus lines to/from Esenyurt

34B Beylikduzu – Avcilar

34BZ Beylikduzu – Zincirlikuyu (night service)

34C Beylikduzu – Cevizlibag

34G Beylikduzu – Sogutlucesme (night service)

How Far is the Esenyurt from the Important Areas of Istanbul?

The distance of Esenyurt to the important areas of Istanbul is listed below.

  • Esenyurt district is located about 26 kilometers far from the bus terminal in Esenler.
  • Esenyurt district is 22 kilometers from Istanbul Ataturk Airport.
  • Esenyurt district is located about 36 kilometers far from Istanbul.
  • Esenyurt district is located about 24 kilometers far from the Bakirkoy.
  • Esenyurt district is located about 34 kilometers far from the Eminonu.
  • Esenyurt district is located about 8, 65 kilometers far from the Avcilar.
  • Esenyurt district is located about 35 kilometers far from the Taksim.
  • Esenyurt district is located about 50 kilometers far from the Kadikoy.
  • Esenyurt district is located about 41 kilometers far from the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

How Far is Esenyurt From Near Airports?

Car transportation between Istanbul Esenyurt and Istanbul Airport takes 48 km and approximately 52 minutes. The distance between Istanbul 3rd Airport and Esenyurt is 30 kilometers and takes 39 minutes. Sabiha Gökçen Airport, which is the furthest away, is 79 kilometers away and is 1 hour and 15 minutes away.

What are the Important Areas of Esenyurt?

The following are the important districts in the Esenyurt district.

  • Esenyurt Culture and Art Center
  • Turgut Ozal Stadium
  • Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Park
  • Akbati mall
  • Torium mall
  • Marmara Park mall
  • Pelit Chocolate Museum
  • Ataturk Thermal Facility
  • Saadetdere Thermal Facility

What are the Malls in Esenyurt District in Istanbul?

Shopping centers in the Esenyurt district are listed below:

  • Akbati
  • Eskule
  • Torium
  • Marmara Park
  • Bauhaus
  • Isik Mall
  • City Center Mall

What are the Investment Options in Esenyurt?

Esenyurt Region is in a very important position in the Istanbul transportation system. This is the most important factor for city people. It is located in the middle of the E-5 Highway and the TEM Highway, at an easily accessible point. It is said that the region will grow even more with the investments planned in terms of transportation. Due to its location like many shopping centers in the region, in recent years, investors and those who want to buy a house prefer the shopping center area; this is one of the most important factors that activate the housing market in the region. One of the biggest reasons for growth is undoubtedly metrobus transportation. With the 16 km long Mahmutbey-Bahcesehir-Esenyurt metro line, the demand for the region is expected to increase even more. The Mahmutbey-Bahcesehir-Esenyurt metro line will start from Mahmutbey station and continue in the east-west direction and will end in the Esenkent neighborhood in the north of the TEM highway. Mahmutbey station, which is the first stop of the Mahmutbey-Bahcesehir-Esenyurt metro, will be integrated with the Kirazli-Basaksehir-Olimpiyatköy and Kabatas-Mahmutkoy rail system lines. When the metro line is completed, the second wave of increase is expected at housing prices in this region.

There are various investment options in Esenyurt. One of them is to buy a house and rent a house. The construction sector in the district is also quite developed. A large number of houses are built in the district every year. Housing is built at every level of need. Another investment option is to buy a house and wait for it to be valued and sell it. Another option is to buy land and sell it to construction companies.

How to Invest in Real Estate in Esenyurt?

Investing in real estate in Turkey is a very easy and fast process, and so is Esenyurt. Real estates in the Esenyurt district are modern, durable, and high-quality buildings. Most buildings are newly built or under construction. By cooperating with a good real estate office, you can identify real estate that will gain value in the market and invest in this real estate in Esenyurt. By investing in luxury residences in the region, you can increase your rental expectation and increase your profit from the sale. In projects that you will take from the soil, take care to notarize the contract and to have the technical specification read by an engineer.

What is the History of Esenyurt?

Established on the farmland belonging to Ekrem Omer Pasha at the beginning of the 19th century, the settlement was named Eskinoz from Eskinozgiller, one of the shareholders of this place. In 1967, the name of the settlement was changed to Esenyurt. The participation of the immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria in 1920-1938 to the local people formed by the workers in Eskinoz Farm, and the population that came with internal and external migration in recent years (Bulgaria, Germany, Kars, Artvin, etc.) ensured the ethnic structure to take its current form.

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