What Is a Turnkey Property?

A turnkey property means a wholly renovated house or apartment building that an investor can buy and rent immediately. These turnkey homes are often purchased from a company specializing in restoring old properties.

With the popularity of turnkey properties in the 2000s, the rate of restoration and sale of historical or old properties has increased considerably. The previous owner or companies often refurbish turnkey properties to make them ready for use and fully meet today’s needs. Thus, this structure is quite robust and hosts the latest systems, which is why these facilities have had a high preference rate both for investment and use recently. One of the reasons why it is called turnkey is that when you buy the house, there is no part that you have to spend and have it done. Turnkey properties, including bathrooms, house floor, and kitchen, have been renovated for your comfort.

Besides, these renovated turnkey houses are essential for investors. Old houses can be placed in magnificent locations in a cosmopolitan city like Istanbul. Still, it is necessary to renovate the building to have value outside of its place. However, turnkey houses are placed in outstanding locations as they are both renovated and old buildings. So investors get a high-value property without additional costs to the house.

How Does a Turnkey Property Work?

This investment approach to turnkey private structures is particularly appealing to people who want to expand into the real estate market but do not have the time or ability/interest to renovate a home or solve maintenance problems. Because a person who wants to invest in property will not buy the property for their use, when the use of the property changes hands, there will already be a tenant in the property, which makes things even simpler for the investor.

Other than that, the term turnkey property is not only used for the property sold to investors. In real estate literature, real estate companies sometimes use this expression to describe any refurbished, ready-to-move home that’s ready for sale. So, although you are the type who likes to renovate your house, the house in a magnificent location, renovated on a turnkey basis, will save you time, money, and most importantly, stress.

What Are the Benefits of Turnkey Property?

Investing in turnkey properties is a viable alternative to property investment when you have limited spending capital. The benefits of turnkey properties are immense. These turnkey properties are already residing in old and central neighborhoods, so you have a positive property investment right in place. Check the list of benefits of Turnkey Property below.

  • Economy of scale pricing: These old-built renovated houses, which do not require additional expenses or any renovation, are very suitable structures for price performance
  • A time-saving property: Since the house will be turnkey, it does not need to go through any renovations, which always saves you money.
  • Instant cash flow: One reason many real estate investors love turnkey leases is the easy cash flow provided. This cash flow is almost passive income that you don’t have to “work for.” The one thing you should work for is to respond to property manager communications and pay for any necessary repairs or replacements to the turnkey property.
  • Invest in Strong Rental Markets: The real estate market is a sector that brings investors, so the properties you buy prevent your money from depreciating in the face of inflation.

How to Find a Turnkey House?

As a real estate professional, buying a turnkey property is one of the most lucrative investments you can make. There are several ways to find such homes at affordable prices in the market area, but we will focus on the 2 best ways to get you a good start are listed below:

  1. Hiring a real estate firm: Finding a good turnkey home can be difficult for those just starting in the real estate market, and blindly searching for a company to give your hard-earned money can be a little daunting; If you want to provide a professional and well-established turnkey real estate investment, you should hire a successful turnkey real estate company. At this point, Realty Group will provide you with a high-level service regarding turnkey properties with both its experience in the market and its customer satisfaction policy. Its sectoral experience for years will list the features you want to have for a house. It will ensure that the most suitable turnkey structure is found for you, and if you are in search of an investment property, it will work with you at every step to ensure that you receive safe and quality service.
  2. Constantly reviewing and bidding on homes that come for sale on the real estate market: It is possible to search and view the buildings new to the real estate market and for sale on the internet. so you can also bid on the property that you like on the net however it cannot be reliable since you do not work with a realty brand. Therefore, aftermarket research, before sending an offer, you should agree with a real estate company so that the transactions can be handled in a more controlled and reliable manner.

How to Buy a Turnkey Property?

When you like your turnkey property and are ready to buy it, you can start all the necessary purchasing processes with your authorized real estate agent. Our purchasing process is quite simple. The competent team available to you handles every aspect of the investment from e, from purchasing to property management. Your Portfolio Advisor will give you an update on the status of your portfolio each month, so you are always busy with your investments. How to buy a property is listed below in order:

  1. Find The Home that you want to buy
  2. Hire realty agents
  3. Get analyze the property
  4. Talk to the owner of the property
  5. Visit Turkey
  6. Go to see the property in your bare eyes
  7. Talk about the price of the property
  8. Reserve the property and freeze the price
  9. Appoint the solicitor to finish the purchase
  10. Received the title deed

What should you Look for in a Turnkey Property?

Before embarking on a turnkey buying spree, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into during this journey. Because the closing costs and down payments for each property alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars, you should examine many factors and decide to buy the property that way. In the list below, things you should look for while buying turnkey property are explained.

  • Property management: Before you buy a rental property, you should have a plan for who will manage it.
  • Current Tenants: It is appropriate to buy a property that is clean, reliable, with long-term tenants. However, you can easily take over a nightmarish tenant who will default in the first month of your ownership. Therefore, you should also contact the tenant living in the house.
  • Mechanical Systems: You’ve found a livable property ready to advertise for new or existing tenants. However, this cannot be a surefire measure that the furnace will not collapse or fire will not occur in the next month, but being able to ensure the property is an important feature for you.
  • Change Quality: Similarly, just because a property has been recently renovated does not mean it is well renovated. Check the quality of the renovated pieces of the property.

Who Should Buy Turnkey Property?

Who is suitable to buy a turnkey property is listed below.

1. Those Who do not Want to Make House Renovations

When you buy the house, all the necessary renovations will be done, so you do not have to deal with repair works by creating extra costs. In addition to saving money, you can also save time and move the property immediately. If you are thinking of buying the property for renting, then being able to rent it out immediately will prevent your loss of money and time.

2. Those Who Want Real Estate For Investment Purposes

People who want to earn passive income can choose to buy a property and rent it out. Turnkey structures are the best option for those who want to earn passive income. Since both the house can be given to the tenant without the need for maintenance and a very high income can be obtained. These types of properties, which are generally centrally located in terms of location, will bring you a large amount of profit when they are sold later, depending on inflation.

What is Turnkey Real Estate Investing?

Turnkey real estate investment is an investment strategy in which the investor buys and manages the property, usually through a third party over a long distance. The purpose of this investment is to simplify the entire real estate investment process and make a profit. Turnkey properties, which offer great opportunities for those who want to buy real estate for investment purposes, allow you to earn a positive income without any additional expenses, so they have been a very popular Real Estate Investment style since the 2000s.

How To Make Turnkey Real Estate Investing a Success?

There is a list of things to think about to help ensure your turnkey real estate investment is a success below:

  • While real estate is less subject to market inflation volatility over the long term, holding times for rental property are generally longer than for more liquid assets such as stocks and bonds.
  • Fully research all turnkey rental opportunities, as there is no industry standard definition for “turnkey” and the word means different things to different vendors.
  • Calculate the income potential of the turnkey investment using various retention scenarios to understand net cash flow monthly and increase affect the value of the rental property.
  • Working with a local professional real estate firm will help you with the property value.

How is Turnkey Real Estate Sector in Turkey?

If all the deficiencies of the flat to be purchased have been completed and all expenses have been made, this flat can be called a turnkey flat. The flats in the project, of which all expenses are paid and all deficiencies are completed, are delivered to the persons with their keys. It is also important that these apartments are ready for residence. All the works in the building must be completed by the company whose works are undertaken, and the buyer must be able to get the key directly and settle in. Unfortunately, in today’s conditions, it offers many turnkey dates, but the number of projects ready on the turnkey date is very few.

There is no such thing as getting the deed first and then the key. Upon completion of the deed transactions, the key is received immediately. So simultaneous action is required. In other words, people who want to buy a new house quickly and settle in this house should look at turnkey houses.

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