What It is Like Living in Bodrum, Mugla?

Bodrum, Mugla is a place that has beautiful holiday sites in Turkey. This pleasant city will fascinate you with its special towns such as Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, and Oludeniz. Mugla attracts many foreign tourists and domestic tourists each year. This place especially stands out with its ancient cities and beaches. Therefore, due to great living standards, it appeals to both families and the young generation.

Mugla is one of Turkey’s provinces that is completely under the influence of the Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry, while winters are warm and rainy. Local delicacies of the Aegean and Mediterranean, such as olive oil dishes and sour fish, belong to this region. The cost of living in Bodrum, Mugla is quite cheaper than it is in Istanbul. Mugla is a city that economically depends on agriculture and tourism. Thus, people living in the city can easily and affordably engage in agricultural and touristic activities. Besides, transportation is very easy with its less population compared to Istanbul.

Where is Bodrum?

Located in the southern part of Turkey, Bodrum city has Aegean and Mediterranean climates. Thus, summers and winters are milder. Bodrum, a district of the city of Mugla, is on the coast of the Aegean region. This charming little port has a rich history and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The most distinctive feature of Bodrum is its nightlife entertainment venues and activities. The unforgettable place of Bodrum is “Blue Voyage” which promises the visitors a great experience. Living in Bodrum will give you the chance to experience a relaxing atmosphere.

History of Bodrum

Known as “The land of eternal blue”, Bodrum is a special place with 3,500 years of history, known as Halicarnassus. This region is thought to have become a full-time settlement around 3000 BC. This peninsula, which has hosted great civilizations where Greek and Anatolian civilizations were founded and destroyed, passed into Ottoman lands with the conquest of Rhodes by the Magnificent Sultan Suleyman. After this conquest, today’s Bodrum city was fully shaped. The name of the city comes from the founder of Bodrum Castle, the knight of Petrium, but its exact current pronunciation was officially confirmed during the republican era. Bodrum, the favorite of the Mediterranean region even in the earliest known dates, was shaped by tourism and fishing. Still today, Turkish living in Bodrum are mostly interested in tourism, fishing, and agriculture.

What are the Climatic Characteristics of Bodrum?

Turkey is one of the special countries that can experience all four seasons in a year on its territory. The city of Bodrum is a location that is considered a great holiday paradise with milder seasonal transitions compared to the eastern and northern parts of Turkey. While the winter temperatures are generally felt at 10 or 15 degrees, the summer months generally experience an air temperature of 35 degrees Celsius and above.

It usually has pleasant spring weather in the spring months. Most of the precipitation takes place at the end of the spring and winter months. This means that if you want to visit Bodrum during the winter months, you should not forget your rain boots. Bodrum, which does not experience snow-filled weather due to soft weather transitions, will be a perfect holiday destination for you and your family. Also, since Bodrum is a city fed by tourism in general, the cost of living in Bodrum may vary between the summer and winter months. Because, in general, with the boom of the tourism sector in the summer months, life becomes more expensive.

What is Bodrum’s Population?

The population of Bodrum varies throughout the year. According to the census made in 2020, the fixed population living in Bodrum is approximately 181,541. 50.73% of this total population, approximately 92,102 are the male population of Bodrum. 89.439 women constituted 49.27% of the remaining population. Of course, this population increases considerably in the summer months with the arrival of people living in other provinces to their summer houses. With the tourist population, the total population of the city reaches 4 million.

How are the People of Bodrum?

People born and raised in Bodrum are generally people who have embraced European life culture. They give importance to their family values and feel like one with nature. The people of Bodrum, a hospitable society, will try to help you with all your needs in a friendly way. Besides, the fact that the majority of the population owns small businesses gives you the impression of a cozy town feeling.

Is Bodrum Suitable for Family Life?

Bodrum is a popular port city built on a peninsula, offering fun activities for families with fishing boats, yachts, and chartered day trips. It offers great opportunities to families with its special fish restaurants in the famous Bodrum marina, aqua parks for children, and dolphin swimming activities. With the low crime rate, this lovely place offers you safe family life.

Is Bodrum Suitable for Foreigners?

With the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Bodrum, it seems to be an attractive place to move to for foreigners and local people. Bodrum offers great opportunities for everyone with its bright sun, sand, and cool sea. If you want to move to Bodrum and live there, you will find a quality life that suits your dreams. Especially, the warm-blooded hospitable local people will make foreigners feel at home in Bodrum.

Is Bodrum a Safe Place?

Bodrum is an extremely safe city to live in for both foreigners and locals. Bodrum is a modern and secular city in Turkey. The local people of Bodrum are famous for their hospitality and guest-friendly traits. So, you can safely live there. Plus, there is a little crime rate in this city. Since the entire city is monitored 24/7 by the city’s security cameras, the people continue their lives with the confidence of living in a safe environment.

Which is Nicer Bodrum or Marmaris?

Bodrum is one of the most developed holiday resorts in Turkey. Marmaris has shown great development in recent years. But the holiday resort culture that Bodrum has had for many years makes Bodrum a better holiday destination than Marmaris. Bodrum is a very developed region with its social life than Marmaris. Marmaris, on the other hand, is a developing holiday region that has not yet reached its full potential.

Is Life Expensive in Bodrum?

Bodrum will try to please you with its activities and life that appeal to every budget. With an average monthly living cost of about 500 dollars, you can live comfortably both with your family and alone in Bodrum. Of course, this amount does not include your fixed expenses such as house rent. Also, your expenses can change according to your lifestyle.

What are the Prices of Houses for Sale in Bodrum?

The price of houses for sale in Bodrum starts at around 200 thousand dollars and reaches 1 million 400 thousand as they become luxurious. If you wish, you can search for the house that suits your taste and lifestyle from the Realty Group Product section and contact us for detailed information.

What are the Rental House Prices in Bodrum?

Rental house prices in Bodrum vary depending on factors such as location, view of the house, and size of the house. However, villa-type private houses can be rented from 250 dollars to about 750 dollars per month. Although Bodrum is generally a coastal city famous for its white double-stair houses, today it attracts attention with its luxury villas. If you wish, research can be made on a certain house and it can be determined for how many dollars it can be rented.

What are Reliable Real Estate Companies in Bodrum?

Bodrum is an important tourism center of Turkey and where the newest luxury buildings are built. Therefore, there is a fierce struggle in the real estate market. However, the reliability of the real estate agent you buy from is as important as the beauty of the house you will buy. No one wants to be deceived by others thinking that they are buying a house above the market average or at a reasonable price.

Here is a list of reliable real estate companies below:

  • Realty Group: Realty Group is a real estate company that not only offers you the most suitable homes on the market but also helps you with all your transactions from start to finish. It is a leading and preferred reliable real estate company in Turkey.
  • Skyturk Property: Sky Property was started to help businesses and people who want to buy or invest in real estate in Turkey get help from experts. Sky Property is a well-known real estate investment company with a well-known staff. Furthermore, our services are known for their trustworthiness, specialization, and high quality, among other things.
  • Intro Property: At Intro Property Istanbul, their main goal is to provide honest and straightforward legal and real-estate consulting services. They do this by getting to know their clients’ needs and finding projects from the most trusted developers in Turkey, as well as after-sale services, like renting your home or selling it, to getting residency in Turkey.
  • Ultra Property: With its experienced management staff, youthful, dynamic, and professional workforce, Ultra Property is a local firm established to give the most guaranteed projects in Turkey at the best pricing and finest quality service.

How to Provide Transportation in Bodrum?

Bodrum is a smaller town compared to cosmopolitan cities, but transportation has become one of its most important features due to its increasing population and being a touristic area. In this district, there are several different means of transportation that you can use other than your car.

One of them is small buses called minibusses. These vehicles, which carry fewer passengers than buses, are mostly preferred by the local people as a faster transportation option. In addition to minibusses, there are many different bus options in the city. But remember, each bus passes through a different route in the city, so make sure you get on the right vehicle.

Yellow taxis are indispensable private transportation for Turkish people. These vehicles are much more expensive than public transport as you have to pay a fee depending on the kilometer you travel.

Renting a car is a great option for travelers. If you want to travel around the city for a day and don’t change vehicles constantly, you can easily rent a car and buy your gasoline for a day trip.

Is There an Airport in Bodrum?

The International Bodrum Milas Airport is the closest airport to Bodrum. There are regular bus services and transfer companies for transportation from the airport to the city. In this way, you can easily reach without looking for a special vehicle. However, if you want to go to the city by private taxi, you have to pay a fee of about 40 to 50 dollars.

How are the Health Services in Bodrum?

As a world leader in health, Turkey provides service to each person no matter what their nationality is. With the wide range of medical services of Bodrum, the city provides the best possible medical care for you. The hospitals you can visit are Bodrum State Hospital, American Hospital Bodrum, Acıbadem Bodrum Hospital, Clinic Bodrum, and Clinic International.

What is the Nightlife Like in Bodrum?

Bodrum’s nightlife is lively with its fun activities and nightclubs. Bodrum Bar Street, also known as Cumhuriyet Caddesi, is home to many venues such as Halikarnas Night Club, Tower Rock City Bar, and Reef Beach Bar. At Bodrum Marina Yacht Club after 10.30 pm, there is a special entertainment opportunity at the marina with DJ and live music entertainment. You can enjoy an unforgettable night with your friends on this street in Gumbet, which hosts recommended fun venues such as Chico’s Cocktail Bar and No Name Bar. Mandalin Bodrum is the perfect entertainment venue for music lovers. However, we have to remind you that, due to the location of the bar, do not expect reasonable prices for drinks.

Which Area is Best in Bodrum?

The most beautiful place in Bodrum is the Bodrum central district. The central district is close to all other districts in terms of transportation. In addition, Bodrum city center is the most developed point of the region. Social events, transport infrastructure, health infrastructure, and security facilities are at a high level in this region. Bodrum city center is a region that is developing further with large investments. The area is also very close to Bodrum-Milas airport. Bodrum city center has many tourist spots. Bodrum nightlife is also active in this area.

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