10 Best Apps for Expats in Turkey

Apps for ex-pats are very useful in every sense! Today, mobile applications provide users with a great time saving and freedom to get services. It is also very important to access the service portal easily and to reach the desired information or service in a very short time in places where computers are not available.

Especially for ex-pats in Turkey, the apps are life-saving. In this article, we present the 10 best apps for ex-pats in Turkey. In this way, you will be able to handle everything from food ordering to language learning on mobile applications.

1. Yemeksepeti

Yemeksepeti is the first and the most powerful online food ordering mobile app in Turkey. You can order food and groceries on the Yemeksepeti app no matter which province of Turkey you live in. Restaurants, where you can order traditional Turkish dishes, are also available in the Yemeksepeti application, as well as popular franchises such as Burger King or KFC. You can download it on Google Play Store and App Store for free.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo was started to be downloaded in Turkey in 2014. People from all over the world can have the chance to learn a language for free on Duolingo. Offering various language exercises for 40 different languages, Duolingo also has an English proficiency test for 49 USD. It is accepted by approximately 3,000 educational institutions in countries such as America, England, and Canada.

3. Memrise

Memrise is an app that allows its users to practice vocabulary while learning a foreign language. Short-term and long-term memory techniques in the app are very useful, especially for ex-pats in Turkey. With native speakers, you will learn the language of your choice from the main source. Languages available in the app are English, Arabic, Japanese, French, Spanish, Korean, Italian, German, and Russian. The app also has the Memrise Google Play 2017 Best App Award.

4. IBB Simultane

IBB Simultane is an application developed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey. The app allows its users to follow the simultaneous translation in the event areas such as public demonstrations or fairs. Besides, they can watch the live broadcast on mobile and web platforms. App users can access the broadcast from their mobile devices and from anywhere without the need for special hardware. IBB Simultane supports the access of the live broadcast with different language options such as English and Arabic.

5. iTaksi

iTaksi is an application developed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The primary purpose of the application is to monitor, direct and coordinate the taxis in Istanbul through the control centers. Moreover, thanks to this app, the safety of the driver and passenger are increased, and the customer and the driver are brought together with the fastest and most economical route. Thanks to the iTaksi application, passengers can calculate the fare and time in advance.

6. Scotty

Scotty is a kind of motorcycle/scooter calling application similar to Uber. The app offers a safe, economical, and time-saving option to anyone who wants to avoid city traffic. The application which serves with Android and iOS applications allows you to call a motorcycle to your location and travel with this engine (as a passenger). Besides, users with a motorcycle/scooter can earn income by transporting passengers.

7. IBB CepTrafik

IBB CepTrafik mobile application allows you to access Istanbul traffic information instantly. Thanks to the application, you can see the instant traffic density and weather conditions. You can also have information about the bridges in Istanbul, their current status, and Ispark (parking areas). You can use the IBB CepTrafik which is one of the best apps for ex-pats via wireless and mobile operators.

8. En Yakin ATM

En Yakin ATM enables you to find the closest ATM to your location and make your life easier in Turkey. Whenever you need cash, you can find an ATM on the application and you will have a difficult time.

9. XE Currency

The XE Currency app allows users to track live international rates and send and receive money online without any currency exchange commission. This application is very important for ex-pats in Turkey while the users can handle money transfer transactions to more than 130 countries in the fastest way possible with the XE Currency application. The users can also follow comprehensive currency charts and rate alerts.

10. Streetdust

Street dust is a comprehensive city guide app for iPhone and iPad devices. Anyone who wants to explore Istanbul can go to places they have never visited before and make pleasant trips thanks to this application. The best part of the application is that it has been specially developed for users who do not use a vehicle to travel but want to travel on foot. Istanbul’s prominent centers and historical places are presented with their explanations on Streetdust. Thus, travelers have access to both necessary directions and information about their destination.

Which App is Mostly Used in Turkey?

As of now, mostly used apps in Turkey:

  • Google
  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Google Chrome
  • TikTok
  • Google Duo
  • Messenger
  • Google Photos

What are the Benefits of Apps For Expats in Turkey?

Mobile transformation and mobile life have now become one of the most important social dynamics in Turkey. Now, we communicate with instant messaging applications, purchase with mobile shopping sites, entertain with mobile games, pay bills from mobile applications, and find ways through mobile navigation. Also, you can find tips for ex-pats living in Turkey here.

Do Apps Help You Get Used to Turkey?

Yes. For instance, you can create cultural familiarity by visiting the museums by discovering them on the Museums of Turkey app. With the Getir application, you can order food and get used to Turkish cuisine. Furthermore, with the Sehir Hatlari application, you can control the ferry timetables and go to other coastal cities.

Most importantly, you can handle your bureaucratic processes as an ex-pat in Turkey with the e-government application.

Can Turkish be Learned with Applications?

Yes, Turkish can be learned with Applications. Thanks to mobile applications, it is very easy to learn the Turkish language. Mobile applications will enable you to learn Turkish with the method of learning anytime, anywhere. You can download free of charge from the Android market and IOS.

  1. Turkce Kelimeleri Ogrenin
  2. Learn Turkish
  3. Yunus Emre Institute
  4. Turkce Ogreniyorum
  5. Learning Turkish Conversations
  6. ReWord: Learn the Turkish Language
  7. Merhaba Umut
  8. Duolingo
  9. Busuu
  10. Learn the Turkish Language

What Should You Know About Turkey?

Here you can find a list of examples of what you should know about Turkey.

  • Turkish people are very hospitable.
  • Turkish people closely follow the country’s politics because Turkey has an active political agenda.
  • You can find someone to help you with almost any issue.
  • Transportation everywhere in Turkey is easily provided thanks to means of public transportation.
  • You can experience four seasons at the same time.
  • Life is quite affordable for especially ex-pats in Turkey.
  • Cash usage is more common.
  • Turkish cuisine is very rich.
  • There are thousands of places to visit and see.
  • In Turkey, street cats and dogs are part of city life.

What to Know About Applications Used in Turkey?

Most of the applications used in Turkey store data, which means that while using these applications, your location, as well as a lot of information about you, are stored in the application. So, you should only install and use trusted apps. The most used applications in Turkey are about ordering food and making friends. These two different types of applications are used with admiration by young people. The only thing you need to be careful about with both is that you keep your identity and credit card information private.

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