Everything About Turkish Marmara Region

Marmara region is one of the geographical regions of Turkey. The Marmara region connects the European continent and the Asian continent. The Marmara region is located in northwest Turkey. It borders the Aegean region to the south of the region, the central Anatolia region to the southeast, and the Black Sea region to the east. On its western borders, it borders Greece and Bulgaria. The Aegean Sea and the Black Sea are the neighboring seas of the Marmara region. The Marmara region is named after the Sea of Marmara. The Bosphorus strait of Istanbul and the Dardanelles strait are the most important ports of the Asian and European continents.

Industry, trade, tourism, and agriculture are important developing sectors in the Marmara region. With the development of these sectors in the region, the Marmara region has become the most important part of the Turkish economy. In particular, Istanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli are the cities where economic activities in the region are most developed. Employment is very high, and therefore the region receives a lot of migration. The region has been one of the most important points of the world in every part of history. Civilizations have dominated the region from ancient times to the present day. Even Bursa, Istanbul, and Edirne have been the capitals for centuries. Especially social life and services are quite developed in the region. Istanbul is one of the most important points not only in Turkey but also in Europe and the world. The Marmara region has very important transport links. The region is very important to trade between Asia and Europe.

Where is the Location of the Marmara Region in Turkey?

The Marmara region is located in the northeast of Turkey. It is surrounded by the Aegean region to the south of the Marmara region, the central Anatolia region to the southeast, and the Black Sea region to the east. On the western borders, it borders the borders of Greece and Bulgaria. The Aegean Sea and the Black Sea are the neighboring seas of the Marmara region.

What Are the Geographical Features of the Marmara Region?

The Marmara region is the closest region of Turkey to sea level. The region is also the region with the most climate diversity in Turkey. The region contains the Sea of Marmara, from which it gets its name. The region is located at the meeting point of Asia and Europe with the Bosphorus of Istanbul and the Dardanelles. The region, which covers eight percent of the area of Turkey, is the second smallest region of Turkey by area. Generally consists of flat areas. The region is also rich in underground resources and the main underground sources are chromium, marble, and lignite. The region itself consists of four parts:

  • Region of Yildiz Mountains
  • Region of Eugene
  • South Marmara region
  • Catalca- Kocaeli region

In the Marmara region, there are Yildiz mountains, Biga mountains, Kapidag, Uludag, Samanli mountains, Domanic mountains, Kaz mountains, and Elmacik mountains. The stream in the Marmara region are Sakarya tea, Ergene tea, Susurluk tea, Meric tea and Biga tea. The lakes in the Marmara region are; Buyukcekmece lake, Kucukcekmece lake, Iznik lake, Sapanca lake, Uluabat lake and Manyas lake.

What is the Marmara Region Known for?

The Marmara Region, which occupies the northwest corner of Turkey, has an area of 67,000 square kilometers. This region, which is a connection point between Europe and Asia, is quite special and takes its name from the Marmara Sea, the country’s inland sea. This region, which creates its continental climate by blending the contrasting climatic conditions of the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions, contains a variety of vegetation and wildlife.

The region is famous both because it is where Istanbul takes place and because it has a very diverse vegetation area. The fact that it is the gate of the east to the west and the high level of development distinguishes the region from the others as well.

How Big is Marmara Region?

The Marmara region has an area of 67,000 square kilometers. It covers about eight percent of Turkey. The sea of Marmara has an area of about 11,000 square kilometers. Almost more than 30 million people live in the region.

What Types of Vegetation are Found in the Marmara Region?

Marmara region has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and cold and rainy winters. Although there is no freezing in winter, dry cold can be observed, so the vegetation consists of herbs and plants that are resistant to both temperate and cold climates. The surrounding islands generally have dense forests as they have a mountainous topography.

What is the Climate of the Marmara Region?

The Marmara region is the region with the greatest climatic diversity in Turkey. In the region, the Black Sea climate, the Mediterranean climate, and the Continental climate are effective. The winter months in the region are cold, rainy, and snowy, and the summer months are hot. The region is sunny for a part of the year.

What Are the Cities Located in Marmara Region?

The cities located in the Marmara region are listed below:

  • Istanbul
  • Edirne
  • Kırklareli
  • Tekirdag
  • Canakkale
  • Kocaeli
  • Yalova
  • Sakarya
  • Bilecik
  • Bursa
  • Balikesir

Where should You Stay in Marmara Region in Turkey?

The most important city where life is developing is in the Marmara region is Istanbul and the most populous and most developed city in Turkey. Istanbul is the city where the quality of social life and service improves the most as well as a place where there are a lot of job opportunities. Tourism, trade, and industry are very developed in Istanbul. Istanbul connects Asia and Europe thanks to the Bosphorus, and that is why Istanbul is a unique city spread over two continents. The cost of living varies from region to region. Weather conditions are also another factor that makes the city attractive. Social life in the city is incredibly developed, and great entertainment activities and events continue every hour of every day in Istanbul therefore, Istanbul is a living city. The transport infrastructure in the city is very strong, and there is a transportation system spread all over the city such as metrobus, bus, metro, train ferry, Marmaray, and bridges. Educational opportunities in the city are also incredibly developed. There are many high-quality universities in the city. Other educational institutions in the city are also among the best in their field. There are many churches and mosques in the city, and most of them are also historical monuments. The two most important examples are the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. There are two airports in the city. These airports provide transportation to many cities around the World.

Bursa is the second most popular city in the Marmara Region. Bursa is the second most developed and most populous city in the region after Istanbul. Economic life in the city is very developed. There are many factories and industrial facilities in the city. Therefore, there are many job opportunities in the city. Social life in the city is also quite developed. There are a lot of facilities in the city in terms of culture, sports, and entertainment activities. Living costs in Bursa are quite affordable. The transport infrastructure of the city is quite strong. Transportation to Istanbul is quite easy and fast. The city’s education system is also of high quality. There are reputable educational institutions in Bursa and successful universities in Turkey. In other words, Bursa is a city where students from many cities in Turkey emigrate. Bursa is a very safe and comfortable city for real estate investment and daily life. The climatic conditions in the city are also beautiful.

When Should You Go to Marmara Region in Turkey?

The Marmara region attracts millions of tourists every season of the year, especially in summer, you can swim in cool waters in most cities, such as Balikesir and Istanbul. At the same time in the summer, a lot of social, cultural and sports events are held in the cities. Since the summer months are hot, the city is lively even at night therefore, it is possible to find entertainment activities every hour. The climate of the Marmara region is very beautiful. In the spring you can enjoy the beautiful nature. The autumn months are also very pleasant in the Marmara region. In winter, Bursa is the most important holiday destination in Turkey. Uludag is a ski resort located in the region, and it is quite popular. In the same way, it attracts people’s attention with its natural beauty and activities during the winter months in Istanbul.

What Are the Famous Travel Destinations in Marmara Region?

Important travel destinations in the Marmara region are listed below.

  • Uludag, Bursa
  • Hagiasophia, Istanbul
  • Sultanahmet, Istanbul
  • Istanbul Bosphorus, Istanbul
  • Manyas Kusgolu, Balikesir
  • Cunda Island, Balikesir
  • Kaz Mountains, Canakkale
  • The Ancient City of Troy, Canakkale
  • Sapanca Lake, Sakarya
  • Thermal spas, Yalova
  • Uluabat Lake, Bursa
  • Istanbul Islands, Istanbul
  • Galata Tower, Istanbul

What Are the Coasts of the Marmara Region?

Except for the Marmara Sea, from which the region takes its name; to the Black Sea via the provinces of Istanbul, Tekirdag, Kırklareli, Kocaeli, and Sakarya; It also has a coast to the Aegean Sea through the provinces of Canakkale, Edirne, and Balikesir. You can also check our article about  Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast Guide.

The important coasts in the Marmara region are listed below.

  • Erdek, Balikesir
  • Fistikli, Yalova
  • Heybeliada, Istanbul
  • Agva, Istanbul
  • Kilyos, Istanbul
  • Marmara Island, Balikesir
  • Kumbag, Tekirdag
  • Marmara Ereglisi, Tekirdag
  • Sarkoy, Tekirdag
  • Suleymanpasa,Tekirdag
  • Erikli, Edirne
  • Gemlik, Bursa
  • Mudanya, Bursa

What Are the Best Activities to Do in the Marmara Region of Turkey?

The best activities that can be done in the Marmara Region are listed below.

  • You can ski in Uludag
  • You can walk around the coast of Marmara
  • Swimming on the coast of Marmara
  • Boat trip on the sea of Marmara
  • You should attend concerts by world-famous artists.
  • Various festivals and festivities
  • Watching sports competitions
  • Riding a bike through trees
  • You can visit beautiful historical structures from each other
  • You can take very beautiful photos
  • You can experience paragliding in Tekirdag.
  • You can experience the rich Turkish cuisine.
  • You can have coffee and read a book on Pierre Loti hill.

Is the Marmara Region of Turkey Good for Living?

People who live in the Marmara region can easily access all kinds of services. Thanks to the investments made in the Marmara region, life and social life continue to develop continuously. Living costs in the area are affordable. The Marmara region hosts various cultural, art, sports, festivals, and entertainment events every year. The educational and transportation infrastructure in the Marmara region is quite developed. At the same time, social services such as health are also highly developed in the region. The Marmara region is very advantageous in terms of employment. Every year thousands of people choose the region for work. Therefore, the Marmara region is quite advantageous in terms of job opportunities and it is another factor in social life. There are activities in the area that you can do every time of the day, every time of the year. From this point of view, the Marmara region is almost the heart of Turkey. As a result, the Marmara region is the most advantageous region for living in Turkey in all respects.

What Is the Cost of Living in the Marmara Region of Turkey?

The cost of living in the Marmara region varies from city to city and from district to district. But in general, living costs in the Marmara region are affordable. Other districts and cities, except some districts of Istanbul, have affordable living costs. While the highest quality and expensive services are provided in the Marmara region of Turkey, the most suitable living conditions can also be found in this region. This aspect is somewhat related to the cosmopolitan structure of the region. People from different parts of society can live in this region. In particular, Bursa is one of the provinces where living costs are most affordable in Turkey. Again, the Thrace region also attracts attention with its affordable living costs. Therefore, the region can easily host people from all parts of life as a whole.

How Are the Property Prices in Marmara Region?

Real estate prices in the Marmara region are very variable. While there are buildings worth millions of dollars in the most popular areas of Istanbul, you can own real estate for very small amounts in the districts where more people live. If you look at Bursa and other provinces, it seems that the price has fallen even more. All real estate investments to be made in the Marmara region bring great profit to its investor. You can review and compare houses in the Marmara region on the Realty Group website.

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