Everything about Turkish Mediterranean Region

Turkey is a special country consisting of 7 regions, surrounded by seas on 3 sides, and some regions are named after the sea to which it is adjacent. The best example we can give for this explanation is the Mediterranean region. This paradise region, named after the cool waters of the Mediterranean, has a total land area of ​​120,000 square kilometers (46,330 square miles) and covers 15% of Turkey’s total surface area. The Western and Central Taurus Mountains run parallel to the coastline. Since this region has rather high and steep mountains rather than a plain, the valleys between the sea and the mountain range are very narrow. With this feature, when the snow starts to melt, it creates a magnificent visual feast between the mountains and the rivers. The main indigenous population of the region is engaged in agriculture, tourism, and industry.

The region’s mild Mediterranean climate makes it ideal for growing citrus fruits and grapes, grains, rice, and cotton in irrigated fields. Summers are hot and droughts are not uncommon. Furthermore, 80% of Turkey’s total orange and tangerine production is grown here, while bananas are unique to this region. Since it is the region that hosts the most tourists in Turkey, it is a region that has a lot of tourism employment.

What is the Location of the Mediterranean Region in Turkey?

The Mediterranean Region is one of the seven geographical regions of Turkey and represents the southernmost coasts. It is the entire south coast from west to east. Its width varies between 120-180 km. Central Anatolia Region in the north and Southeast Anatolia Region in the east. It borders Syria from the southeast. As in other regions of Turkey, the borders of the regions and the provinces with administrative units do not exactly coincide in the Mediterranean Region.

What are the Geographical Features of the Mediterranean Region?

The Mediterranean region has a temperate climate with mild winters and hot summers. It has a very humid climate in the summer. At the same time, sudden heavy rain or strong wind attacks can be experienced. This climate has a profound effect on the vegetation and wildlife of the region.

Named after the adjacent Mediterranean Sea, this unusual region consists of surprisingly high mountains and rocky shores, thick scrub and semi-arid steppes, as well as countless islands. For this reason, agriculture and animal husbandry are very popular with the people of this region.

What is the Mediterranean Region Known for?

The Mediterranean region takes its name from the Mediterranean Sea, which is the closest sea. The region is not limited only to Turkey, it includes the partial territories of countries such as France, Portugal, Italy, and Spain and the whole of the countries such as Greece, Malta, and Cyprus. The region has a total length of 1542 kilometers.

There are many reasons why this region is famous, but the first one is its characteristic climate, according to which summers are generally hot and dry, and winters are warm and rainy. It completely affects life as it has a profound effect on climate, vegetation, and wildlife. Therefore, the second important feature of the region is biodiversity. , This region includes the most preferred holiday resorts in summer with its air, vegetation, and quality of life.

How Big is Mediterranean Region?

The Mediterranean Sea is the world’s most immense inland sea. Europe borders it in the north, Africa in the south, and Asia in the east. It connects the Sea of Marmara through the Dardanelles, the Black Sea via the Bosphorus Strait, the Atlantic Ocean via the Strait of Gibraltar, and the Red Sea via the Suez Canal, and thus to the Indian Ocean. The Mediterranean region of Turkey, named after this sea, is a strip with a width of 120180 km, starting around Koycegiz in the west and intruding near the end of the city of Hatay, Cape Simple. With approximately 120,000 km2, it constitutes about 15% of Turkey’s total surface area. Most of the provinces of Hatay, Adana, Icel, Antalya, Isparta, Burdur and Kahramanmaras are in the Mediterranean Region. In addition, the Koycegiz, Dalaman, Ortaca, and Fethiye districts of Mugla province enter the Mediterranean Region.

What Types of Vegetation are Found in the Mediterranean Region?

There is a wide variety of vegetation in the Mediterranean region.

Known that adapted evergreen shrubs and sclerophyll trees dominate the Mediterranean vegetation. Mediterranean forests contain broad-leaved trees such as oak and mixed sclerophyll. The best time for vegetative growth is spring when the soil is moist, and temperatures rise or fall after the first rain. Mediterranean forests are famous for fruit growing and are recognized as the world’s orchards. Vegetation affects our quality of life from start to finish, as it has a significant impact on our eating habits and climate.

What is the Climate of the Mediterranean Region?

The Mediterranean Sea is a semi-enclosed sea surrounded by Europe to the north, Asia to the east, and Africa to the south, covering an area of approximately 2.5 million km2 between latitudes 30–46°N and longitudes 6°W and 36°E. The climate of the Mediterranean region, which is the region that takes its name from this sea, which also has a coast to Turkey, is the Mediterranean climate. The Mediterranean climate is generally characterized by hot and dry summers and mild, rainy winters.
This region, which is famous for its warmth, soil, and sun, is very touristic because of the mild winter climate and sweltering, humid summer climate it offers. It is pretty hot and humid in the summers, but also because it is a mountainous region, sudden winds and rains can be seen.

What are the Cities Located in Mediterranean Region?

The provinces within the borders of the Mediterranean Region are:

  • Adana
  • Antalya
  • Burdur
  • Hatay
  • Isparta
  • Mersin
  • Osmaniye
  • Some districts of Konya.
  • Kahramanmaras
  • Karaman’s central district
  • Afyonkarahisar
  • Denizli
  • Some districts of Gaziantep
  • Some districts of Nigde

Where Should You Stay in Mediterranean Region in Turkey?

Turkey is a peninsula country with seas on three coasts hence, it has magnificent golden beaches and safe beaches with turquoise flags. Most major towns along this coast have a sprawling marina, ancient castle, old town with winding cobblestone streets, and of course lots of tourists, especially from mid-May to mid-September.

If you are thinking of where to stay in the Mediterranean region, Marmaris is one of the most attractive towns in the region and is mostly preferred by tourists because of its lively nightlife. Another popular district in the region, Dalyan is located along a canal, its unique features are the ancient ruins right across the water and its incredible beach. Fethiye region, which is one of the central regions, is a region where you can make pleasant journeys along the coastline with yachts full of ancient ruins. The other region we would like to talk about and recommend you stay in is Kalkan, which is a little more expensive. this area is quite a tourist and is famous for various outdoor activities and restaurants along a scenic bay.

We recommend that you visit and stay in these places and explore the Mediterranean on Turkish soil.

When Should You Go to Mediterranean Region in Turkey?

Since Turkey’s hemisphere is the Northern Hemisphere, the best months to enjoy your holiday are between May and September. The Mediterranean region is famous for its humid summers, in this sense, a Mediterranean region the best holiday will offer you will be in the summer season.

What are the Famous Travel Destinations in Mediterranean Region?

The Mediterranean region, which is one of the 7 regions of Turkey, has very large lands and includes many cities. Below are the famous travel destinations in this region.

Bodrum: It is a special city that turns into a cosmopolitan city in the summer, which is very rich and offers many different venues and entertainment options, which is preferred most for holidays in Turkey.

Marmaris: It is also known as “Green Marmaris”, it is the most active marina in Turkey and offers you unlimited magnificent Blue Cruise yacht cruises. You can travel to the unbelievably beautiful bays it has with these ships.

Dalyan: Set on a cliff, the river town is close to the ruins of ancient Kaunos and the vast Iztuzu Beach, both of which can be reached by riverboat.

Oludeniz: Over the mountains south of Fethiye, this is perhaps Turkey’s most beautiful beach and also the most popular. So you should visit this amazing site.

What are the Best Activities to Do in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey?

Here are the best activities that you can do in the Mediterranean region listed below:

Oludeniz region hosts paragliders every day during the summer. Thanks to the magnificent bird’s-eye view of the coastline, novice or expert who wants to paraglide can find this opportunity.

The Lycian Way, which stretches from the Antalya region of Turkey’s Mediterranean region to the Fethiye region, is a 509-kilometer walking path that covers some of the most iconic historical ruins and landmarks and offers you the opportunity to take a long and peaceful nature walk.

In all the regions mentioned above, you will have the opportunity to sail by yacht or boat, in this sense, sailing is one of the most popular and best activities. but the most popular activity is enjoying the sea, sand, and sun to get the region fully.

Is the Mediterranean Region of Turkey Good for Living?

Turkey offers a very high-quality life in terms of social life, with its rich history, the hospitality of its people, and the high-scale investments it has made in the last 20 years. In this sense, it has recently received immigration from Europe and America as well as the Middle East. One of the reasons for this is the insurance it offers in the field of health and the cheaper life. The modernity of the Mediterranean region is also one of the factors affecting migration to Europe. In this sense, living in the Mediterranean region is quite good.

What is the Cost of Living in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey?

The monthly amount you will spend in the Mediterranean region depends entirely on your lifestyle, but it is possible to spend between 1,000 and 1,500 USD per month on average. If you allocate $1,000 per month to your essential living expenses, you can allocate the remaining amount to shopping and luxury expenses.

What are the Property Prices in Mediterranean Region?

The demand of foreign investors for the properties for sale in the paradise located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey has increased considerably, together with the economic difficulties that Turkey has been experiencing in the recent period and the losses of the official Turkish currency, the lira, against the dollar. Properties for sale in the Mediterranean region are available in the market with prices starting from $200,000. The prices vary depending on its natural features and its proximity to the sea. You can find detailed prices on our website.

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