Things to Know About Izmir

Izmir is a metropolitan city in Turkey’s Aegean region and the country’s third most populated metropolis, following Istanbul and Ankara. Izmir, formerly the historic city of Smyrna, is a modern, developed, and busy commercial center located on a large harbor surrounded by mountains.

The city is a booming economic and social center due to its geographic position, climate, and the presence of many diverse cultures and religions. Persians, Ancient Greeks, Assyrians, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans are just a few of the hundreds of civilizations that have called the city home over its long history.

Izmir has a long urban history of about 4,000 years and may have existed as an advanced human colony for far longer. For most of its history, the city has been one of the main trading cities of the Mediterranean Sea due to its ideal location. Its port is Turkey’s major export port in terms of freight handled, and its free zone, a Turkish-American joint venture created in 1990.

Where is Izmir?

In western Turkey, the city of Izmir is the country’s third-largest city and one of the country’s largest ports. Izmir is located on Turkey’s Aegean Sea coast, at the head of the sheltered Gulf of Izmir.

How Many Districts Does Izmir Have?

Izmir has 30 districts that are listed below.

  • Aliaga
  • Balcova
  • Bayindir
  • Bayrakli
  • Bergama
  • Beydag
  • Bornova
  • Buca
  • Cesme
  • Cigli
  • Dikili
  • Foca
  • Gaziemir
  • Guzelbahce
  • Karabaglar
  • Karaburun
  • Karsiyaka
  • Kemalpasa
  • Kinik
  • Kiraz
  • Konak
  • Menderes
  • Menemen
  • Narlidere
  • Odemis
  • Seferihisar
  • Selcuk
  • Tire
  • Torbali
  • Urla

What is Izmir’s Most Famous Place?

Izmir, the third largest city within the borders of Turkey, is a developed, modern, and at the same time a high potential commercial center.

Throughout history, praise has been expressed for this distinguished city. Herodotus expressed the beauty of this city by saying, “They established their city in the most beautiful sky and the most beautiful climate we know on earth.” On the other hand, Aristotle said, “If you don’t see, you’re incomplete!” He warned Alexander. This city, which has been praised by many throughout history; is known as the border city and the transit center of different regions. It is the third largest city in Turkey. Shining like a pearl on the shores of the Aegean Sea, Izmir embodies the historical and cultural richness gained by its 8,500-year history.

Izmir draws attention with its geographical location, and historical and cultural richness, and is one of the most modern cities in Turkey. At the same time, it is known for its ease of transportation between different regions, its climate suitable for tourism, as well as its social-cultural environment suitable for cultural and artistic activities.

The city has a long coastline of 629 kilometers. 101 kilometers of this coastline consists entirely of natural beaches. Having such a feature, it carries a suitable atmosphere for different tourism options.

The reason why it is a region known as the city of tolerance is that different lifestyles, cultures, and beliefs have lived in peace for thousands of years in Izmir.

Izmir is a settlement with thousands of years of history, which has the lands of many civilizations that have ruled in history and the heritage of civilizations that have not yet come to light.

The city also has world-famous Agamemnon, Cesme-signed, Asklepion, Allianoi, Ilica, etc. that have served and are serving human health. It has healing centers. With this feature, it is preferred by visitors from all over the world, especially from Scandinavian countries. Another remarkable feature of Izmir is that it offers healthy life alternatives and is a thermal tourism center.

Which Part of Izmir is more Beautiful?

Izmir, the pearl of Turkey in the Aegean Sea, is flooded with visitors from all over the world, like a paradise, with its beautiful districts. Izmir, with its unique districts and the distinguishing features of these districts, makes many people want to live in this region. The most beautiful places to live in Izmir can be listed as follows:

  • Karsiyaka: Karsiyaka, is one of the largest residential areas of Izmir. It is among the most beautiful regions with its ease of transportation, active life, and unique culture. It is considered among the most enjoyable places in Izmir with its bazaar, coastline, diversity in transportation opportunities, and cheerful people.
  • Guzelbahce: It is among the most beautiful districts in Izmir with its wide roads, clean air, and long coastline. In this district, it is possible to see the experience of the past and the aesthetics of modern architecture side by side. The region provides its residents with the opportunity to live a peaceful and enjoyable life with its features. With a distance of 30 minutes to the city center, there is no transportation problem in the region. Guzelbahce attracts attention as a livable location, especially with its clean air.
  • Guzelyali: Guzelyali is one of the most beautiful districts of Izmir with its beach and clean air. Famous for its mansions and jasmine flowers in the region in the past, Guzelyali offers a peaceful environment to its visitors. It is possible to reach the region without any problems by metro and bus. You can live a pleasant life in this neighborhood with a neighborhood of respectful and smiling people.
  • Bostanli: With its quality venues, quiet streets, impressive scenery, and turquoise blue sea, Bostanli is one of the most beautiful districts of Izmir. Bostanli, which has a calm and peaceful structure, draws attention as a region with many conveniences in terms of transportation.
  • Alsancak: Having the most crowded and colorful streets in Izmir, Alsancak is among the districts most preferred by those who love to have fun. For those who love entertainment and nightlife, the most suitable environment in Izmir can be expressed as Alsancak.
  • Bornova: Due to the university campus in the region, it is one of the districts with the highest concentration of young people. It is one of the places where the fastest and most enjoyable life in the city is located. The area is served by more than 100 bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  • Cesme: It can be said that the words fountain and holiday have the same meaning for many people. Cesme, which is so integrated with the holiday, is known as one of the most beautiful regions of Izmir. It is expressed as one of the most popular holiday resorts of recent years with its perfect climate, unique tastes, and comfortable hotels. The region is flooded with visitors from all over the world throughout the year. With its facilities and nightlife, it offers its guests a unique life opportunity that they will never forget.

What is Izmir’s Population?

Izmir’s population is 3,024,000 as of 2021 with a growth rate of 1.04%. The men-to-women ratio is 50%.

What is Izmir Surface Area?

Izmir has a total size of 11,891 square kilometers.

What are the Seasonal Characteristics of Izmir?

Summers are hot and dry and winters are warm and rainy in Izmir. The climate is generally pleasant. The temperature rarely drops below zero in the winter.

Temperatures range from 4°C to 13°C in January and February, 6°C to 17 °C in March and April, 16°C to 28°C in May and June, 20°C to 33°C in July and August, 15°C to 25°C in September and October, and 6°C to 15°C in November and December.

What are the Most Famous Meals of Izmir?

When it comes to local cuisine, the city holds an important position with its special meals. Here are the most famous meals of Izmir.

  • Boyoz, Izmir’s most famous delicacy, is a kind of pastry typically consumed for breakfast.
  • Kumru, another local specialty, is a sandwich loaded with sausages, salami, cheese, tomatoes, peppers, mayonnaise, and ketchup. Kumru buns are made fresh daily at bakeries and can be consumed with or without any additional ingredients.
  • Bomb is deliciously combining chocolate and dough.
  • Kokorec is prepared using spring lamb and a variety of spices.
  • Izmir meatballs are made by combining minced beef with various spices and deep-frying.
  • Sogus is made by several different giblets, served with a thin flatbread.

Which Hotels Are In Izmir?

Izmir has plenty of nice hotels. The top hotels in Izmir are listed below.

  • Radisson Hotel Aliaga
  • Wyndham Grand Ozdilek
  • Swissotel Grand Efes
  • Movenpick Hotel

Izmir History

There are several tales about the origin of the city’s name, Izmir. Scientific investigations have revealed that the name “Izmir” comes from the ancient Ionian dialect of Smyrna, where it was recorded as “Smyrna in the Attican” (around Athens). Smyrna, like many other Aegean city names, has an Anatolian origin.

During the early years of 3000 BC or late 1800 BC, a location called Tismyrna was described in manuscripts from the Kultepe settlement in Kayseri and the “Ti” at the beginning was deleted therefore the city was pronounced as Smyrna. The city used to be known as Izmir in Turkish times.

It’s believed that the Trojans occupied Western Anatolia around 3000 BC. Their impact may be seen in the development of coastal settlements around the Aegean Sea as well. Aegean towns owe a lot to the Hittites, who Homer wrote about in the Iliad and who were allies of the Trojans.

The Hittites ruled the Anatolian mountain meadows. Indeed, the Hittites constructed Pitane and comparable towns in the Bakircay River Basin. The Amazons are thought to have resided between Caria and Lydia, on the Yamanlar Mountainside, until the advent of the Aiolos and Ions. Then they vanished.

Around 1000 BC, the Aiolos and Ions, who had fled the Doric invasion, arrived in Greece and settled in Izmir and the surrounding area. Until the 7th century BC, commerce with its neighbors, particularly Lydia, helped Izmir prosper. The Lydians and the Persians had a cordial neighborly relationship until the latter’s conquest of the former.

With Alexander the Great’s invasion of Anatolia in 334 BCE, Persian rule came to an end. The Hellenistic period began during these years, and a new community sprang up around Kadifekale (ancient Mount Pagos). The city’s fortifications date from this period and have been restored numerous times since.

In 197 BC, Izmir was still part of the Pergamon Empire, but after the Romans conquered it, it grew into an important port and trading center. Historically, Izmir served as the western world’s geographic hub of Asian trade. During this time, the Agora, Acropolis, Theater, and Stadium were built, as were libraries and fountains that have since disappeared.

The Hun Emperor Attila did manage to seize Izmir for a short time, but the Byzantines quickly retook the city. Izmir was initially conquered by the Seljuk Turks by Kutalmisoglu Suleyman Shah in 1076. During Caka Bey’s mayorship, Urla and Foca, as well as the Greek islands of Sakiz and Samos, were taken from the Ottomans.

After the death of aka Bey in 1098, the city and its environs were retaken by the Byzantines, who were later assaulted by the Crusaders. In 1320, a Turkish sailor named Umur Bey defeated the Catholic knights of Izmir and took the city for himself.

Ancient Civilizations Lived in Izmir

Ancient civilizations that lived in Izmir are listed below.

  1. Izmir, Turkey’s oldest city, has played a significant role in history over the last 5,000 years. In the third millennium BCE, there was a hamlet that was contemporaneous with Troy’s initial city. Early evidence of Greek colonization comes from pottery dating from around 1000 BCE.
  2. Later, it was the seat of an Asian civil diocese and competed with Ephesus and Pergamum to be known as Asia’s “first city” before it was supplanted by both of those towns. The library, medical school, and rhetorical heritage made it a popular destination for Roman emperors. Local legend links the Meles River to Homer, who is said to have been born on its banks. Smyrna was a major Christian center in the first century.
  3. While under Byzantine rule, Smyrna served as the Byzantine emperors’ capital for the naval theme (province) of Samos. Turkish troops under Mustafa Kemal retook Izmir from Greek forces on September 9, 1922.

What are the Features of Izmir?

Izmir city, which has a population of about 4 million people, was constantly at the forefront of fashion trends in the previous century, with a large portion being young people. Turks used to think that living in Izmir would “westernize” you due to the various global influences that the younger generation accepted. The best features of Izmir are listed below.

  • The famous Konak Clock Tower. The 25-meter-tall tower was built in 1901 by German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm the second as a gift to Sultan Abdelhamid the second to symbolize their friendship. Despite being over a century old, the clock has never stopped, serving as a lovely reminder that life continues.
  • Levantine mansions in Izmir. It’s possible to see historic Levantine homes in Bornova, Buca, and Karsiyaka.
  • Ephesus’s ancient ruins, located outside of the city, are among Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations.
  • Windsurfing and traditional houses in Alacati. The Cesme Peninsula has the popular windsurfing destination of Alacati, Turkey. In addition to attracting experienced surfers from all over the world, the peninsula’s strong offshore winds make it a great spot for beginners to learn how to surf.
  • Smyrna. Even if many of the historic monuments are no longer standing, visitors may still learn about the city’s history by visiting the nearby agora.
  • The seat of Satan, Ancient Pergamon is currently a popular tourist destination because of its sloping amphitheater, which is tucked into the hillside.

Historical Places of Izmir

When people outside of Turkey hear the city of Izmir, they immediately think of Ephesus. Aside from this well-known historical monument, nearly all of the city’s well-known tourist attractions are located outside of the center. Historical places of Izmir are listed below.

  • Bibliotheque de Celsus, Selcuk
  • Ancient City of Ephesus, Selcuk
  • Meryem Ana (Virgin Mary’s House), Selcuk
  • Agora Open Air Museum
  • Basilica of St. Jonh
  • Efes Antik Kenti Tiyatrosu, Selcuk
  • Hisar Mosque
  • Birgi Cakiraga Mansion
  • Ephesus Terrace Houses, Selcuk

What Are The Museums in Izmir?

In its 8500-year history, Izmir, the jewel of the Aegean, has seen many great civilizations from Hittites to Lonian, Lydians to Persia, Hellenes to Roman, and Byzantines to Ottomans, whose traces may be seen all across the province of Izmir. Here is a list of the most significant museums in Izmir.

  • Izmir Art and Sculpture Museum. Admission is free.
  • Selcuk Yasar Museum of Arts. There is no entrance fee.
  • Izmir Archeology Museum. Admission is US$2.26.
  • Izmir Ethnography Museum. The entrance to the museum is free of charge.
  • Izmir Museum of History and Art. The entrance to the museum is US$1.13.
  • Ahmet Pristina Museum of Metropolitan History. Admission is free.
  • Izmir Museum of Commercial History. The entrance to the museum is free of charge.
  • Agora Open Air Museum of Izmir. Admission is US$2.26.
  • Bostanli Open-air Archaeological Museum. The entrance to the museum is US$2.26.
  • Ataturk Museum Izmir. There is no entrance fee.
  • Inciralti Sea Museum. Admission is US$1.
  • Izmir Railroad Museum. The entrance to the museum is free of charge.

How Many Tourists Come to Izmir annually?

Between 1.5 and 2 million tourists visit Izmir annually.

How to Get to the City Center from Izmir Airport?

Three bus routes are linking the airport and various districts of Izmir, the no. 200, 202, and 204. It takes 45 minutes to go on all routes and costs US$0.22 for each person.

Izban is a suburban rail that’s an alternative. Due to its low cost, this is the most popular mode of transportation between Izmir Airport and the city center. The railway station is in front of the new domestic terminal and from there, you can’t take either the Alsancak or Aliaga train to your destination. The trip takes around 30 minutes. Each additional ride costs US$0.51 and should be utilized within 90 minutes.

A taxi to the city center will cost you about US$4.38. The costs are the same day and night.

You can hire a private driver to get to the city center from the airport. If you’re traveling with a large group, you can book a bus. However, you should book in advance of your flight.

Izmir Airport car rental is the ideal alternative for those who want to get to the city and explore on their own.

How to Provide Transportation in Izmir?

Izmir has a well-developed transportation network. The subway line links the city’s Ucyol and Konak Square neighborhoods with Bornova, a northeastern suburb. The metro system in the city is efficient and well-kept. The Izban commuter rail line is an option because it runs through the center of the city.

Buses are well-served by a comprehensive public bus system. The means of transportation inside Izmir and to the neighboring areas are quite convenient and well-developed. Cash or a city card can be used on these buses.

Minibusses are fixed-route minibus services in the suburbs and they are a kind of shared taxi.

Public ferries provide transportation between Bostanli, Karsiyaka, Bayrakli, Alsancak, Pasaport, Konak, Goztepe, and Uckuyular.

Taxis have reasonable rates. According to the destination, taxi drivers can offer you an estimate of the cost of the journey.

Taxi Prices in Izmir

Taxi base fees start at US$0.28, charging US$0.27 per kilometer. Waiting time costs around US$1.31 per hour. Taxis don’t have a night fare.

Izmir Bus Ticket Prices

In Izmir, a single public transportation ticket costs about US$0.57.

Which Universities Are Located in Izmir?

As of 2022, there are nine universities within the borders of Izmir. While six of them are state universities, three of them serve as foundation universities. In addition, the Air Transport Faculty of the Turkish Aeronautical Association University, whose headquarters are in the capital city Ankara, and the Air Petty Officer Vocational School of the National Defense University are also located within the borders of Izmir.

State universities in the region are listed as follows:

  • Ege University
  • Dokuz Eylul University
  • Izmir Institute of Technology
  • Izmir Katip Celebi University
  • Bakircay University
  • National Defense University Air Petty Officer Vocational School

Foundation universities in the region are listed as follows:

  • Izmir University of Economics
  • Izmir Concept Vocational School
  • Yasar University
  • Turkish Aeronautical Association University Air Transport Faculty
  • Izmir Tinaztepe University.

What are the House Rental Prices in Izmir?

One-bedroom apartment in Izmir costs US$162 per month in the city center and US$113 outside of the center. A three-bedroom apartment in Izmir costs US$275 per month in the city center and US$185 outside of the center.

How to Buy a House in Izmir?

Research the areas, get enough information about the neighborhood, and decide on the location before buying a house in Izmir.

Work with a reliable real estate agency, go through different projects, and visit properties. Once you decided on which house to buy, the last step is receiving the title deed.

Additionally, you should examine the Government’s Planning Portal to see if any major building projects are scheduled that might impact your enjoyment of the neighborhood and the sale price of your future property in Turkey if you decide to move.

What are the Reliable Real Estate Sites to Buy a House in Izmir?

Finding a reliable real estate agent is important, as there are many trustworthy real estate companies in Turkey. These include PropertyTurkey, TurkeyExpert, Re/Max, Century21, and Realty Group.

Since 2009, Realty Group ® was Turkey’s leading real estate market specialist. With Realty Group’s expertise and dedication, it will guide you through the whole process of buying or selling a home in Izmir until you get Turkish Citizenship, whether you’re looking to invest in real estate or just need some help managing your property.

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What are the Points to Consider While Buying a House in Izmir?

Izmir has long been a leader in business, tourism, education, and the real estate market. If you’re thinking of investing in real estate in Izmir, here are some things to keep in mind before deciding.

  • Think about your budget and what you can afford.
  • Make use of an online survey.
  • Obtain a mortgage loan approval.
  • Try auctioneers.
  • Find real estate brokers.

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