Top Turkish Furniture Brands and Best Furniture Manufacturers in Turkey

Turkey has a developed furniture industry. Some furniture makers are well-known in Turkey and they can also be found in many other countries, including the majority of European countries and the United States.

Its multicultural nature mirrors furniture production, as it serves as a bridge between Asia and Europe. There is a broad inventory of models and designs available, ranging from traditional Eastern home designs to contemporary European forms.

If you wish to buy Turkish furniture, the list below will help you learn about the finest furniture producers, brands, and the main towns in Turkey’s furniture sector.

1. Enza Home

Yatas Group’s Enza Home is a concept brand. It aspires to develop fresh and unique shapes ranging from dining rooms to home accessories. It has a diverse product line.

Enza Home’s modern furniture designs are popular in many countries across the world. It is a Turkish business. Enza Home has 247 shops throughout Turkey and across the world.

2. Istikbal

Istikbal is Turkey’s largest and one of its oldest furniture producers. It was founded in 1957 and is located in Kayseri. Istikbal is a well-known furniture brand in Turkey. They have over 1,000 shops and export to a variety of countries.

3. Bellona

Bellona was founded in Kayseri, Turkey, in 1997 to provide high-quality furniture for every room of the house. The brand offers sophisticated and practical furniture with trustworthy quality for every room at home, with a focus on modern city living.

The top Turkish home furnishings company offers a wide range of seating groups, bedrooms, dining rooms, children’s rooms, mattresses, bases, home textiles, carpets, and accessories.

Each collection is designed to suit the demands of the modern user in terms of quality, form, and function. Bellona has created a reputation for itself in the market for trendsetting, high-quality home furnishings, with over 750 stores in Turkey and 55 locations on five continents.

4. Mudo Concept

Mudo was established in 1964 in Beyoglu/Istanbul in a tiny shop. Since then, the brand’s major goal has been to follow international fashion trends in the furniture business. Mudo Concept offers a broad selection of goods, including home and workplace furniture, as well as accessories.

5. Modalife

Modalife was founded in the 1990s in Ankara, Turkey’s capital city. It began operating within a tiny office and has since expanded to three factories and over 140 shops across Turkey. Modalife is popularly known as Turkey’s “wedding packer” since it makes relatively affordable house furnishings packages for newlywed couples.

6. Alfemo

Alfemo was established in a tiny workshop in Izmir. The brand’s complete concept of contemporary furniture has allowed them to grow to more than 60 countries across five continents in less than 22 years. Alfemo has become one of the world’s most renowned and large furniture businesses via hard work, workmanship, and commitment.

7. Dogtas

Dogtas was founded in 1972 in Canakkale. Dogtas products allow individuals to create the combinations they choose in their living environments. The company’s designs, which reflect years of experience and competence, are available in 300 fabric and 35 wood color variations.

Dogtas has distinguished itself since its foundation via innovations, trailblazing initiatives, actions made for industry unity and solidarity, and the emphasis it places on design and designers. From a tiny studio in Biga/Canakkale, Dogtas has expanded its mission to over 200 outlets worldwide.

8. Kilim

Kilim is a leading brand in the Turkish furniture business. Kilim Furniture was established in Kayseri in 1976. Kilim Furniture designs seating groups, living room furniture, bedrooms, and furniture for young and children’s rooms. Kilim, Turkey’s brand, is one of the country’s oldest furniture makers and has been in business for almost 40 years.

9. Cilek

Cilek was established as a 100 percent family business in Turkey in 1996. Cilek develops, manufactures, and sells furniture and room furnishings aimed at newborns, children, and teenagers in its stores under the idea of “Cilek Room.” It has a global sales network. Cilek Furniture has over 500 locations throughout five continents and 71 countries, with plans to expand to over 1,000 in the next five years.

10. Lazzoni

Lazzoni is a Turkish furniture company that was founded in the 1890s. Lazzoni has a 25,000-square-meter manufacturing facility in Ankara, Turkey. Lazzoni has several showrooms and stores in the United States, in addition to those in Turkey. It is really popular in the United States due to its contemporary home and office furniture concept.

11. Kelebek

Kelebek, Turkey’s first-panel furniture and kitchen maker, is one of the most well-established industrial businesses in the Republic of Turkey’s history. Kelebek was founded in 1935 in Golden Horn, Istanbul, at the formal request of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to produce plywood for the wings of Turkey’s first locally-built aircraft. Kelebek commenced industrial production and quickly made its name known across Turkey.

12. Ipek

Ipek Furniture began production in 1991 and was a pioneer in the age of planned mass production of furniture via an organization that might be called the beginning of automation in Anatolia in terms of the sector.

Since the beginning, Ipek Furniture has operated as an efficient brand, influencing trends in the furniture market with its authentic designs. It continues to offer a diverse selection of products ranging from sitting groups to a couch, dining room sets to adolescent groups, bedroom suites to various types of beds, and bed bases to other items.

13. Konfor

Konfor was founded in 1978 in Izmir. They produce comfort via fashionable collections that mix current lines, technology, and quality. The company’s motto is “Your house is your identity.” The company is expanding with a worldwide goal of harnessing aesthetics by delivering the collections they make to many globe points, and it is following global consumer trends and advancements.

14. Kervan

Kervan, founded in 1977, is one of the industry’s most experienced and leading firms. The firm offers 14 thousand of different goods ranging from home textiles to accessories and furnishings. Kervan has been inspired by the magical furniture designs and accessories of the Far East.

15. Castamo

Castamo has been a part of the Turkish furniture business for over 40 years. It is an artist in the retail industry as well as with its high-quality items. Along with its well-known French manufacturing and store, the Turkish furniture firm has completed several successful initiatives.

What are the Cities Famous for Furniture in Turkey?

Turkey is reputable for a wide range of furniture manufacturers. There are many different styles, patterns, and goods available at various brands. As a result, some Turkish cities are more well-known and recognized for their furniture business, which has given rise to Turkey’s largest furniture companies.

Here are the cities that are well-known for their furniture.

  • Istanbul: Istanbul, as a major metropolis, has a large furniture supply. The most well-known furniture brands may be found all around the city. Mudo Concept, for example, was established in Istanbul.
  • Ankara: Ankara is Turkey’s capital city. It has a thriving furniture business. Ankara is the birthplace of well-known furniture manufacturers such as Modalife and Lazzoni.
  • Bursa (Inegol): Bursa is a significant city in terms of furniture production. In this regard, it is quite well-known in Turkey. There is a broad variety of goods available.
  • Kayseri: Kayseri is another significant city in the furniture industry. Important Turkish and worldwide companies such as Istikbal, Bellona, and Kilim were established here.
  • Izmir: Izmir hosts many well-known companies, like Alfemo and Konfor, and the city has a developing furniture sector.

Is Turkish Furniture Quality?

Yes, furniture in Turkey is of very high quality.

Bellona Furniture, Enza Home, Kelebek Furniture, Mondi Furniture, Ipek Furniture, and Istikbal Furniture are some of them. You can find the branches of famous furniture brands in Turkey in almost every city, or you can examine and choose the products you want from their websites.

Is Furniture Expensive in Turkey?

Prices vary according to the type and design of the furniture. Furniture is available both cheap and expensive.

What Are the Affordable Furniture Brands in Turkey?

Bringing its products to its consumers at more than 300 sales points, Mondi is among the most preferred and most suitable furniture brands.

Enza, which is among the best furniture brands where you can buy cheap furniture with its furniture campaigns every year towards the end of the year, has moderately priced furniture.

When you enter the Irfan home online store, children’s room models, sofa set models, bedroom models and children’s room sets attract your attention. It also offers different alternatives with many different campaigns and discounted furniture models.

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