What are the Advantages of Stone Houses?

Stone houses have been one of the preferred building types for centuries. Although it lost its popularity in the early days of the modern world, it has regained its popularity today and has become a popular architectural option. Stone houses are structures that people like especially for their appearance. Modern architecture has given stone houses a different look. Stone houses have started to see great demands as people have started to prefer rural life after the COVID-19 pandemic. The most important issue here is the advantages that stone houses add to people’s lives. In other words, in addition to their aesthetic and modern appearance, stone houses have a positive impact on people’s lives. The advantages of stone houses are listed below.

1. It Warms up Easily in Winter and Keeps Cool in Summer

Stone houses have their unique heat system. Stones are a natural means of isolation. Stone houses have been the most ideal type of building for warming for centuries. Stone houses keep cold and hot air inside for a long time. Therefore, the warm air created in the house stays in the house for a long time and warms the house. Again, it is stored in the house for a long time in cold weather. This situation ensures that the house remains cool in the summer. Thus, stone houses make a huge contribution economically and ecologically.

2. It Provides Sound Insulation

Stone houses also provide sound insulation due to their structure. Stone is used as an insulating material. Therefore, sound insulation is also provided. This is another advantage of stone houses.

3. They are Reliable Structures Against Disasters Such as Fire and Earthquakes

Stone houses are very resistant to disasters such as earthquakes and fires. Stones are resistant to fire due to their structure. This makes stone houses resistant to fire. When the fire cannot find a place to hold on, the spread of the fire is prevented. Earthquakes are another disaster that stone houses are resistant to. The historical monuments that have stood for centuries are the greatest proof of this. It is seen that stone houses are often preferred especially in places in the earthquake zone. If the stone houses are made by the right craftsmen, they provide great earthquake resistance.

Are Stone Houses More Durable?

Stone houses are very durable structures. So these structures have been standing for many many years. The main thing here is that his master does the work. Stone houses, which a master builder will build, will remain intact for many years. Ventilation between the stones is very important. Stone houses are more durable than other types of houses.

Are Stone Houses Better for the Environment?

Stone houses are also very beneficial for nature and the ecological environment. In particular, it is so successful in thermal isolation that it contributes to nature by reducing energy consumption. In addition, stone houses also contribute to nature by filtering toxic gases. In addition, the release of waste and toxic gases is minimal when the house is being built.

How to Buy a Stone House in Turkey?

The purchase of a stone house in Turkey also requires the same conditions as the purchase of other houses. The most important issue when buying a stone house is the correct choice of the stone house and its location. When buying a stone house, the company that makes a stone house is very important. Preference should be given to stone houses built by a reliable company. Because the most important detail of stone houses is that they are built correctly. The location of the house to be selected is also important.

Where to Buy a Stone House in Turkey?

Stone houses are often built in rural areas. Stone houses are usually preferred on the coast and in wooded areas. The Aegean and Mediterranean regions are among the regions where stone houses are most common. It is logical and advantageous to buy a stone house in cities such as Izmir, Antalya, and Mugla.

What is The Difference Between Stone and Brick Houses?

Stone houses and brick houses are both types of residential buildings that are constructed using natural materials. However, there are some key differences between the two listed below:

  1. Material: Stone houses are made from large blocks of natural stone, while brick houses are made from smaller, fired clay bricks.
  2. Appearance: Stone houses tend to have a more rustic, natural appearance, while brick houses often have a more uniform, structured look.
  3. Construction: Stone houses are typically constructed using a method called dry stone walling, which involves stacking the stones on top of each other without the use of mortar. Brick houses are typically built using a process called bricklaying, which involves laying the bricks in a pattern and bonding them together with mortar.
  4. Durability: Both stone and brick are durable materials, but stone may be more resistant to weathering and wear over time.
  5. Cost: The cost of building a stone or brick house can vary depending on several factors, including the type of material used, the location of the construction site, and the complexity of the design. In general, however, brick houses may be more affordable to build than stone houses due to the lower cost of materials and the faster construction time.

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