What are the Best Meal Delivery Apps in Turkey?

Famous for its cuisine, Turkey is also gaining worldwide fame with its flawless food delivery practices. With the quarantine due to the COVID-19 virus, ordering food at home has become very popular all around the world.

Turkish food delivery practices mostly involve local brands; So, you may not know most of the brands, but you can easily choose what you want to try with the awesome rating system. The most common and reliable food delivery practices are listed below.

  • Yemeksepeti
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • GetirYemek
  • Banabi
  • Tikla Gelsin
  • Zomato
  • Boyner Gourmet

1. Yemeksepeti

Yemeksepeti is an online food delivery platform founded in 2001 by a new graduate. This application is especially important because it is the first comprehensive food ordering application in Turkey. Also, among the food apps in Istanbul, Yemeksepeti is the app that has the most users. With Yemeksepeti, you can easily reach both local and unique flavors of chain brands using a single application. It also has a sizable team of employees to provide you with excellent service levels.

For using this magnificent app, firstly you must install it on your mobile phone. You can download the app from the Google play store or Apple store. After that, enter your region and address, your personal information, and if you want, your credit card information into the application. Then list the restaurants serving and order your food as you like. If you wish, you can review the comments and ratings about the restaurant before ordering, so you can order a meal fulfilling your expectations. Remember, this app is not a catering company, it’s a simple yet effective app that connects you to Restaurants and does not include a delivery fee. However, you can tip the courier if you wish. That’s how easy it is to order food in Turkey!

2. Domino’s Pizza

This pizza company, which established its first branch in 1996, now operates more than 14 thousand branches. Also, it became the pizza company serving most places in Turkey. In addition, this company has also globalized by taking place not only in Turkey but also in many cities in the world. It continues to improve every day to provide you with perfect service.

It’s fairly easy to order your pizza through the application and website of this pioneering company that started the “home delivery” concept in the pizza industry in Turkey! This company, which promises perfect delivery in 30 minutes, works diligently so that you can have the pizza you want with many options. Dominos delivery application is easy and user-friendly, so customers of all ages can easily create orders. In short words, this application is indispensable for special pizza nights!

3. GetirYemek

Established in 2015, Getir was created to deliver your market needs right onto your door. During the beginning of the recent expansion to serve many countries around the world, the company has grown and started to deliver food as well. So how do we order food in this application? Let’s examine the use of this easy application now.

The first thing you need to do is to download Getir on your Android or IOS device to access the application, and then create an account like all other applications. The most important thing you need to do when creating an account is to enter the “Set a Delivery Address” section and save the address you want your order to reach while using the application. In this way, your product of choice will be delivered to the exact location you want.

The second point you should pay attention to is the order ‘Note Section’. For example, if you like a certain meal, but you do not want to add sauces or spice, you can convey this to the restaurant by writing it in the Note section. Thus, you may enjoy your meal the way you want it. After completing this part, determine your payment method and accept the necessary conditions then click the “Place Order” button.

Food delivery service in Istanbul has developed a lot lately and the competition has become fierce, so these applications started to offer campaigns and promotions for their customers to choose from. By installing these applications, you can follow these campaigns and enjoy great tastes at affordable prices.

4. Banabi

Banabi is a virtual market application that started its services in April 2019. This application was created by Yemeksepeti, and it aims to create both time and financial gains for its users, by easily bringing required grocery shopping to the addresses outlined using the same application.

Since there are many different applications used for grocery shopping and food delivery in Istanbul, this led to the creation of a fast competitive environment, which requires great service quality. The Banabi application, which continues to successfully function within the competition, is still an application that you can trust for your every need, including extremely comprehensive products available in almost every province of Turkey.

5. Tikla Gelsin

Tikla Gelsin, the sub-web address where you can order food online from fast-food chain restaurants such as Burger King, was established by TAB Gida.  This website aims to deliver these brands to customers in the easiest and best way. Unlike other applications, Tikla Gelsin provides two types of services to its customers. These services are “Come to You” and “Come and Get”. Since food delivery is a very tough competition area in Istanbul, companies are forced to establish different methods and strategies to introduce their brands and services. One of these strategies that Tikla Gelsin chooses, can be summarized as a method that allows the customer to go and collect the product they want, without having to deal with the restaurant, besides making home order delivery, which is the classic method in business.

6. Zomato

Due to the intensity of our daily life, we are now trying to handle almost all our needs through our phones. One of the applications that can save us time in this regard is Zomato.

This free application, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store, is a tool that gives detailed information about the restaurants such as menus, customer reviews, and location. In this way, potential customers can reach these restaurants with an initial idea in their mind, and this prevents them from being disappointed. With ratings from 1 to 5, the restaurants in this application are continuously being scored for each service. In this way, restaurants have a current rate for both serving and food quality, and still, continue to strive for customer satisfaction. After installing the application, all you have to do is enter your information so that it can reach your location. Then, you have the opportunity to examine the kind of places you want to go to and see their comments for more detail.

7. Boyner Gourmet

Boyner Gourmet is a subbrand of Boyner Group, which is a clothing and household goods brand. However, this brand also serves lots of spices and sauces to be purchased online. Besides that, the application offers different flavors of the world, especially from the Far East and Europe, with one click. This brand includes both Turkish and foreign gourmet delicacies and has a wide product range.

The special product range of this application, which includes many types of coffee from Turkish to filter coffee, is constantly improving to meet the expectations and needs of its customers. To place an order for this application, simply create an account, and select your address and the product you want. By submitting your credit card information into the system, you can also facilitate your other orders. You can download this application, where you can reach the most special tastes in Istanbul food delivery sites, free of charge from the google play store and the app store.

8. Trenyol Yemek

Trendyol Yemek is the most extensive product selection available on a Turkish online store. To navigate this website you should use Google Translate. Similar to Amazon in the United States, Trendyol is the largest shopping website in Turkey. It is a popular Turkish food delivery website that many people use in Istanbul.

You can now order food from Trendyol as of last year. They quickly spread out to include the majority of Turkey’s cities. Trendyol Yemek is currently offering substantial discounts to grow its market share.

In addition, Trendyol Market is another website owned by Trendyol. Supermarket chains like Migros and Happy Center can be found in Trendyol Market. On this shopping website, you can order any supermarket item just like you would from a supermarket.

The biggest supermarket chain, Migros, and Happycenter are both located in Trendyol. In addition to these two companies, many more sell their products directly on Trendyol. In other words, Trendyol has successfully evolved into a marketplace for food companies.

This enables you to compare supermarket prices quickly and buy from the cheapest retailer. In addition, Trendyol provides free delivery with a minimum purchase.

How are the Foods in Turkey?

Turkish cuisine is enriched with Ottoman cuisine, which establishes relations with many nations. In this way, it consists of both, a wide variety of flavors and desserts. Turkish cuisine is very different according to the location inside a specific region, or even throughout the whole country. In the western regions such as Istanbul, Bursa, and Izmir, the same dish is prepared using lighter flavors with less fat content, than in the Central Anatolian Region.

Besides that, the rest of the eastern region uses more oil and spices in those dishes. In addition, even the choice of bulgur wheat, and rice in meals make a difference. This ensures the emergence of local flavors. Inheriting many elements of Ottoman palace cuisine, Turkish cuisine has many dishes and desserts that appeal to almost everyone with its wide selection and different recipes. However, before we talk about other dishes, the main topic we need to address is Turkish breakfast.

Turkish breakfast has a special variation. In addition to cheese, jam, olives, tomato paste, molasses, tahini, bagel, pastry, bread, and tea, honey products are also found in the classic Turkish breakfast. Also, tomatoes, green peppers, onion, olive oil, and eggs, aims to boost your metabolism while helping you to start the day.

After breakfast, homemade food continues to be Turkey’s favorite meal. Even after a busy day, Turks have a deep bond with homemade food. A classic Turkish dinner consists of soup and the carbohydrates can be rice or pasta. The main course usually consists of meat dishes, vegetables, or stir-fry ingredients. As there are so many recipes in Turkish cuisine, and because cooking the food usually involves long preparation, these types of meals are generally preferred to be eaten out. But if we need to talk about the food, Turks primarily eat meat, vegetable, and legumes. Turkish kebabs, doner kebabs, Turkish ravioli, and some eggplant dishes are also well-known Turkish cuisine.

Baklava is the most famous dessert among the traditional foods of Turkey. This delicacy is traditionally served during religious holidays with the hope that the guests would have pleasant times during their visits. It is very difficult to make these extraordinary flavored sweets, so homemade Baklava serves a very precious taste for these folks.

What Can You Order from Meal Delivery in Turkey?

Turkish food delivery websites or apps mostly include local brands. However, you can also find a chain of fast-food brands. With its huge population and tourists, Istanbul is the center of the food delivery industry in Turkey. You can almost find every traditional food and global flavor through these apps. This diversity also brings tough competition among those applications.

High-quality food at low prices can be seen because of this competition. As a result of the business changes, and market structures due to the outbreak of COVID-19, restaurants started the delivery service of different types of meals from Sushi to Thai dishes, from Mexican cuisine to Turkish cuisine, to the most special tastes. This variety has been highly appreciated by the customers and has ensured that they are one click away from the desired tastes. These applications, which work independently of member businesses, establish a relationship between the customer and the restaurant, ensuring that they receive the service they want at the highest quality.

Like Istanbul, Bodrum offers highly developed services due to a large number of tourists and residents. Of course, you can find different local flavors in that area as well. These applications offer you the chance to make an easy choice by listing the restaurants that can serve customers depending on their location. Let’s examine the cuisines one can order in the below list:

  • Lahmacun
  • Kebab
  • Pide
  • Hamburger
  • Pizza
  • Sushi
  • Toast
  • Noodle
  • Steak
  • Soup
  • Fish
  • Doner
  • Manti
  • Chicken
  • Asian foods

Is Meal Delivery Fast in Turkey?

Applications, where you can order food in Turkey, use indicators to show you when the food you ordered will reach you, within certain minutes depending on the restaurant. This allows you to order the product, with a certain time expectation.

Yes, Food delivery applications in Turkey have a fast service process. However, this fast process varies depending on the restaurant and food you choose. You should not forget that you have to wait for a certain time. However, if you have an order that exceeds the waiting period, you can get information from the related customer service centers and follow the delivery process efficiently. The advanced customer services of these applications work day and night to serve you perfectly, so you can place an order at any hour and track your order in the process.

What are the Payment Options for Meal Delivery in Turkey?

There are 3 different payment methods in the applications where you want to order food in Turkey. All these methods have been specially designed and evaluated by authorized managers to provide suitable solutions for ordering customers and serving restaurants.

After selecting the food, you want to eat using these applications, you go to your cart and proceed to the payment process, during this stage you usually see 3 options:

  • The first one is, payment made with cash at your doorstep. This option is the oldest type of payment used by those who do not own a credit card or who want to pay in cash. However, since the outbreak of the pandemic, this type of payment has not been used much.
  • Another type of payment is payment at the doorstep with a credit or debit card.
  • Finally, the type of payment made by credit cards over the internet, has gained popularity during the pandemic. When you order the food, this payment method deducts the payment from the card registered in the system and delivers the order to you. Thanks to the payment you have made in advance, the courier will only deliver the food without further interaction.

A new delivery method in Turkish food delivery applications is the Contactless Delivery feature. Customers who order with their credit card will have their food delivered to their doorstep, without facing the courier. This enables a healthy and clean style of ordering food. This new style of delivery process has emerged to prevent the infection of COVID-19.

Is there Uber Eats in Turkey?

Currently, there is no Uber eats service in Turkey. However, you will not need that application much. Thanks to the presence of many companies that are equivalent to that application. Using the free applications we mentioned above, you can have all the services listed. Due to the existence of those food delivery applications, Turkey is constantly developing itself and has a major customer network, thus this company may not consider entering the Turkish market soon.

What Are the Food Delivery Applications Working in All Provinces of Turkey?

Turkish food delivery practices typically use local brands; as a result, you may not be familiar with the majority of the brands, but the fantastic rating system makes it simple to choose what you want to try.

The food delivery applications work in all provinces of Turkey are listed below:

  • Yemeksepeti
  • GetirYemek
  • TrendyolYemek.

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