What are the Districts in Izmir That Need to be Invested in?

Izmir is located on the Aegean sea coast of Turkey. Izmir is the third most populous and at the same time the most developed city in Turkey. The city is sunny most of the year. The city, thanks to its temperate climate, is very conducive to social life. Izmir is the most developed city in the Aegean region and takes its name from the Aegean Sea. It is almost like the capital of the region. The vast majority of the trade carried out from the Aegean region is transported through the port located in Izmir. In the same way, products imported into the country also often use this harbor. This means that Izmir is one of the leading cities of business life in Turkey. Domestic and foreign investors often visit the city to use these economic opportunities. Another factor is the high level of sociocultural structure of the city. Thanks to the successful universities and good educational institutions that the city hosts, young people from all over Turkey are coming to live in this city. From the point of view of a qualified employee, Izmir is also quite impressive for domestic investors and foreign investors.

In addition to all this, the city is also rich in its historical background. Izmir, formerly Smyrna, has maintained its importance from prehistoric times to the present day. Izmir has never lost its importance at any time in history because it is a port city. There are many tourist areas such as Sirince, Ephesus, Agora, and Kemeralti open bazaar, etc. The city welcomes many tourists and travelers to the city every year with its beautiful beaches, historical buildings, and historical monuments. With the investments it receives each year, Izmir is becoming increasingly important to Turkey. Entertainment events, such as fairs and festivals held in the city, are also very popular all over the country.

The districts suitable for investment in Izmir are listed and defined below.

1. Bornova

Bornova district is located almost in the middle of Izmir due to its location. The district has various transport networks (metro stops, bus stops, highway connections, etc.). Bornova district is home to Ege University and Yaşar University located in Izmir and thousands of students studying here. In addition to universities, there are shopping centers and hospitals in the district. The historical mansions located in the district add a beautiful face to the district. Apart from its extensive highways facilities, the district is also called an industrial zone. There are four industrial zones in the district. The district, which is increasing its importance more and more every day, is seen as one of the favorite districts of the future.

Because of that, new projects are being created every day in Bornova. Housing projects also add a difference to this district, which shines a star. New projects created in Bornova also aim to improve the quality of people’s accommodation. When we examine the investments of large construction companies, it is clear that a large investment has been made in the region. With the meeting of state support with investments, the district is gaining a different atmosphere.

Realty Group projects in Bornova are listed below:

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2. Karsiyaka

Karsiyaka, one of the most developed districts of Izmir, is located on the coast of the Gulf of Izmir. Karsiyaka is located opposite the konak district, which is the city center of Izmir. The Gulf of Izmir separates these two districts from each other. Shopping malls, museums, opera houses and historic churches, etc. structures contribute to the social life of the city. The Bostanlı district, which has a developed urbanization plan, is frequented by citizens with its entertainment venues and coastline.

However, the transportation network of the district is diverse. From the piers located in other districts, there are frequent ferry services to Karsiyaka during the day. Bostanli is the most important neighborhood in the Karsiyaka district. Karsiyaka, which has transportation facilities such as Izban (Izmir suburban train), tram, ferry, bus, and many road connections, is one of the favorite districts of Izmir. Karsiyaka district has hospitals, shopping centers, entertainment venues, and quality schools on its territory. The human rights monument located on the coastline is one of the important monuments of the district. The district is also advantageous because it is located close to the Cigli district(specially Ataturk organized industrial zone). In addition to all this, Karsiyaka is home to people of sociologically high status.

3. Bayrakli

Bayrakli district is moving rapidly to become the new city center of Izmir. As a result of state decisions, it was decided that the new city center should be Bayrakli. Neighboring Karsiyaka, Bornova, and Konak districts, Bayrakli district is the biggest star candidate of Izmir with its huge investments. With the vision of becoming the new city center of the city, Bayrakli began to be a full view of skyscrapers. Many domestic and foreign investors have begun to move their representative offices to this district. The district has a rich transportation network such as Izban (Izmir suburban train) and bus stops. From the point of view of the state investments, they are made in this district in a hospital called Izmir City Hospital, which will be the biggest in Izmir. State institutions also began to move to this district. You can enjoy the luxury of Izmir at home with Realty Group project RG-547 which offers a privileged life.

4. Cigli

Cigli district is located in the north of Izmir. The district is the neighboring district of Karsiyaka. The district is an important cornerstone of Izmir’s economy with its trade and industrial facilities. The industry in the district is at such a developed level that the Ataturk Organized Industrial site is one of the most important industrial sites in Turkey. Many domestic and foreign investors have made serious investments in this region and continue to do so. Izmir Katip Celebi University is located in that district. Izmir Bird Paradise is located in this district with numerous species of birds. When the transportation options in the district are examined, Izban (Izmir suburban train) and bus options are seen.

5. Buca

Buca district has a border with many districts of Izmir. It is very easy to get to many different districts. The district is the most populous district of Izmir with a resident population of 500,000 people. There are many schools in the Buca district. In addition to these, many faculties of Dokuz Eylul University are also located in this district. In other words, the Buca district is home to many students. There are many entertainment venues and activity options in the city. When the transportation network of the district is examined, there are Izban (Izmir suburban train) and bus lines. In addition to investments in the region, the state is carrying out a metro project to increase transportation options. This project is one of the most important examples of large investments made in the district.

There are many hospitals and medical institutions large and small in the district. Many housing investments and projects are being made in the district. Projects are usually home projects that are suitable for daily life and appeal to students and families like the Realty Group project Asem Loft Residence Modern Property Project in Izmir – Rg-2000

6. Cesme

The district is located in the south of Izmir. And Cesme has a peninsular shape. Cesme is the most important tourist area of Izmir. Cesme district, whose history is very rich, welcomes millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year with its beautiful beaches, blue flag beaches, nightlife, and social life. Cesme has unique beauty regions such as Ilica and Alaçatı. The economy of the district is largely dependent on tourism. Cesme accommodates many sports options for its visitors. Cesme has a huge historical background. The historic fortress walls are impressive. The district is also frequented by yacht holiday visitors. When the project with the code Izmir villa for sale with the best location – Rg-548 is examined on our website, it is seen what a fantastic holiday district Cesme is. Cesme is usually the choice of people of high social status.

7. Konak

Konak is the current city center of Izmir. The government bodies that govern the metropolitan city are located in this district. The clock tower is a symbol of the district and at the same time the city. Konak, due to its location, is neighbor to many districts. There are various options for transportation to all parts of Izmir, such as subway, bus, ferry, and tram. The coastline is frequented by Izmir residents. The most respected high schools in the city are also located in this district. Konak is also home to valuable hospitals. Considering all this, it can be clearly said that the heart of Izmir beats here. The district also contains numerous works belonging to the Ottoman period and especially the Republican period from ancient times.

8. Seferihisar

Seferihisar is a beautiful district located in the south of Izmir. In general, the district has a local economy such as agriculture, animal breeding, fishing, etc. But in recent years, Seferihisar has started to gain a lot of value in terms of tourism. There is a yacht marina in the district. The popularity of the district is growing day by day. The district, which is also valuable as a historical one, is home to the Ancient City of Teos. The most important area of the district is the Sıgacik district. Serials and films created in the region contribute to the popularity of the region.

9. Guzelbahce

The town of Guzelbahce, which is close to the popular tourist areas as well as to the center of Izmir, has a surface area of ​​77 km2 and offers many things to see and explore with its coastline and district center. It is in the twenty-sixth place among the thirty districts of Izmir in terms of surface area. There are eight beaches in total, one of which is Blue Flag, in the district next to the Aegean Sea. Even if you don’t come for a sea vacation, you can find many things to do here.

The district is surrounded by walking and cycling paths and is very crowded in summer. However, according to the data for the 2021 registered population, it has an active population of 37,572 people. This district offers you both a quiet and an elite lifestyle. Guzelbahce is an area preferred by those looking for investment flats, as it is one of the regions with high housing development in Izmir. As Guzelbahce’s luxury quality of life and quality housing projects gain popularity, investments provide a good return. In addition, it is possible to find brand-new buildings in both villa and apartment types in the Guzelbahce location.

10. Gaziemir

Gaziemir is a 70 km2 district in the southern part of Izmir. It has been recognized as a region where industry and trade have developed in recent years. According to the data in 2021, the total population of the region is 137,856 people. This district, which we can generally call the civil servant zone, is known as a very calm and decent place, and in this place where new settlements are opened, a lot of zero investment and beautiful properties can be found easily. House prices in this district, where families live happily, are more affordable than other parts of Izmir.

11. Balcova

Known for its location close to the city center and one of the popular districts of the city, Balcova is enough to be a very special district with its seafront location and the magnificent view offered by the cable car. Thanks to its lush green areas, parks, historical buildings, tourist areas, shopping streets, and many places to visit, the region promise a very pleasant life. The region offers a variety of real estate options for both investment and living its luxurious life. The area of Balcova is 16 km2. The district has 6 km of natural coastline and also has a dam lake. According to 2020 data, although it has a population of 78,804 people, its population is increasing day by day with many advantages it offers. The most important reason why the region is famous is its hot water spas. In this region, where business is actively carried out in various sectors, life and work opportunities are quite high. so you can make a good profit from the real estate sector.

What is the Advantage of Investing in Izmir?

When all these narratives are examined, the result is that Izmir is a rising star. Both the natural beauty of Izmir and its sparkling business life and strong corporate structure make Izmir a very suitable city for investment. Izmir, with its developing districts, receives a lot of investments from domestic and foreign companies every year. The Aegean free zone located in the city also encourages investment in the city. Izmir is very important from a logistic point of view with transportation options such as highways, railways, ports. That is why investments are so concentrated in the region.

What are the Advantages of Investing in Property in Izmir?

In recent years, many large projects have been signed for Izmir in the state and municipal administration. Investment in Izmir is becoming more attractive every day. As investments increase, the real estate market is also gaining value. Landed property is being valued even more. Opportunities in the project areas should be evaluated while they are still under development. It is very important to invest in star candidate regions because the face of the city is changing. With the urban renewal project, unsafe houses are being demolished and new projects are rapidly gaining value. One of the most important advantages of property investment in Izmir is that the city receives a high number of immigrants every year.

How to Buy Property in Izmir?

The constitution of the Republic of Turkey guarantees the right to property for everyone(Land Registry Law No. 2644, 35. article). Foreign citizens can own property and invest in it as long as they comply with legal procedures. They do not need a residence permit to own real estate in Turkey.

The documents required to carry out the sale of real estate to foreign citizens are listed below:

  • Real estate land title
  • Identity document / passport
  • Real estate registration certificate received from the municipal authority
  • Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (DASK) policy
  • Real estate valuation report
  • A real estate appraisal report
  • Bank account
  • Documents from your country of residence
  • If the buyer and seller do not speak Turkish, the process must be carried out with a sworn translator.

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