What are the Places to Camp in Turkey?

Turkey’s location is a magnificent paradise surrounded by seas from 3 sides. There are many different activities in this country where you can reach the peak of fun. This beautiful country, which has all 4 seasons in a year, welcomes adrenaline lovers and comfort-loving tourists throughout the year. In this country, which belongs to a very rich portfolio in terms of tourism, there are incredibly fascinating campsites with many different concepts for those who love to camp. These places, which have many ethnic areas that you can do in nature while camping, promise you natural beauties and fun activity areas where you can live to the bottom.

Camping is quite a unique experience in Turkey because it gives you a different experience by completely renewing you with its unique natural beauties and clean air. In the list below, there are camping areas we recommend that we have prepared for you. Let’s examine the advantages of these areas and the experiences they will bring to you.

1. Butterfly Valley

This special area, which can only be reached by boat, is named Butterfly Valley because it hosts a unique butterfly species. You can even go to watch and photograph butterflies of different colors and types, as about 105 butterfly species living in this magnificent nature reserve continue to live. What you need for camping in this area, if you wish, bring a tent with you or rent it from local businesses, and then spend all day unwinding and having fun in the pure nature overlooking a clear sea.

There are waterfalls in the depths of the Butterfly Valley, so you can start the day energetically with the sound of the magnificent waterfall and experience the superb air of nature up to your cells. In addition, an advantage of this area for campers is that the site is quiet. This way, you can have a delightful holiday with your friends.

2. Koprulu Canyon National Park

Koprulu Canyon National Park is Turkey’s most popular water sports park in the city of Antalya. There are many activities that you can experience in this region. Among these activities, you can take a morning walk in the park, explore the ancient ruins during the day, or swim in the cool waters of the Mediterranean in the region with a magnificent atmosphere. Koprulu Canyon National Park, with its natural beauties, is located 96 km northeast of Antalya, in the high mountains.

If you are wondering what else to do in Koprulu (Köprülü) Canyon National Park, we recommend you visit Tazi Canyon. Hound Canyon is a natural canyon formed by streams and is located in the park. You can make iconic posts on social media by taking unique photos in this region. To reach the Hounds (Tazi) Canyon, it is necessary to walk about 11 km from the cliffs at the top of the mountains.

3. Yedigoller National Park

Yedigoller is 42 km away from Bolu, a province in the Western Black Sea Region. The transportation of this national park can be reached from Yenicaga at the 152nd km of the Ankara-Istanbul highway, and from Bolu at the 190th km. Since the region is spread over a very large area, it offers you many different camping sites. Yedigoller Basin, with a total size of 1642 hectares, was taken under protection as a national park in 1965.

The name of the region comes from the formation of 7 large and small lakes, which were formed as a result of the masses sliding into the Basin closing the valleys. This campground is also known to have been a settlement in ancient times. Therefore, it is possible to see different ruins and vegetation in the region. Apart from its natural beauty and historical value, this camping area also has many different advantages. For example, you can dive into the hot spring, go for a walk, and fish at any time of the day.

4. Kabak Valley

Kabak Valley, which is home to a beach but magnificent nature on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, has recently become a very popular camping spot. Kabak Valley is located on the Lycian Way and offers you great activities and entertainment for your holiday. Those who want to camp can either bring tents or rent them from vendors for a day or stay in wooden bungalows that are famous in the region.

You will not find reinforced concrete buildings, restaurants, or shops as this area is completely pure and protected from development. There is a minibus as a means of transportation in the valley for visitors these days.

5. Babakamp

It is located on the Akcaovacik Plateau at an altitude of 1,300 meters in Babadag, a mountain range dominating the Mediterranean. It is a magnificent area for campers who want to have a different experience with the clean air and magnificent nature it offers to its visitors. Babakamp, which offers endemic vegetation and magnificent views unique to this region, is only 25 kilometers (15.53 miles) from Fethiye.

This region is an area preferred by nature lovers who are especially interested in yoga. That’s because Babakamp has both an indoor yoga studio and an outdoor gym exercise area and an ecological salt water pool, making it an ideal base for the paragliding that this mountain is popular for.

6. Kas Camping

Established and spreading on a wide platform starting from the seaside, Kas Camping is one of the largest and most popular camping areas in the district. Located at the western edge of Antalya province, a short walk from the center of Kas, a beloved seaside town on the Mediterranean, and right on the beach, this private campground is one of the most comfortable in terms of swimming, diving, and dining.

This magnificent space is so vast that it offers you lots of activity space. You can enjoy the sun and the sea at beaches such as Kaputas and Buyukcakil, where you can have fun, and integrate with nature in Lycia and Patara. At the end of the day, you can make your holiday productive by staying in one of the camping places suitable for your budget, where you can be intertwined with nature.

7. Yenice Forests

Yenice Forests are located in the interior of the Western Black Sea region. It is a unique region with clean air and making it a great location for canyoning, camping, hiking, and biking. The memorial trees hide vibrant wildlife that includes foxes, rabbits, and even bears. While the neighboring Seker Kanyon, which is a place frequented by nature lovers and suitable only for a real camper who wants to set up a tent in the forest, offers an operational camping area.

8. Club Amazon

Due to its proximity to Datca and Marmaris holiday spots, this camping area, where you can provide a very comfortable stay, is a paradise that provides a peaceful holiday experience. Club Amazon is an ideal place to experience various activities intertwined with nature.

Club Amazon’s Campground is located on a creek that leads to the sea, so canoeing, hiking in the woods, boating excursions, swimming in the jungle pool, and enjoying outdoor movie nights are some amazing activities for visitors to experience.

9. Nefeskoy

Located in Yuvacik, Izmit, about two and a half hours away from Istanbul by car, the Nefeskoy camping area offers you a cozy bungalow and tent camping opportunity. The region’s name comes from its clean air, which will take your breath away with its nature and air.

The entire location of the campgrounds is in the mountains, offering a magnificent view, and there are also a dam, stream, waterfall, and platform restaurants in the region. In this way, you will have an area where you can perform all mountain activities, and you will protect your privacy thanks to its seclusion.

10. Geyikbayiri

Geyikbayiri camping area, which is located within the borders of Konyaalti district, a district of Antalya, is a place frequented by campers every season. Besides, Geyikbayiri forests, hiking trails, and beautiful camping and picnic areas are frequently mentioned. In addition, Geyikbayiri is suitable for climbing areas and activities such as mountaineering.

Geyikbayiri is only 28 kilometers away from the center of Antalya, and even if you do not come with your vehicle, there are always vehicles from the city center. Being so close to the city center seems to be a big plus for Geyikbayiri. In addition, Geyikbayiri is known as Turkey’s largest rock climbing region with 1300 climbing routes.

11. Hizir Camp

Hizir Kamp is a magnificent camping area and resting place that has been operating for years and is located on the skirts of the mountain called Kazdag with its magnificent natural beauty. This camping area is 2 kilometers away from Mehmetalan village and within walking distance of the borders of Kaz Mountains National Park.

This geography has such a rich variety that you can swim in the Zeytinli Stream flowing through the Hizir Campground, or you can take your book and relax for hours in a corner. You can attend yoga classes if you wish.

Is It Safe to Camp in Turkey?

If you are thinking of camping in Turkey but are not sure about the safety of this activity, we have researched this subject for you. As Turkey is a very rich country in terms of both summer and winter tourism, the rate of ordinary crime is extremely low. Theft and break-ins are very rare, so it’s very unlikely that something will be stolen or your car damaged while you’re in the country.

Turkish society is very helpful and enjoys conversation. In this way, if you find something uncomfortable around you, you can make local friends and ask for help.

Can You Wild Camp in Cappadocia?

It is possible to camp in every region of Cappadocia. You can camp in Göreme, which is the most important camping area, and in the nature parks where the rock formations and hills are located, that is, almost in the entire city. If you’re lucky, you might even find an abandoned cave or rock house in this magical city as a campground.

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