What is Parcel?

A parcel is a piece of land, and it is the name given to the pieces of land that are separated and limited according to zoning regulations and zoning laws. The owner of any parcel can be made up of a single person, or it can have more than one owner. Private persons can be parcel owners, as well as public, private organizations, or foundations.

How to Make Parcel Inquiry?

Property-related information in Turkey is carried out by the Land Registry and Cadastre Information System, namely TAKBIS.

Parcel number queries can be done easily through the Land Registry and Cadastre Information system prepared by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. Parcel inquiry can be done easily through the parcel inquiry application.

If you see the phrase “the operation failed” on the screen while the title deed inquiry is being made, then you do not have a record in the Land Registry and Cadastre Information System.

Island parcel inquiries can also be made through the Land Registry Office and TKGM. This process is easily done on the parcel query screen.

What Are The Parcel Types?

There are two types of parcels. Two types of parcels are listed below:

1. Cadastral Parcel

In accordance with the Cadastre Law, the parcels located within the cadastral island and located independently are called cadastral parcels. Areas with known borders and owners are cadastral parcels.

2. Zoning Parcel

The parcels that can be reconstructed are called zoning parcels. By the zoning laws, cadastral parcels can be opened for zoning after the necessary examinations and necessary arrangements are made.

What is the Difference Between a Lot and a Parcel?

These two terms can be quite confusing in terms of usage. Lots may contain a uniform or nearly uniform size in a space designed for residential use. A parcel of land can be a piece of land purchased for a single purpose or any adjacent piece of land. So they both contain an area, but how much of an area and what is the usage for is completely different.

What is a Freehold Parcel of Land?

The concept of Freehold land means a property that is legally free from the hands of any entity other than its owner. The fact that a piece of land is a freehold parcel also means that it has the right to use for any purpose by the regulations in the place where it is located. Therefore, it is a legally advantageous choice as it can be used as desired and is sold at higher prices. Selling a property on this parcel requires significantly less paperwork, as no government authorization is required. However, this also means that buying a property is more expensive than a leased property.

What is the Space Above a Parcel of Land Called?

Air rights express the right to use and develop the space above or near the area on a parcel. However, this right has a certain limit point. The amount of air right must be equal to the maximum amount of floor space allowed on a zoning plot to the amount of floor space occupied by any existing structure on the plot.

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