What is the Best Place to Live in Cyprus?

The island country of Cyprus has a very active nightlife in the summer months, it welcomes a lot of visitors in the tourist sense. For this reason, it is one of the places that is frequently seen as a favorite holiday destination for Europeans and proudly bears the title of having the warmest climate in the European Union. There are people of all ages and statuses who want to live a peaceful and joyful life with a pleasant climate and high living standards who can move to Cyprus.

If you’re looking to move to Cyprus with a business mindset, the economy is largely based on the services industry, key sectors of tourism and shipping, as well as new pressure on energy thanks to oil fields discovered at sea, meaning these types of sectors are very popular and in demand.

The island country has a structure that is divided into two such that one half is the Greek Cypriot formation while the other half is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Its capital is Nicosia, and it is home to 240,000 of its 1.2 million population. Nicosia is the island’s financial and work center and a central meeting point for everyone and everything. Since it is a multicultural region, it is possible to see structures, formations, and differences of all kinds of ethnic origins in every city. Here are some of the cities listed below.

1. Nicosia

In Greek mythology, Nicosia was a siren, one of the daughters of Acheloos and Melpomene. The name of this siren is a special city mentioned as the “White State” or the city of the White Gods.

Nicosia is both the capital and the largest city in the island country of Cyprus. Nicosia, the main administrative center of the island, is a center of both trade and politics. It is an active metropolis that serves as the financial center of Cyprus, but a city that has remained divided. The northern part of Nicosia is the capital of Northern Cyprus, while the southern part of the city is the Greek Cypriot district. Today, Northern Nicosia is the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a state recognized only by Turkey.

Here are the things you should see while in Nicosia listed below.

  • The Cyprus Museum of Nicosia: this museum founded in 1888, is often regarded as the island’s number one museum because it hosts an especially rare and extensive collection of Cypriot antiquities.
  • Eleftherias Square: most known as Freedom Square, is not just a square at all, but instead a four-lane one-way street. Overlooking this nontraditional plateia, perched on one of the Venetian bastions, is Nicosia’s, Town Hall.
  • Famagusta Gate: this gate is a part of Medieval Venetian walls originally, Famagusta Gate was called Porta Guiliana and served as one of three main entry points into the city. Famagusta Gate offers visitors a unique glimpse inside the massive Venetian fortress.
  • Ledra Street: this street is Nicosia’s main shopping place, and it has unique shops and worldwide textile leaders as well.
  • Dafermou Winery: This place features an ultra-chic building that beautifully contrasts with the green hills surrounding it. Visit there and experience Dafermou uniquely crafted wines in the elegant tasting room.
  • Kakopetria: Fifty-five kilometers west of Nicosia, at the tip of the Troodos Mountains, stands this pretty village of Kakopetria. This historical Cyprus village is quite interesting as it shows that the area has been inhabited since the seventh century BC.
  • Troodos Mountains: As one of Cyprus’ natural wonders Troodos mountain is known for its pristine forests, Byzantine churches, charming villages, nature trails, ski resorts, and vineyards, you should see.

Besides the things you should see in Nicosia, was chosen as one of the smallest European cities of the future for capital and lifestyle. It offers a great quality of lifestyle for immigrants as any Europe city on an island that has amazing beaches.

2. Limassol District

Limassol, the city in the south of Cyprus, is a very modern, cosmopolitan region. It is also a popular destination by ex-pats from many other places. Located in the city of Limassol, Limassol Castle has several other beautiful places worth seeing, including the Amathus Ruins and the Djami Kebir Mosque.

It is within walking distance to Anexartisias, the shopping district in this city, on the street, and on the beach. Right in the center of the city, near the Citadel and the Limassol Marina, there is a nice walking hub called Molos that offers great walks. If you like walking by the sea, Molos will be your favorite place. Limassol is also the city of Troodos (Olympus), the highest mountain peak on the island. You can go skiing during the winter months between January and April.

It offers unlimited possibilities for all kinds of sports and activities such as golf, and go-kart,  is very cosmopolitan, and it is perfect for supporting an active and healthy life skiing, cycling, and horse riding. There are beautiful hiking trails and lots of nature trails. Rental bikes are available everywhere or you can just walk around the city.

3. Larnaca

The city of Larnaca is quite compact meaning everything is quite easily accessible and due to its location, it provides easy access to other parts of the island. Since this city has an airport, it only takes 15 minutes to arrive at Larnaca from the airport and find yourself in this small, slender town along the coast when you land on the island. This neighborhood is full of bars and cafes where locals and ex-pat freelancers come together to work together.

Immigrants living in Larnaca are mostly Greek, English, Russian and German, and they mostly use English as a means of international communication. This city has all the necessary advantages for a comfortable life with the facilities it will offer you, but like any tourist place, it is very quiet in the winter and crowded in the summer. In general, Larnaca is home to more immigrants as it is more convenient, cozy and comfortable, and slightly cheaper than Limassol or Nicosia.

4. Peyia and Tala

Peyia and Tala are districts that stay in the Paphos region, especially in areas such as it is home to many British immigrants there are cities with many beautiful towns and villages. In this region, therefore, you will not have a problem as mostly English is spoken. The reason why Peyia and Tala are one of the most preferred areas by those considering immigration is that there are many restaurants and taverns in both regions and they are close to Coral Bay, so you can find yourself in entertainment in the seaside town in summer and winter, as well as freelance working conditions and the employment conditions of the city and the urban turmoil.

5. Paphos

Paphos, a quaint coastal city in the southwest of Cyprus, is the birthplace of Aphrodite as mythological legends say. This region offers a very good standard of living. It has good infrastructure and facilities, from shopping malls and shops to modern hospitals and convenient road connections. Located in Paphos, the International Airport is just a 15-minute drive from the city center and a modern highway connects the Paphos district to the whole of Cyprus. There are picturesque villages in Paphos Region and these places are very popular with ex-pats. The area has many lush countrysides, beautiful villages, and beautiful beaches, including the famous Coral Bay.

Since Paphos is a popular tourist destination, it has a wide beach and is famous for its fishing port. The name of the main settlement in Paphos is Ktima. Many ex-pats from Europe will say that Cyprus is great in terms of quality of life and Paphos is one of the best cities to choose if you want to strike the right balance between your social life, between all the locations all over Cyprus, so choose this area to move as well.

6. Paralimni

Paralimni is a popular district with its location close to both Ayia Napa and Protaras, this is a beautiful residential town with modern built houses located at the foot of the mountain. Since it is a residential area, it is home to a large shopping center, and many cafes, bars, and supermarkets also prices are more normal than in other regions with the average cost of living in Paralimni being $1134.

7. Famagusta

Famagusta is a city located on the east coast of the island country of Cyprus. It is located east of Nicosia and hosts the deepest harbor on the island. Famagusta has a rich history as it was the most important port city of the island during the Middle Ages. This city was a gateway to trade with the Levantine ports, where Silk Road merchants transported their goods to Western Europe. The average cost of living in Famagusta, which is close to the world average cost of living, is $ 1009, and it is the 9th preferred region out of 10 counties in Cyprus.

8. Ayia Napa and Protaras

Located in the eastern part of Cyprus is the lively town of Ayia Napa. This resort is a favorite international beach resort with all the amenities. Crowded, dynamic, noisy, and full of fun, and typical tourist activities such as water skiing, windsurfing, canoeing, scuba diving, and speed boating are available. There are also 14 beaches in the Ayia Napa region, all of which have been given Blue Flag status. The beach on Nissi Boulevard gets very crowded in summer; There’s a great beach bar that plays music throughout the day and offers events like foam parties and games.

Is Cyprus a Good Place To Live in?

Cyprus is a wonderful island country to live in, both for families with young children and retirees. It offers you a wonderful quality of life due to its climate, being a member of the European Union, and being home to people from many different races. The island is famous for its magnificent beaches, and it attracts people from all over the world with its stunning mountains and small valleys filled with vineyards, orange groves, and olive groves. Living in Cyprus can provide many lifestyle and financial advantages because it is an island country, life is more comfortable than in most countries and there are more opportunities to spend time outside. Also, the cost of living in Cyprus is generally lower, taxes are lighter.

The lifestyle is all about enjoying the moments in a Mediterranean country. Fruit, vegetables, fish, and various seafood can be purchased fresh all year round. There are colorful and inexpensive fruit and vegetable markets everywhere. Besides that this island has the warmest climate in the European Union, with about 320 days of sunshine a year. Cyprus is also among the regions with the healthiest climate worldwide.

Is Cyprus a Cheap Place to Live?

Northern Cyprus is part of the Turkish republic and it is one of the cheapest countries to live in on the Mediterranean coast. Compared to the cost of living in other United Nation countries, it’s really good value, buying or renting a property in the northern regions is much cheaper than anywhere else in the Mediterranean.

What is The Richest Part of Cyprus?

We can say that Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is the most crowded and lively city in the country. Nicosia, which is also the largest city on the island, has an important position in Cyprus’ economy, trade, culture, and many other issues. The reason why those who want to live in Cyprus generally choose this city is its proximity to business areas. Nicosia has the best transport and connection system in Cyprus. Strategically located halfway between Africa, Europe, and Asia, travelers enjoy easy connections to international airports and seaports. People who continue their working life prefer Nicosia because they want to be close to the center.

Where do Expats Live in Cyprus?

As the island country of Cyprus is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, it consists of a mixture of many cultures. Surrounded by the azure waters of the Mediterranean, Cyprus has been on important trade routes since ancient times. On the island, which has recently been included in the European Union, very old historical ruins are still being discovered today. During these expeditions, catacombs, copper mines, building ruins, unique vegetation, and even wild cat fossils were found. The island of Cyprus is divided into two separate parts. The Republic of Cyprus, which is Turkish in the north and two-thirds in the south, is Greek. Crossing from one side to the other is only possible with a passport.

There are many reasons why tourists and most importantly immigrants prefer this island country listed below:

  • Clear Seas
  • Sunny Beaches
  • Culture
  • Natural Beauties
  • Friendly Locals
  • Good Food
  • Low Crime Rate
  • Affordable Cost of Living

Is it Easy to Move to Cyprus?

If you are moving to Cyprus to find a well-paying job, it is very important that you obtain a work permit when obtaining a residence permit in Cyprus. As with the visa procedures of each EU country, the residence permit process is quite different for EU and non-EU nationals, as is the case with entry visas.

EU and non-EU citizens who want to live in Cyprus for more than three months and/or need to be officially registered as a resident to start a business. A registration document is required to apply for a residence permit. The steps are as follows.

  • First, you must apply for an Alien Registration Certificate (ARC) at the local police’s Immigration Office within eight days of your arrival and pay the relevant fee.
  • Second, you need to apply for a social security number to secure employment in Cyprus. Within the next three months, you must apply for a residence permit from the Population and Immigration Office. A permanent residence permit should take 6-8 months to arrive. If you already have a temporary residence permit, you may even have to wait 8-10 months and when you have finished the period on your visa do not forget to apply again.

How to Buy Property in Cyprus

First, arrange your mortgage if you are not a cash buyer to own property from abroad. This way, look at mortgages and loans first to find out how much banks will be willing to lend you. Then appoint yourself a local attorney to assist you with property matters and then start your property search. As Realty Group real estate agency family, we are ready to help and serve you with our experienced team. Once a property is available to you, it’s important to visit in person to check if the situation matches your expectations and some information about how to buy property in Cyprus.

After you see the house with your own eyes for Cyprus properties and like it, you will need to make a price offer. Then apply in writing to the Council of Ministers for permission to purchase the property. Sign the contract of sale, which will also be signed by the seller. As the last step, transfer the funds you have to pay and complete the sale.

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