Why Foreigners Like Living in Alanya?

Alanya is a tourism district of Antalya Province in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey. The city has a wide living space and strategic location established between the blue Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains. With its tourism areas, unique nature, historical places, mild climate, sports fields, comfortable lifestyle, strong transportation infrastructure, strong culture, and art infrastructure, Alanya has become a preferred city for living. With its destination, it attracts the attention of both investors and domestic and foreign tourists. For these reasons, many people from different nationalities reside in Alanya.

It meets 30 percent of the real estate market requirement in Turkey alone. Especially the economic advantages of the real estate market in Alanya and the risk-free nature of long-term investment also play an important role in the choice of Alanya. There are a lot of excellent Alanya real estate projects. Foreigners from different nationalities reside in Alanya happily in peace. Confidence prevails in the region, which has many opportunities.  However, it has all the possibilities that the big cities offer. Many foreigners who come as tourists do research to live in Alanya and follow the real estate market.

1. It’s a Region in Antalya

It is a remarkable place in Antalya in the Mediterranean region. Alanya center, which has all possibilities, is also easy to reach the surrounding districts and Antalya city center due to its location in transportation. It is 135 km from the center of Antalya. There is really practical transportation. People rent cars for the awesome nature view of the Safe Highway.

2. Life in Alanya is Cheap

Life in Alanya is cheap because the prices are reasonable in this region and there are various possibilities. Since there are facilities suitable for all kinds and every budget, the residents of the region do not have economic difficulties. As the living areas are easily accessible and well located, it offers a much wider choice in real estate for foreigners who will reside.

3. Real Estate Prices Alanya is Cheap

Alanya’s real estate prices are affordable. There are conveniences provided by the real estate market. The prices are affordable and the living spaces are located in the beauty of nature and in a way to meet every need.   Bektaslar, Yesiloz, Tosmur, Avsallar, Incekum, Kestel, Kargicak Koyu,  Konakli, Cikcilli are very convenient places to buy real estate.

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4. There are Unique Beaches in Alanya

Below you can see the names of famous beaches in Alanya.

  • Cleopatra Beach
  • Damlatas Beach
  • Keykubat Beach
  • Emirgan Beach
  • Portakal (Oba) Beach
  • Mahmutlar Beach
  • Incekum  Beach

5. Climate of Alanya

A typical Mediterranean climate prevails in Alanya. In this region, where winters are like summer most of the time; the effect of the summer heat is reduced by the breeze blowing from the sea towards the land in the afternoon. The region, which is a tourist paradise with its positive climate as well as its natural beauties, is preferred by foreigners who will buy real estate here. Clean air is another aspect of Alanya. The natural environment of the region is really beautiful. One of the most striking features of Alanya due to its geographical location is that it has unique natural beauty. The south is surrounded by the lush forests of the Taurus Mountains, and the north is covered with the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Alanya is a forest-rich region. It is possible to find a corner in the Alanya region where unique vegetation will grow in all-natural conditions. This is nature’s blessing that makes Alanya an agricultural and tourism paradise. Dim Cayi, Doga Damlatas Cave, Cleopatra Beach, Sapadere Canyon, Dim Cave, Derekoy Turbelinas Plateau, Fosforlu Cave, and Korsanlar Cave is one of the most important natural beauties.

6. Transportation of Alanya is Easy

Transportation in Alanya is very easy as the transportation network is well planned. Transportation costs are cheap. Payment alternatives are available for urban transportation. Public transport has a sufficient frequency. There is a public transport taxi system. In addition, car rental is among the alternatives.

7. Health Services are Good in Alanya

Yes. Health services in Alanya, Turkey are fast and of high quality. Alanya also has a strong health system. Appointments can be made when requested, and diagnosis and treatment processes are good. Access to health services is easy. There are many health institutions in the region. It is accessible and of high quality. Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University Training and Research Hospital is the most important hospital in the region.

8. Quality of Education in Alanya

Education and training opportunities are accessible for all levels. Education is of a high standard in Alanya. The education system in Alanya, which has high-standard schools, continues well. There are opportunities from primary school to higher-level schools. At the same time, there are educational opportunities where people from all walks of life in the region can improve themselves in every field of occupation. The prominent face of the region is Alanya Keykubat University. Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University is a preferred world university that develops the socio-economic structure of the region and country it is in in the tourism, health, agriculture, and service sectors by producing information, products, and services. This university has an international reputation. Many foreigners come here. Those who come for education will be attracted to the possibilities of the region and receivables will be purchased to settle down.

9. Nightlife in Alanya

Nightlife in Alanya has quite entertaining alternatives. It has both quality venues with loud music and also places for those who want to spend a quiet time listening to the calmer sea sound. Nightlife has a variety that appeals to all kinds of segments. Options are many. Colorful places of nightlife, social places, and places where organizations are held are not scattered, they are easily accessible. In Alanya, there are many exotic and local food and beverage options from Mediterranean cuisine to Far East cuisine. With its restaurants, bistros, cafeterias, bars, nightclubs, discos, event areas, cultural and art organization places, seaside activity areas, and parks are alive all night. The city is alive until morning. Alanya is a peaceful region and the nightlife is also reliable in Alanya.

What Are The Best Places to Visit in Alanya

Alanya, which is one of the tourism centers, offers a wide variety of options from museums to ancient works, from caves to beaches. From its castle to its caves, and even from its beautiful beaches to canyons and streams, it is one of the must-visit regions in Alanya.

The list of places to visit in Alanya is as follows.

  • Alanya Castle: It is one of the symbolic and historical buildings of Alanya. Alanya Castle is an open-air museum that tells the history of Anatolia. The settlement continues in Alanya Castle today. There are many historical houses and mansions around the castle.
  • Kizilkule: Kizilkule is one of the most remarkable landmarks of Alanya. The tower, which fascinates everyone with its structure and architecture, is a structure that should be added to the list of places to visit in Alanya.
  • Alanya Observation Terrace: Located at an altitude of 650 meters from the sea, the Alanya View Terrace offers the opportunity to watch the wide view that includes the beaches starting in front of the Alanya municipality building in the east and extending to Mahmutlar, the Damlataş-Cleopatra beaches in the west and many places such as Kizilkule, Alanya Castle and Shipyard on the Alanya Peninsula. There is also a very suitable environment for resting and picnicking on the observation terrace and its surroundings.
  • Alanya Archaeology Museum: The museum, which gathers the artifacts found in Alanya and its surroundings under one roof, also includes many artifacts transferred from the Anatolian Civilizations and Islamic Artifacts museum.
  • Damlatas Cave: Damlatas is the first cave in Turkey that opened to tourism. It is located by the sea. It has an extraordinary appearance. It has quite a different atmosphere. It is thought that the air is good for diseases and allergies.
  • Sapadere Canyon: Sapadere Canyon consists of a walking track that is 750 meters long and 400 meters high, built with steel supports. At the entrance of the canyon, there is also a recreation area and a country casino. About 300 meters from the entrance of the canyon, a wonderful waterfall welcomes its visitors with its roaring waters.
  • Sydre Antic City: It is one of the largest ancient cities in the region. Syndrome, which is a historical place, must be seen. At the end of the excavations carried out by the Alanya Archeology Museum, the history of the city dates back to BC. It is known to date back to the 7th century.
  • Ataturk Museum: In the museum, you can see the photos of Ataturk’s visit to Alanya, his writing to the people of Alanya, and many historical documents. On the second floor of the museum, coins and banknotes, stamps, and commemorative coins, which have been minted since the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, are exhibited.
  • Cleopatra Beach: Cleopatra Beach is a world-famous beach. Cleopatra Beach has a blue flag because of its golden sands, clear sea, and clean environment. When looking at the sea with sunglasses, the sand on the ground, the sun’s rays and the fish can be seen very clearly. The beach is very clean. Few will lay on this beach, people from Turkey and the world live in the sea. After having fun in the sea all day, the best beach method is to watch the wonderful sunset from Cleopatra.
  • Dim Cave and Dim River: It is possible to watch the Mediterranean Sea, Alanya Castle, Taurus Mountains, and Alanya Peninsula in Dim Cave, one of the most beautiful caves in Turkey. Dim Stream, with its icy waters and refreshing nature, has a lush, clean, and almost heavenly nature. Activities such as jeep safari, ATV safari, cycling, and trekking are held in and around Dim Stream.
  • Alanya Port: It is one of the must-visit places where many activities are done. You can enjoy walking around there and seeing the privately owned boats as well as the tour boats and the  Ships.
  • Alanya Cable Car: Alanya Cable Car is a new way to visit Alanya Castle and its historical monuments. It is located in Damlataş Park. The view of Damlatas and Cleopatra Beaches makes the journey enjoyable while going up to the castle from Damlatas Station. It offers a magnificent view.
  • Alanya Gardens: Alanya Gardens is located between the sea and the bazaar area. It is a place to have a great time. Alanya Gardens is a manicured and cared green space in the very center. It’s a great place where you can walk during the day or at night.
  • Taurus Mountain and Alanya Plateaus: It is an important nomadic culture to go to the plateau in spring and summer. Today, the plateau culture attracts the attention of tourists. Feslikan, Gombe, Saklikent, Gedevet, Gokbel, Finike, and Ucok Plateaus are places where nature’s beauties must be seen in Alanya.

Is Alanya Good for Expats?

Alanya is one of the most developed holiday regions in Turkey. Alanya, which is a holiday destination preferred by mostly European people, is also very suitable for ex-pats. Tolerance and freedom are the main moral characteristic of the district. All kinds of people live comfortably in the district. In addition, there are educational institutions belonging to different ethnic groups in the district. Stores in the region provide convenience to foreigners living in the district by keeping products consumed abroad. Public officers and employees of private companies in the district are also generally people who speak English and are easy to communicate with.

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