How to Change Address in Turkey?

People in Turkey must officially inform the state of the address where they live. It is called ikametgâh in Turkish. It is important to inform the address of the incident because official processes are proceeding depending on this address. In other words, official documents and transactions in Turkey will continue considering that you live at this address. That’s why if you move from one house to another, you should make a change of address. This change of address is legally obligatory and there is a penalty by law. Therefore, in order not to encounter any problems, you should make a change of residence. Making an address change is an easy and fast process. In the Republic of Turkey, people cannot register at two addresses at the same time. The address register must be located at the current address.

How can Foreigners make a Change of Address?

Foreign citizens should go to the population directorates and register their new address and obtain an address settlement document. Then he must notify the immigration authorities of this document. All addresses changed after obtaining a residence permit in Turkey must be notified to the immigration authority. This is a legal obligation. This notification must be made no later than twenty working days. Otherwise, there is a penalty. The process of changing and notifying the address register is easy and fast. In order not to face such consequences as the revocation of a residence permit, make a notification of a change of address within twenty days.

How to make Change of Address on E-Government?

A statement of address change should be made by selecting the civil registry from the E-Government. Then, a photocopy of the document received from here and a notification should be made to the immigration authority. In this way, a document can be found in the hands of foreign citizens in the subsequent address changes.

What are Required Documents for Address Change for Foreigners in Turkey?

The documents that foreign citizens must bring with them when the address change will be made are listed below.

  • Rental Contract/title deed
  • Residence permit
  • Passport
  • Address settlement document

When should you Change Address in Turkey?

The change of address must be made no later than 20 working days. After moving to a new house, you should, first of all, make this statement.

Should the Address be Changed After Buying a House?

The address change must be made after the house is purchased or rented. Because after the sales transactions are completed, the rental agreement or title deed is applied to the civil registry. It is impossible to statement about a change of address before buying or renting a house.

How Do You Write a Turkey Address Correctly?

Address writing is done as follows: – Neighborhood, avenue, street, location, apartment number / flat number, District / Province.

Abbreviations of Turkey’s Addresses

In address writing, abbreviations can be made for the neighborhood (Mah.), the street (Sok.), the number (Nu. , No.), the apartment (Apt.), and the telephone (tel.).

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