How to Get a Residence Permit in Turkey?

Many foreigners prefer Turkey due to the vitality of social and cultural life along with the developed business environment. Foreigners cannot apply for a residence permit unless they have entered the country with a valid visa. In Turkey, there are many forms of resident permits. Foreigners are only eligible to apply for the sort of residence visa for which they fulfill the legal conditions. The kind of application and the purpose of stay affect the initial application or exchange application.

You are permitted to stay in Turkey for more than three months in a half years for reasons such as relocation, work, or study. A residence permit allows you to live, study, marry, receive a tax number, open a bank account, buy property, and invest in Turkey. All you need to work in Turkey is a work permit that also serves as a residence permit.

What are the Conditions for Obtaining a Residence Permit in Turkey?

You will need to present many papers to the nearest Directorate General of Migration Management office on the day of your appointment. A Turkish resident permit requires the following documents:

  • Form for obtaining a residence permit.
  • Four biometric photos.
  • Authentic passport.
  • A notarized copy of the passport or other travel document.
  • Proof of sufficient and long-term financial resources to cover the period of the stay. For each month you spend in Turkey, you must prove that you have at least $580 in your bank account. You can, however, show that you will be paid that amount every month.
  • Evidence of Medical Coverage

Who can get a Turkish Residence Permit?

Depending on your visa type, the objective of your application, and the amount of time you plan to remain in Turkey, you can apply for one of the following resident permits:

Among all residency permits, the Turkish short-term resident permit is the most sought after. This residence permit can be utilized for a variety of reasons:

  • For scientific research
  • To establish commercial connections or business
  • To take part in a program of in-service training
  • For educational or similar purposes in the context of student exchange programs.
  • For tourism to receive medical treatment provided you do not have one of the diseases considered a public health threat
  • To attend Turkish learning courses
  • You are a Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus citizen

A family residency permit may be granted to a Turkish national’s overseas spouse, minor children, and dependent foreign child. For a residence visa to be granted, the sponsor must have sufficient funds to support the applicant.

If you are in Turkey to enroll in elementary or secondary school, you can apply for a student residency permit. You won’t need this if you already have a family home permit. If you plan to study at a higher education institution in Turkey for an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate, specialty training in healthcare (TUS), or specialty training in dentistry (DUS), you will be able to apply for this residency.

Foreigners who have lived in Turkey for at least eight years should apply for a long-term resident visa at the appropriate Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration.

If you are in Turkey without a valid visa or residence permit but have not been deported, are awaiting deportation, or are unable to return to your home country due to an emergency, you may apply for this residence permit.

You can apply for this residency visa if you are a victim of human trafficking.

How to  Get Short-Term Residence Permit for Foreigners?

If a foreigner desires to stay longer than the visa or visa exemption period permits, a short-term resident permit is necessary. A “Short-Term Residence Permit” can be applied for by foreigners coming to Turkey for the purposes stated below and residing in Turkey for a short length of time. Foreign applicants must have a passport or a passport substitute document that is valid for at least two months after the planned residence permit expires.

  • Foreigners who are visiting Turkey to do research,
  • Foreigners who own real estate in Turkey are entitled to a tax break.
  • Foreigners who plan to start a commercial firm or create a commercial relationship,
  • Those who will participate in in-service training sessions are foreigners.
  • Foreigners who will travel to Turkey for the study as a result of agreements to which Turkey is a signatory or as a result of student exchange programs,
  • Tourists who will be staying for a short period
  • Those who will travel to Turkey for medical treatment,
  • Foreigners who are required to remain in Turkey due to a judicial or administrative request or judgment
  • Foreigners who seek to change their family residence permit to a short-term residency permit, foreigners who will take Turkish language classes, and so on.
  • Foreigners who will participate in public research, internships, courses, and education in Turkey
  • Foreigners who applied within six months of finishing their post-graduate studies in Turkey.

In addition, if a foreigner seeking to develop a commercial link or do business in the United States obtains a residence visa for more than three months, an invitation letter or equivalent papers from people or firms with whom the foreigner would interact may be required. Short Term Residence Permits are available for one year in provinces situated in the tourism region and two years in provinces not located in the tourism region, depending on the nationality of the foreigner and the reason of residence.

It can be issued for one or two years in other provinces that are not in the tourism zone, provided that the foreigner owns a real estate title deed and also has a residential property qualification. Moreover, to renew a Short-Term Residence Permit, the foreigner must have applied for renewal within the final two months of the existing residence permit and the last day of the current residence permit. The foreigner’s passport expiration date must be at least 2 months longer than the proposed duration of renewal in the application.

Where to Apply for Short-Term Residence?

Foreigners who desire to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days must apply for a “Short Term Residence Permit” at the Provincial Directorate of Migration Administration to prolong their stay. Foreigners’ residency permits will be revoked if they have spent more than 120 days outside Turkey in the previous year.

Which Documents Should Be Prepared for a Short-Term Residence Application?

The documents required for applying for Short-Term Residence in Turkey are as follows:

  • Online application for a residence permit
  • Passport (original and photocopy) or passport substitution document
  • Four photos of biometric data
  • As a renter, a notarized copy of the rental contract is required.
  • In case you are staying with a Turkish citizen, the address registration paper and letter of an undertaking of the person you are staying with are required.
  • If you hold a title deed to immovable property in Turkey, you must have a copy of the title deed.
  • Private health insurance for the duration of the requested stay
  • Payment documents attesting to the payment of the residency fee.

Residence Permit Application Form

When applying for long-term residence to live in a foreign country, you must fill in a form with the necessary information about yourself, that is, information that will enable that government to understand why you want to stay in its country. In this way, they learn more about you and have the opportunity to think about whether you would be helpful or harmful to their country.

Four Biometric Photographs

Thanks to the biometric photographs requested to be used in the necessary transaction documents; your documents are stored without being confused with other people with similar names.

Original Passport

You must have an ID card with you to prove that you are not a smuggler, fraud, or identity thief. However, if you are trying to obtain a residence permit in another country, your valid ID is your passport. For this reason, you must use your current and original passport in all official transactions.

Notarized Copy of the Passport or Travel Document

A notarized copy of a passport or travel document is a very useful piece of evidence in case of document loss. If you notify the authorities that you have lost your personal documents, you will be able to obtain a new document thanks to this copy.

Proof of Sufficient and Sustainable Financial Resources for the Duration of the Stay

If you are planning to obtain a long-term visa and you will not have a work permit or the opportunity to work in a foreign country during this period, you will have to live in that country with the cash in your bank account. Of course, in this case, you can prove with bank statements that you have a sufficient amount of money during that period.

Evidence of Health Insurance

Proof of health insurance is a document that shows that an individual is covered by an insurance plan in that country. In this way, he/she will show that he/she can benefit from health services in the country where he/she has a visa.

How to Get Long-Term Residence Permit for Foreigners?

You can apply for a Turkish long-term residence permit with unlimited validity if you have lived in Turkey for at least eight years continuously on a residence permit issued by the Turkish authorities. Note that you are not eligible to apply if you have lived in Turkey for the required duration as a refugee, conditional refugee, secondary protection status holder, humanitarian residence visa holder, or temporary protection holder. Long-term residency in Turkey can be gained in a variety of ways, the most common of which is to start a business or purchase real estate in Turkey. The Turkish legislation does not specify a minimum investment amount; nonetheless, it is sufficient to show that you own a property and have sufficient financial resources.

Before applying for permanent residency in Turkey, it is necessary to examine the following regulations:

  • The permanent residency permit is provided on Turkish territory with the Ministry of Interior’s agreement to a foreign resident who has lived in Turkey for eight years without interruption.
  • According to Article 38 of the law, eight years are tallied without interruption, with half of the student residence permit’s term being calculated and the remaining residence permits’ durations being considered in full.
  • In the previous three years, they have not received any type of social assistance.
  • The resident must be able to make enough money to support themselves and their family regularly.
  • For the residency, valid health insurance coverage is necessary.
  • The safety and security of the public should not be affected.

Foreigners with a long-term residency permit have most of the same rights as Turkish citizens, except a few essential privileges, such as: (candidacy, election, public office, importation of cars).

Where to Apply for Long-Term Residence?

Foreigners who wish to remain in the country for an extended period can apply for a “Long Term Residence Permit” at the Provincial Directorate of Migration Administration.

Which Documents Should Be Prepared for a Long-Term Residence Application?

The documents required for applying for Long-Term Residence in Turkey are as follows:

  • Form for obtaining a residency permit.
  • The original passport or travel document, as well as a copy of it.
  • submitting the prior papers for a residency permit
  • Two passport-sized photos.
  • A document demonstrating that the applicant received no social support from institutions or non-governmental groups in the preceding three years.
  • Statement demonstrating adequate and long-term financial resources during the duration of residency in Turkey.
  • Health-care coverage.
  • The application for permanent residency has been submitted.
  • The address of the residence.

The Turkish Ministry of the Interior’s Directorate General of the Immigration Department receives all of the above papers in one file.

How Long does it Take to Get a Residence Permit in Turkey?

There are 81 provinces with government migration offices where foreigners can apply for an ID card, but the waiting period for an appointment and the processing time varies. The waiting period is 3-4 months in Istanbul, 2-3 months in Ankara, and 1 month or less in Antalya and smaller cities and beaches. This year, almost 1 million foreigners are renewing their residence permit ID cards in Istanbul, in addition to thousands of new applications.

How Much is a Turkish Residence Permit?

Those who are British nationals have had to pay 110 Turkish Lira (about $80) for their residence permit card or book from January. The residency charge is 605,46 TL ($62), while the visa price is 695,00 TL ($72). The cost of obtaining a residence permit may differ based on the applicant’s country of nationality. On the official website, you can figure out how much it will cost you to get a permit.

There are three options for accomplishing this. The first method is to pay in person at the tax office (Vergi Dairesi), at the time of purchase: in cash or by credit card with no commission. Payment can also be made online (also without fee) at a Turkish bank with whom the applicant already has an account if that is the preferred method. Going to any branch of Ziraat Bank and paying through a bank operator with no commission is the third option available.

After you have obtained a residence permit in Turkey, you should bear in mind that if you change your name or your physical location, you must notify the migration office within fifteen days, otherwise, you will be fined and may face difficulties in obtaining a further renewal of the permission.

Can You Work in Turkey with a Residence Permit?

A residence permit allows you to live in Turkey, study, marry, change your driver’s license to Turkish, obtain a tax number, establish a bank account, buy property, invest, and more. However, if you’re moving to Turkey to work, all you’ll need is a work permit, which is also regarded as a residency visa. You will need to supply the following papers from your place of residence/citizenship to receive a work permit:

  • Passport
  • Application for a work visa
  • One photograph
  • One copy of the contract of employment

The employer, on the other hand, must apply the potential employee to Turkey’s Ministry of Labor. If all of the relevant paperwork is provided, the work permit process takes around a month. If the work visa applicant also requires a residency permit in Turkey, he must apply to the Foreign Branch of the Local Police within 30 days of his arrival.

Foreign residents who have been in Turkey for at least six months and have a valid residence permit can apply for a work permit directly at the Ministry of Labor. Foreigners possessing a valid residence permit in Turkey for at least 6 months, excluding educational permits, can apply directly to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security for a work permit. Foreigners who intend to continue in Turkey based on their work permits can apply for a visa renewal at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The application must be submitted online and must include the following documents as attachments:

  • The applicant’s current work permit.
  • Employer information.
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport.
  • Evidence of residency visa.

If the foreign employee is a professional or a member of a professional organization, additional documentation may be asked. Additionally, starting from 2015, international employees having passports with a minimum validity length of 6 months will be able to extend their Turkish work visas.

Do you get a Residency if you Buy Property in Turkey?

Since 2005, 400 thousand foreign citizens have purchased around $100 billion worth of land and property investment in Turkey, indicating that Turkey, an eastern EU candidate country and OECD member, is a major player in the international property league, with market prices and outlook figures set to double over the next few years by 2025, as interest abounds. Moreover, foreign buyers begin the process by having their passports translated into Turkish at a Public Notary, then obtaining a free National Tax ID Number from the government’s State Tax Department and signing off at the government’s Tapu and Land Cadastro offices on the same day.

After entering Turkey on a tourist visa, obtaining a short-term Real Estate Residence Permit ID Card is required to purchase property of any value in Turkey. Obtaining a short-term Real Estate Residence Permit ID Card for real estate ownership purposes in Turkey will guarantee residence permit renewal for the next period and does not require a continued stay in Turkey. A tourist visa may be converted to a Real Estate Residence Permit for a period of one to five years, with a requirement to not sell the property for 5 years.

Transferring the application for a Real Estate Residence Permit ID Card to Turkey Citizenship and passport applications are filed with the Ministry of Interior’s Directorate General of Migration Management (Goc Idaresi) at 250 district offices around Turkey, and they are processed after a 5-year wait. Note that dual citizens who do not require Turkish citizenship may move from a short-term residency visa to an indefinite long-term residence permit with a lifetime work permit after 8 years of continuous presence in Turkey. The ‘Permanent Residency Permit in Turkey’ is another name for this Turkish permit.

How to Buy Real Estate in Turkey?

You don’t have to be a billionaire to enjoy a Mediterranean lifestyle. Turkey has a wide range of inexpensive homes and flats. Foreign buyers can still find reasonably priced property in Turkey. The fact that Turkey is pushing on with the marketing and expansion of its tourist industry is increasing the appeal of Turkish property, even more, making some areas of the country particularly popular with property investors and speculators.

Decide which areas, developers, and properties are worth your money. Turkey has everything including a magnificent landscape, excellent climate, infrastructure investment, emerging economy, and a strong desire to improve. The fact that you may take your time to investigate and negotiate is a plus.

To resist developer and agency pressure, approach your acquisition with a business-like attitude. This will be a personal decision. Buying a holiday house overseas, an investment property to rent out to tourists, or a home to reside in Turkey may influence your choice. Consider airports, major highways, amenities, facilities, tourist attractions, and other necessities. Your chosen place must check all the criteria that matter to you. An international airport, swimming pools, restaurants, and tourist attractions should be taken into consideration if the property is to be rented to visitors.

Apartments are popular alternatives for individuals searching for a lock-up and leave holiday home or an investment property that they can simply rent out. Village properties and more conventional homes are suitable long-term projects for those who wish to repair, add value, and resell. After deciding on a location and property type, it’s time to search.

A finished property makes sense for investors who want to ensure their money is going into real estate. Alternatively, you may be convinced by the idea of having some input into the final product and choose to buy off-plan. Whatever property type you choose, you must have excellent legal support before moving forward.

If you buy a property in Turkey, your agent, contractor, or vendor may recommend a lawyer who will represent your interests. You need to research their qualifications, seek references, understand why you should trust them to help you, and ultimately, once you have picked your lawyer, know what they will do for you. They must verify your buying rights and get the property’s title paperwork. So, if there is only one vendor, the property cannot be developed on contested ground, near military land, or owned in many names.

If there are mortgages on the property, you must have a contract that states that the money you pay the vendor will be used to pay off the debt, so you do not inherit it. Locals can buy a house in Turkey faster and with less paperwork. They may get the title deeds quickly. As a foreigner, you must first acquire clearance from the Military. Foreigners are not allowed to buy property near military bases. Applications are processed locally; however, it might take up to 4 weeks. If you’re purchasing off-plan, your lawyer should check the contractor’s past and advise you on their reputation.

It’s important to first investigate the market and what’s accessible. Get to know the region and get advice from other ex-pats. It’s critical to hire a respectable real estate agent and have legal assistance.

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