How to Subscribe to Gas Service (Abonelik) in Turkey?

Like Turkish citizens, foreigners living in Turkey must apply to the relevant branches and create a subscription to use their electricity, water, gas, and internet services for their properties or rent in the Republic of Turkey. According to the constitution being implemented in Turkey, subscriptions must open for the services used in residences and workplaces, namely those that will use electricity, water, and natural gas. In this way, it can be legally determined by whom the service operates on the property are made.

Besides that, the gas service used recently in Turkey is natural gas because it is more environmentally friendly and does not harm global warming. Therefore, to start using the gas service, you need to contact your province’s local natural gas company and open a new account in your name. If the property you will rent or buy is newly built, engineers should come and inspect the house’s pipes. Then you will need the Gas Compliance Certificate, also known as the Natural Gas Conformity Certificate, to connect to the gas network. However, suppose your property is located in an apartment or residential complex. In that case, there may be an additional monthly fee for maintenance, which may also include a fixed gas fee, in addition to these operations. This fee is called dues.

If you have rented or bought a property in the summer areas, there may not be a natural gas line in that area, in which case you will have to purchase natural gas (LPG) with bottled gas (bottled gas). You can buy them from local providers who will deliver them to you free of charge and securely connect them to use. You can pay the monthly gas service fee with your credit card from authorized branches or PTT if you wish. Keep in mind that the relevant person’s gas usage fee is reflected monthly in all the above options.

What Required Documents to Get the Gas Service in Turkey?

Foreigners must apply to e-gas distribution companies serving the region where they reside or will reside in Turkey. To benefit from the gas Turkiye service, Foreigners must provide the following documents in full to open a new gas subscription:

  • Foreign Identity Card (must contain foreign identification number)
  • If the energy has not been cut off at the place of use, a document showing the property (deed, lease agreement, etc.)
  • Subscriber or installation number of the area of use, if any (an old invoice)
  • Tax number

If you are a tenant, you must also show these to the officer are listed below:

  • Property’s Owner name and surname
  • If the property owner is a legal entity (company), tax number, name, surname, and title information
  • Compulsory earthquake insurance
  • IBAN of your bank account
  • The rental contract photocopies

Where to Apply for Gas Service Subscription?

Private local companies in Turkey provide natural gas services. Please make sure you have the necessary infrastructure already in place on your property before applying to the authorized local gas companies. After collecting the required documents mentioned above, you must use them for a gas subscription contract and pay an initial setup fee.

You can also make the first application online to these gas companies, which have a different names in each city. For this, you should learn about the authorized natural gas company in your town. For example, the official natural gas distributor in Istanbul is IGDAS. It has been serving a total line system of 24,646 km until now. IGDAS’s customer acceptance hours are every weekday from 08:15 – 12:30 till 13:30 – 16:45. And also, on Saturdays, you can make your subscription transactions via ALO 153 during working hours.

What is the Gas Service Subscription Fee?

After your subscription application to the natural gas service is approved, you have to pay a fee for the subscription process, service start, and installation fee. The cost of a subscription is around 81,47 $. You need to pay this fee to start to use gas services. You can pay either by credit card or cash.

We recommend that you contact the company that offers local natural gas service in the province where your property is located for clear information.

When does Gas Service Subscription Start?

To start your natural gas subscription, you must complete a series of procedures. Both domestic and foreign customers who apply to become natural gas subscribers should go to the local gas distribution office in person and fill out a subscription form.

After delivering many necessary documents mentioned above, these people will have a new subscription. The gas company then checks for any outstanding invoices from the previous tenant or landlord and sets up a meter reading as soon as is convenient for you. After delivering the many necessary documents mentioned above, these people will have a new subscription. The gas company then checks for any outstanding invoices from the previous tenant or landlord and sets up a meter reading as soon as is convenient for you. If the property is new, it must first have a Gas Compliance Certificate since it will be connected to the mains gas for the first time. In these cases, the transactions may take a little longer than expected. Because for this document to be issued, a qualified engineer must inspect the property and its installation. If you wish, the Gas distribution offices of your city can provide more information and contact information of authorized engineers.

Then, interact with the branch to provide the customer number and the latest meter reading with your specified move date. And after all this process, you will have a natural gas connection within 7 to 14 days.

How to make Gas Subscription Online?

For an online natural gas subscription application for a property located in Turkey, you must enter the “e-Services Offered by Natural Gas Distribution Companies” page in e-Government. The e-government system is a unique website that allows Turkish citizens and residents of Turkey to make appointments with government offices online quickly and settle property matters. Select one of the System login options of this site and enter e-Government. Then select the province where you want to receive Natural Gas subscription service.

Fill in your information by clicking on the individual subscription application on this page, so you will have prepared your subscription application online. Do not forget that the online application is preliminary, so after this online application, you will still need to submit the necessary documents to the branch.

How to Pay the Natural Gas Bill in Turkey?

Depending on your natural gas usage, you can pay your monthly usage bills at authorized offices, banks, or by automatic payment from your bank account. Automatic payments are the most convenient payment option for these types of invoices, and issuing such payments is as easy as visiting your bank with a copy of the invoice from each company.

You will be faced with the amount of your bill after selecting the natural gas service from the bill payments section of your card and entering your subscription information. You can also pay your bill manually on the system if you wish.

We should also remind you that never to pay bills to anyone who comes to your door claiming to be a lawyer or agent. Service bills are never paid this way and the visitor is a scammer no matter what they say.

What to do After Buying a House in Turkey?

After buying a house in Turkey, you are legally required to pass on all subscriptions because you will prove that the property is at your disposal, and you will also ensure that you will not owe money back to the previous landlord. then you can consider protection methods such as insurance against loss of value as well as the needs of the house. What to do After Buying a House in Turkey is listed below.

  • Pay Title Deed Fee: The title deed is proof that the house belongs to you before the state.
  • Submit Property Tax Notification: This declaration, which must be reported to the municipality until the last day of the year the house is bought, means that you will now pay the house tax.
  • Change Your Legal Home Address: Your domicile is the government document proving where you live in writing, and all information about you is sent to your domicile, so you must change your domicile.
  • Change Door Locks: For protection purposes, replace the keys as soon as you buy the house.
  • Open the gas subscription of the house: In this way, you can start the heating of the house, the use of hot water, and the use of the stove.
  • Introduce Yourself to your new Neighbors: Introduce yourself to your neighbors for a close and friendly start.

Is There Gas in Turkey?

Yes, gas was found in Turkey. Fatih drilling ship, which carried out the first national deep-sea drilling in the Black Sea, discovered 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves in the Danube-1 well of the Sakarya Gas Field. It was stated that there was an increase of 85 billion cubic meters in the amount of reserve in the discovery and the total amount of reserves reached 405 billion cubic meters following the completion of the good drilling.

As of the end of last year, natural gas was supplied to 594 of 922 districts in Turkey. While the population to which natural gas is delivered throughout Turkey increased to 68.5 million, the number of natural gas subscribers increased by 6 percent compared to the previous year and reached 18.5 million.

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