How to Subscribe to Utility Services in Turkey?

After buying or renting a house in Turkey, you have to open a subscription on your behalf. If there is already a subscription belonging to the house, you should take this subscription on your own. If the house has just been built and there are no subscriptions registered at the address, you should register. There are legal procedures for registering for utility services in Turkey. The necessary documents are prepared and applied to the relevant institutions. After the registration process is completed, the services become available to the authorities within a few working days. When going to the municipality for a water subscription, services such as electricity and Internet belong to private companies. Therefore, no application is made to a single institution for all subscriptions. The most popular heating method in Turkey is natural gas. The natural gas system infrastructure is strong. Therefore, it is advantageous to find a house with natural gas when buying or renting a house. For the house you are moving to be convenient to live in, you should make these subscriptions are listed below as soon as possible:

1. Water Subscription

After buying or renting a house, the application for a water subscription ranks among the things that need to be done after buying a house. Water is one of the essential needs of a house. Water subscription service is usually provided by water distribution companies established by municipalities. To apply for a water subscription, it is necessary to go to the city municipality where the house is connected and submit an application. You can apply for a subscription by obtaining the necessary documents. Currently, this application can also be made via the Internet. Applications can be made online via the internet sites of companies or via the e-government website.

What are the Documents Required for Water Subscription in Turkey?

The necessary documents for applying for a water subscription are listed below.

  • Identity card
  • Rental contract/title deed
  • The number of the water counter belonging to the house
  • Indıcator of counter
  • DASK document

How Much is the Water Bill in Turkey?

To use water in Turkey, you must have a subscription, while this subscription is for a fee, the fee you have to pay is very small. An invoice is created in your name based on your monthly usage. This consumption fee is measured with a cubic meter of water of 4 TL. On average, you pay between 100 TL and 200 TL per month.

2. Natural Gas Subscription

The most common heating option for houses in Turkey is heating with natural gas. Most homes, especially in large cities, use natural gas for heating. The natural gas infrastructure in the country is strong. When buying a house, it is advantageous to prefer houses with a natural gas infrastructure. An application can be made by going to the authorized company for applying for natural gas. Or this application can also be submitted via the Internet. With the necessary documents for the application, you should go to the institution serving the region. It may also be possible to move your existing subscription to your new address. This application can also be submitted physically or online.

What are the Documents Required for Natural Gas Subscription in Turkey?

The necessary documents for applying for a natural gas subscription are listed below.

  • Identity card
  • Rental contract/title deed
  • Natural gas installation number
  • DASK document
  • Construction permit
  • Numbering document

How Much is the Gas Bill in Turkey?

Bills for your gas usage are measured each month by your meter or you’ll see it in your mailbox. The minimum wage on a 5 kW basis for residences is 165 TL, but for an average of 6 kW, it corresponds to an average of 198 TL. After your usage in your meter is processed into the system by the authorized person, a usage amount is determined on your behalf. Although this payment is between 200 TL and 300 TL in the summer months, you may face a payment of 300TL to 1500 TL since natural gas is used for heating in the winter.

3. Electricity Subscription

Electrical service is a need of every home. Electricity is necessary for much of our daily work. Therefore, you should quickly subscribe for electricity to settle in that house after renting or buying a house. Electricity service is provided by individual companies. Therefore, when applying, you should go to the branch of the company serving the region with the necessary documents. Applications can also be made through the website of the company serving the region.

What are the Documents Required for Electricity Subscription in Turkey?

The necessary documents for applying for an electricity subscription are listed below.

  • Identity card information of the landlord
  • Rental contract/title deed
  • Counter number
  • DASK document

How Much is the Electricity Bill in Turkey?

Since electricity is used as fuel, it is a resource you can provide when you apply on your behalf in Turkey. Apart from the application deposit, there is a billing system based on monthly usage. With the gradual transition to the efficiency-oriented tariff as of January 1, 2022, the final price of 1 kWh for residential subscribers is 1.37 TL for monthly consumptions up to 210 kWh. 2.06 TL per kilowatt hour for residential subscribers whose monthly consumption is more than 210 kilowatt-hours. According to these data, you can pay an average of 200 TL per month.

How to Cancel Public Services Subscription in Turkey?

When you move out of a house, you must close your subscriptions to that house. Otherwise, you will be held responsible for the negative consequences that will emerge. There are two ways to cancel a subscription. One of them is to physically go to the company’s branch and apply for subscription cancellation. The other is to cancel the subscription via the companies’ website or e-government. If you are going to move to a house served by the same company, you can move your subscription to your new address instead of canceling the subscription. For this process, an application for a change of address must be submitted. In this process, an identity card, a counter number, and a bank account number are required.

What to do After Buying a House in Turkey?

The things that need to be done after buying a house in Turkey are listed below.

  • Pay title deed fee
  • Submit Property Tax Notification to the Municipality
  • Change Home Address (İkametgâh)
  • Subscription to Electricity, Water, Natural Gas
  • Change Door Locks
  • Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors

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