Is Turkey Safe?

Travelers can feel secure visiting Turkey. Turkey continues to rank among the top tourist destinations in the world. Every year, 40–45 million people visit the country, most of whom have a good time and have no concerns.

Given that tourism accounts for a sizable portion of the Turkish economy, maintaining a secure environment for international visitors is of the utmost importance to both the country and the vast majority of the population. The most well-known tourist locations in the country, such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Antalya, are usually secure. However, passengers must continue to exercise caution.

For example, it is recommended that visitors to many famous tourist destinations, including Turkey, keep a close watch on their possessions to prevent pickpocketing and street robberies. Anywhere else in the globe, including Turkey, following this one bit of advice will help keep visitors secure.

Are Turkey’s Cities Safe?

Turkey’s cities are relatively safe. Here are the safest 6 of Turkey’s cities according to the Numbeo Crime/Safety Index.

Rank City Crime Index Safety Index
1 Eskisehir 18.86 81.14
2 Antalya 27.03 72.97
3 Bursa 28.20 71.80
4 Izmir 30.94 69.06
5 Ankara 39.34 60.66
6 Istanbul 47.54 52.46


Is Istanbul Safe?

With an estimated population ranging from 12 to 19 million, Istanbul is both the most populated and the most well-known city in Turkey. The cultural, architectural, social, and financial hub of Turkey, it is one of the biggest cities in the entire world and all of Europe.

Istanbul’s location between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea on both sides of the Bosphorus is an unusual and distinctive feature of its geography. If you visit Istanbul, you will remember the city’s skylines, which are dotted with domes and minarets of many shapes, sizes, and heights, as well as the bustling streets’ hawkers, Turkish marketplaces, restaurants, and distinctive eastern culture. The distinctive Middle Eastern food, with baklavas as their top dessert specialty, is what visitors frequently highlight as their favorite aspect of the Istanbul experience.

Istanbul is the 6th safest city in Turkey and there are many beautiful and historic places to visit such as Dolmabahse Palace, AYASOFIA GREAT MOSQUE, and Suleymaniye Mosque.

Is Antalya Safe?

It’s not simply the sea, sun, and sand that make Antalya, one of Turkey’s most vibrant and popular tourist destinations, the epicenter of summer vacations.

There are ancient cities, museums, and historical places in the city, which has hosted numerous civilizations throughout history, where individuals who enjoy cultural and historical excursions can spend a whole vacation. Antalya showcases several natural wonders with its moderate climate, expansive beaches, and clear waters. Whatever your reason for visiting, Antalya has more to offer you. Antalya is the second safest city in Turkey

Is Izmir Safe?

Izmir is one of Turkey’s most modern, pleasant, peaceful cities. Izmir is beautiful enough to go even just to live and have fun. But you need to set aside time to live and visit İzmir, where historical and natural beauties come from everywhere. Izmir is also very rich in terms of touristic places such as Izmir Clock Tower, Church of Saint Polycarp, and Ephesus Ancient City Trajan Fountain.

Izmir is the fourth safest city in Turkey and it is also very safe for families and children the tours are reliable.

Is Mugla Safe?

Mugla is renowned for its beaches and other tourist attractions. In Mugla, examples include coves, campgrounds, and historic ancient cities.

Mugla, one of Turkey’s most picturesque cities, provides both tourists and locals with a variety of recreational options. The city, which welcomes about 8 million visitors a year, is tremendously bustling both day and night thanks to its distinctive beauty, wildlife, and amazing views. Mugla is also very safe, especially during the days.

Is Cappadocia Safe?

Cappadocia is a wonderful place and is famous for its rock formations. Cappadocia is perfectly safe to visit like most of Turkey’s cities.

Is Bursa Safe?

Bursa, where especially ski tourism is at the forefront, is Turkey’s fourth-largest city. It is a city that has become a brand in terms of tourism with its world-famous silk, towels, textile products, chestnut candy, peach, kebab, and Uludag Mountain. Bursa is one of the safest cities in Tturkey and is especially famous for skiing resorts.

Is it Safe to Live in Turkey?

Turkey can provide its citizens with a pleasant climate, and an active and healthy lifestyle and the majority of ex-pats discover that their money is well spent when they relocate there. Turkey is generally safe, especially in major cities.

Is Transportation Safe in Turkey?

Transportation in Turkey is both safe and reliable. You can find many ways of transportation such as busses, minibusses, and taxis.

Is It Safe To Take A Vacation In Turkey?

Our country offers many places to visit in each of its 81 cities. Each region and city has its beauties, traditions, cultures, and cuisines. Wherever you go, you can find a place where you can admire its natural beauties or take a historical trip. Turkey is safe as any other country to take a vacation.

Is It Safe To Be A Tourist In Turkey?

Turkey welcomes its tourist with open arms. You can find many places to stay and spend your time safely.

Is Turkey Safe for Female Travelers?

Turkey is safe for female travelers. Just like in any other country you should still be careful and take necessary precautions.

Is Turkey Friendly to Foreigners?

Yes. Turkey is generally a comfortable country for foreigners to live in. Turkish culture, which has a traditionally hospitable culture, warmly welcomes many expatriates to their country. However, as in any country, it is very important to respect local customs and traditions in Turkey.

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