What’s Rental Guarantee Property?

It is the general name of the system that eliminates all risks that may arise in terms of rent collection for the real estate owner by ensuring that the relationship between the tenant and the landlord of the real estate purchased for investment purposes is healthy. This system ensures that the real estate reaches the point that brings the most profit to the owner.

In line with the advantages provided by the system, the meeting of the landlord and the right tenant profile, regular follow-up, and the right management system, the material and moral problems that may be encountered are eliminated.

What Does a Rental Guaranteed Property Do?

Rental Guaranteed Property is a system that starts working in line with the agreements and commitments made with the property owner. As a working principle, this system ensures that the owner of the property is paid regular rent on the promised date.

In the operation of the system, dues and invoices are collected from the tenant in addition to the rent. Tax and insurance payments, which are made in various periods, are also made regularly in the same way.

In this system, which provides the follow-up of any legal issue that may occur and the management of the relevant process, the owner is not affected by the tiring and wearing part of the process.

The system also undertakes the task of producing constructive solutions by intervening in any problem that may arise between the tenant, the management, and other residents.

The rent-guaranteed property follows the process in cases such as a possible tenant eviction and replacement of a new tenant. In this way, waste of time is prevented.

The property owner is informed in detail about all the above-mentioned transactions.

What are the Benefits of Rental Guaranteed Property?

Rent-guaranteed property primarily means that you will find an expert, corporate and professional company as your interlocutor in this complex and tiring process. Accordingly, choosing such a system brings with it many advantages. These advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • You will minimize the loss of time and income in a possible problematic tenant, irregular rent payments, and eviction processes.
  • You will get rid of the problems to be experienced in finding the most suitable and right tenant candidate for you.
  • You will get rid of the problem of dealing with unpaid rent, dues, and similar expenses that may occur during the evacuation of the tenant.
  • You will receive your property in the same way as when you first registered your property in the system you are included in with a rental guarantee.
  • You will not have to deal with legal processes and possible evacuation problems that may be encountered during these processes.
  • You will generate income continuously and without any problems for the property in question.

As a result of all these benefits, thanks to the right tenant candidate, the right payment tracking, and the right management, you will get rid of all the problems that may occur, both material and moral.

How Much Profit Can Be Made With Rental Guaranteed Property?

Rent-guaranteed housing is a profitable real estate investment in every aspect. This system allows the real estate to be rented at more than the value it deserves, allowing the said payments to be made without any disruption. Especially if you are thinking of buying a house through housing loans provided by banks, thanks to this system, you can ensure that a part of the loan you will withdraw is made with rental income, which will be paid regularly.

The elimination of the process of showing the house and the subsequent payment follow-up, which occurs during the search for a tenant, through the system saves time for real estate investors. Risks such as possible vacancy of the house do not occupy your mind.

The rent payments to be made are provided based on the value of your house after the evaluations are made. For example; The income to be provided by the landlord for a house with a monthly rental income of 20,000 TL (1,199.99 USD) is made based on this evaluation.

How to Buy a Rental Guaranteed Property?

In the process of buying a house from rental-guaranteed housing projects, a reliable company should be worked with. The completed projects of the company you are considering buying a rental-guaranteed house must be examined. Detailed research on the housing you will buy from these companies, which have projects in regions suitable for investment, will give you an advantage. Acting with local, reliable, and expert construction companies will protect you from possible risks.

Can Foreigners Buy Rental Guaranteed Property in Turkey?

The state of the Republic of Turkey does not prevent foreign nationals from owning a property with a rental guarantee, provided that they comply with the restrictions on buying a house in Turkey.

Where to Buy Rental Guaranteed Property?

In Turkey, studio flats, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and many more real estate options are guaranteed for rent. For rent-guaranteed brand projects in Turkey; you can browse the websites of local, expert, experienced and reliable construction companies and get support. At this point, Realty Group is ready to provide you with the service you need in this process with its experienced and expert service staff, wide real estate range, and superior service understanding.

How to Rent a Rental Guaranteed Property?

An agreement is made between the company you prefer and the property owner to manage the process over the rental guarantee management model, and authorization is obtained. The real estate in question is evaluated in detail and recorded in the system (with all written and visual materials).

It is presented to the ideal tenant candidates for the property by the real estate marketing network of the company that manages the real estate process. The tenant candidate whose risk assessment is made is selected and the lease is carried out upon the approval of the property owner.

Is it Possible to Invest in a Rental Guaranteed Property?

Buying a house for investment is an investment model preferred by many people today. It is a fact accepted by many circles that real estate investment is one of the best ways to make money and increase income. Purchasing an investment property and earning passive rental income through this property is a method of earning preferred by many people today. Although owning a rental property may seem like a relatively safe investment, not every real estate investor can have guaranteed success in this market. At this very point, the rent-guaranteed property system offers the real estate owner the opportunity to earn the profit he or she seeks without any hassle.

How to Manage Rental Guaranteed Property?

Real estate is a safe investment tool in today’s conditions. Besides, under no circumstances can they guarantee an investment that will yield 100% profit to real estate investors. With all these aspects, there are common risks that should always be taken into account before purchasing or leasing a real estate.

Real estate investors, who are experts and experienced in their field, perform a very detailed real estate market analysis as well as rental real estate analysis to minimize this risk share. This analysis also includes reviews such as property inspection, market economics, and calculation of probable costs and losses. Identifying and avoiding these risks is not a short process and takes a long time to come. Exactly for this reason, if you are thinking of renting out the real estate you own, working with a company that offers rental-guaranteed property service will offer you many advantages in this way.

Is There Rental Guaranteed Property in Turkey?

Yes, there is a rental-guaranteed property in Turkey. Firstly, the rental-guaranteed property ensures that the relationship between the tenant and the owner of the property purchased for investment purposes is to keep seamless. It is also the name of the system that eliminates all risks that may arise for the real estate owner in terms of rent collection. Also, guaranteed rental property investment is seen as an important capital investment in Turkey as well as in the whole world. For example, due to the fact that Turkey is the favorite of foreign tourists, people choose real estate investment the most as an investment tool, regardless of whether they are foreigners or citizens.

Furthermore, when you purchase property and rent it for an investment tool, it comes back to you as an earning door. Of course, it is very important to properly manage this profit. So, this is an exhausting and risky process. As a result of this, finding a specialized, corporate and professional company will protect you financially and morally from these risky jobs. Legally, it is forbidden for the tenant to rent the property to someone else without permission from the owner. According to the Turkish Code of Obligations, “The tenant cannot rent the leased property to anyone else in residential and roofed workplace leases, nor can s/he transfer the right to use it unless the lessor has his written consent.” If this law is broken, there are some legal penalties for anyone who is against behaviors to law.

Property owners who have a rental-guaranteed property are advantageous. Because the rent fee, dues, and invoices are collected from the tenant. Furthermore, the problems that may occur are followed up without getting tired of the process required by the property owner system. In addition, this system tries to dispose of the problems that may arise between the tenant and other landlords and management. If you own a property with a rent guarantee, you will get rid of irregular rent payouts. Because this system offers you an annual rental guarantee.

If you want to own a rental-guaranteed property, you must first find a reliable company. Moreover, at this point, Istanbul Property is ready to offer you the service you need in this process with its experienced and expert service staff, a wide range of real estate, and superior service understanding. After that, you need to examine the projects produced by this company. So, an agreement is made between the company you prefer and the property owner you like and it is registered in the system. You also need to research the property you have decided to buy. So, if you have a rental-guaranteed property, you are also guaranteed annual payments.

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