What Are the Advantages of Living in a Residential Complex

Deciding whether to live in a house where you can live independently or in a house designed as a complex with various facilities is a process that leaves one in a dilemma. When making such a decision, it is very important to prioritize various factors depending on your needs and to make the decision accordingly.

If a general evaluation is made, both lifestyles have their advantages as well as disadvantages, but it is possible to say that owning a house on a secure site provides more benefits than the other option. Within the scope of the opportunities provided by the site life; it is an important privilege to provide a safety-oriented life and to have many advantageous facilities such as sports fields and children’s playgrounds. It is one of the most preferred housing types in recent years, with its features such as providing convenience within the scope of cleaning and maintenance of the house, making you feel like a part of a community in your living space.

1. Safer

Preferring to live in a residential area or in a house that is independent of common use, primarily stands out as they have different qualities in terms of the safety factor. Site life is protected by trained security personnel who can deal with this danger in case of any bad situation. In addition, it has all surveillance systems and equipment designed to ensure the safety of all residents, including extinguishing equipment, in case of fire. These privileges allow better security and safety in every region within the boundaries of the site. The residences on the site are seen as the primary option preferred by families with small children.

2. Amenities Offered More

Another advantage that the site provides to its users is the wide variety of available possibilities it has. Outdoor or indoor swimming pools, sports centers, playgrounds where children can have fun in safety, community/meeting centers, landscaped gardens, and many more opportunities are among the advantages offered by the site life to its users. People have the privilege of choosing their entertainment activities within this diversity. In this environment, opportunities are provided for children to develop in every way. The site life contains many opportunities, and these opportunities; offer you a quality life experience without leaving your home, without having to travel to different parts of the city. This not only saves you time by accessing these opportunities without wasting your precious time but also allows you to meet like-minded people.

3. Social Environment is Better

Another advantageous feature of the estate life is that it is a place where people can establish good social relations with each other. Having a properly functioning social order that is suitable for developing healthy and mutually interacting relationships is a feature that distinguishes the sites from other options. You can contribute as a planner or participant in the interaction created within these communities. You can have the chance to spend quality and fun time collectively with events and festivals that you can contribute to in various ways. The lifestyle promised to you on the sites is aimed at meeting the needs of people of all age groups living in this community. While children have a pleasant time in the safe playgrounds, young adults in the areas reserved for entertainment, adults in the sports or meeting rooms, and the elderly residents of the carefully landscaped garden get the chance to enjoy the complex life by communicating with each other.

4. Financial Benefits

The biggest advantage of living in a site environment can be expressed as the financial advantages it brings. These flats have the feature of providing investment-level income to their buyers by buying and renting flats. Compared to a detached house, the maintenance costs can be expressed as quite reasonable. With this size, sites are considered more economically than independent flats and houses. Since the apartments are smaller in size, the management of their resources is much easier and more feasible.

5. Multifarious Facilities

Within the site life, many facilities you can reach serve you within walking distance from your home. This variety of facilities may vary according to the size of the sites. When a general evaluation is made, almost all of them have 24/7 security service, a gym, a parking lot, and playgrounds for children. In more advanced and branded projects, there are cafes and restaurants, movie theaters, shopping centers, natural life, and walking areas. Due to these features, especially families with children prefer site life for their children to grow up freely in a safe area.

6. Close  to Transportation

While the sites are mainly built away from the most crowded and central points of the city, some projects attract attention with their proximity to the city center. Sites shaped by afforestation in nature are suitable for those who want to stay away from the city crowd and noise, as well as site projects with a perfect location in the city, are offered to their buyers. The diversity in the means of transportation and routes it has in these two options receives full marks from its users.

How to Buy Apartments in Turkey?

It has been made possible by law for foreign nationals to purchase real estate from Turkey. To be the owner of real estate in Turkey, there is no requirement to have a residence permit in Turkey. In other words, even if you do not have a residence permit, you can own immovable property.

Foreign nationals can purchase real estate within the borders of Turkey to use as a workplace or residence, provided that they comply with the legal limits. However, even in different cities, the total area of ​​immovables that a foreign national can purchase within the borders of Turkey cannot exceed 30 hectares.

Foreign nationals must obtain permission from the authorized military authorities in the region before purchasing real estate in Turkey. In case the real estate is located within the borders of the security zone, no sale transaction will be made to foreign nationals. Since the sale of the real estate will not take place, it is important to clarify this point before the payment is made.

Especially due to the recent developments in the Middle East geography, the Republic of Turkey hosts a large number of foreign citizens. With the enactment of granting Turkish citizenship to foreigners who purchase real estate worth at least 400,000 USD in Turkey, the demand for foreign nationals to own a house in Turkey has increased.

In Turkey, within the scope of official standards, the agreements that will ensure the transfer of the real estate must be made at the Land Registry Offices where the real estate is registered. It is also possible to sign a notarized “sales promise contract” before the official sale transaction. The official status of the sales contract is possible with the registration to be made at the Land Registry Offices.

What are the Documents Required to Buy Apartments in Turkey?

Foreign nationals who want to buy real estate in Turkey are required to declare the following documents for their purchase:

  • Identity documents or passport of the foreign national who will make the purchase,
  • Residence permit to be obtained from the relevant police directorates by foreign nationals who are subject to a residence permit for owning immovable property,
  • If they take action by proxy through a power of attorney obtained from abroad, they must have the original of the power of attorney or a copy approved by the competent authorities, as well as the translations of these documents.
  • Before the contract of sale is concluded, it is necessary to investigate through the Land Registry Offices whether the real estate to be purchased is registered with limited real rights, whether it is mortgaged, or whether there is any situation that will prevent its sale.

What are the Advantages of Buying an Apartment in Turkey? 

Turkey has the feature of being a country that has attracted the attention of foreign investors from past to present with its natural and cultural riches, geopolitical location, tourism, trade, entertainment life, and many other features. Every year, many foreigners evaluate their investments in Turkey and buy real estate such as houses, land, and shops. Every year, more people invest in Turkey than in the previous year and buy real estate.

Investing in real estate in Turkey brings many advantages for foreign citizens. The advantages that foreigners who own real estate in Turkey will have can be listed as follows:

  • Opportunity to become a citizen of the Republic of Turkey through real estate investment: Foreigners who purchase real estate for at least 400.000 USD in Turkey have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship. In other words, by purchasing real estate in Turkey, the right to apply for Turkish citizenship can be gained with the opportunity to make a profitable investment.
  • Residence permit obtained by purchasing real estate: The Republic of Turkey grants residence permit privileges to all foreigners who purchase real estate in Turkey. The residence permit, which can be granted for a maximum of two years at a time, can be optionally extended. In addition, if all the necessary conditions are fulfilled, the foreign national is entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship after 5 years of residence. This right of residence permit is granted to all first-degree family members of the person.
  • Social and cultural opportunities in Turkey: There are many social opportunities in Turkey such as sports activities, cultural activities, and concerts. All over the country, there are a variety of possibilities like these and more. You can enjoy skiing in Uludag while enjoying the sea at the blue flag beaches in Antalya. Millions of tourists visit Turkey every year to benefit from these opportunities.
  • Favorable real estate prices and exchange rate advantage: Turkey attracts thousands of investors from many parts of the world with its location. In addition to the natural and cultural advantages of the country in this regard, the fact that it offers affordable real estate makes Turkey attractive in terms of investments. The exchange rate, which has been on the rise recently in Turkey, also makes the country advantageous for foreigners in terms of investment.
  • Real estate sector and modern residences: The real estate and construction sector, which has developed considerably in Turkey in recent years, offers luxury and modern options to its buyers. While most of the residences built recently have smart home technologies, almost all of them offer luxury social facilities such as swimming pools and gyms to their customers. Investors have the chance to have residences that provide all these luxury privileges at more affordable prices compared to metropolises in other countries of the world.

What are the Negatives Of Living in an Apartment?  

Feeling comfortable and relaxed in your living space is one of your biggest expectations. For this we as a society need to learn what the living conditions in the apartment mean, otherwise, there are many problems in the common life of the apartment. While the multi-story buildings were being built, it was aimed that people live in these buildings collectively, but this situation brought along important problems.

The problems are listed below:

  • Not getting along with neighbors
  • Inability to shake things like tablecloths from above
  • You may be disturbed by unwanted noises, whether it is the sound of a drill or a fight, from the upper, lower, or next-door neighbors in the department.
  • If you live on the top floor of the apartment, you may have trouble when the elevator breaks down.
  • You may run into a pet feeding problem.
  • You come into contact with all kinds of people.
  • The relations between the floor residents, especially by not fulfilling the responsibility of paying dues, cause the relations to be damaged.
  • You may have a parking problem.

Where to Buy an Apartment in Turkey?

Whether you consider it as an investment or for your living space, the center of your life, perhaps the most frequently asked question by potential real estate buyers is, “Where should I buy a property in Turkey?” It can be said very easily for this country that each region appeals to different groups according to their social levels and lifestyles. The most preferred locations in Turkey, which is the apple of the eye of the whole world in real estate, can be listed as follows:

  • The Cultural Capital of not only Turkey but the whole world – Istanbul: Istanbul, where the continents of Asia and Europe are connected, has maintained its existence for centuries as the leading city not only in Turkey but also in the whole world, with its cultural and historical riches. This city, which is the apple of the eye of many domestic and foreign investors, has the feature of being a pioneer in the real estate sector thanks to the mega projects it hosts.
  • The precious pearl of the Mediterranean – Antalya: Antalya, one of the most popular touristic centers in Turkey, ranks second among the cities with the highest number of residences in Turkey. With their blue flag beaches and cultural riches, Konyaalti and Lara’s regions are two investment regions that do not lose their importance in housing purchases.
  • A dream-like geography – Alanya: Alanya, located in the east of the city center of Antalya province, is a district that stands out as a tourism paradise. Alanya, which is the richest coastal town in terms of these features with its unique nature, and cultural and historical features, welcomes tourists from many parts of the world, regardless of summer and winter. This led to a noticeable rise in the real estate sector.
  • UNESCO world heritage – Bursa: Bursa, the fourth of Turkey’s major cities, shows a great increase in real estate purchases compared to annual statistics. With its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014, its tourism profile has risen to the top. The city welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists from many parts of the world throughout the year.
  • Thermal paradise – Yalova: Located in an area very close to Bursa in terms of location, Yalova has gained visible momentum in the real estate market, especially in the last period. For investors who want to own a house, it is an advantageous region with its very cheap m² unit prices. Yalova is a preferred region as it is close to Istanbul. It attracts investors with its distance of only one hour.
  • The star of the Black Sea – Trabzon: With its unique geography and breathtaking nature, Trabzon is one of the cities that has arisen in the real estate sector in recent years. The recent arrival of investors, especially from the Middle East, has led to an increase in housing projects in Trabzon. With the effect of the geographical possibilities of the city, 90% of the projects have the privilege of seeing the magnificent view of the Black Sea. Trabzon, with its flawless nature, lush highlands, and magnificent sea view, is among the first choices of those who are considering owning a house.

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