What are the Official Papers Required from Foreigners to Own a Residential Property in Turkey?

Paperwork is a vital part of the purchasing process of real estate investment. There are official papers required from foreigners to own a residential property in Turkey.  You must produce the following documents if you want to buy an apartment, flat, home, real estate, villa, or residence in Turkey.

  • Your tax number.
  • A copy of your passport translated by a licensed translator and certified by a Notary (Noter).
  • Four personal photos.

1. Tax Number 

It is a one-of-a-kind number that must be used in official and legal transactions as well as when opening a bank account in Turkey.

In Turkey, if you want to obtain a Tax Number (Vergi Numarası) the following documents must be produced in the following order:

  1. Prepare a copy of your valid passport as well as your Turkish residence address.
  2. Go to the nearest tax office. The issuance of a tax number (Vergi Numarasi) from the responsible employee.
  3. The employee will enter your information into the tax department’s system, and you will be given a piece of paper with many pieces of information on it, including your tax number.

If you have a valid passport and a residence address in Turkey, you can receive a tax number. A Tourist Residence Permit, Work Permit, or Student Residence Permit are not required.

2. Identity Document or Passport

If you are a person who wishes to legally reside in Turkey or wish to extend the residence period, or if you are one of the nationalities allowed to buy property in Turkey, you must indicate the official document that gives you this right. This can be registered with the passport or identity card issued to you by the country you belong to. However, even if you have two documents with you, there is still one more thing you need to do. In addition, the document must be officially translated into Turkish and its translation must be certified by one of the accredited Notre departments in the country.

3. Color Photo for the Documents 

Passport, identity card, and driver’s license photos must meet specified standards. Size, quality, background, facial look, posture, emotion, spectacles, lighting, and framing all have rules.

The best way to get a color photo for the documents is to apply for a professional photography studio which is easily available in many places.

Do Real Estate Companies Prepare Necessary Documents for Buying Property in Turkey? 

Yes, Realty Group’s specialized team of seasoned Turkish lawyers with extensive experience in dealing with all elements of real estate transactions provides a comprehensive variety of legal support services to our customers.

Realty Group experts will give you legal guidance so that you may move forward on a solid footing that protects your rights at every turn. When you buy a property in Turkey, for example, you must obtain the Title Deed and complete other normal operations, so we recommend going to the notary to obtain a power of attorney that allows us to complete the procedures on your behalf.

Realty Group dedicates a full legal team to your real estate transactions to address all issues related to real estate ownership, residency, or obtaining Turkish citizenship, as well as provide support at all stages of the legal procedures without additional fees and to fully protect your rights.

Realty Group also assists you with any other legal needs or services you may require, such as:

  • Consultation for Turkish citizenship through real estate purchases in Turkey,
  • Follow-up on the title deed and related legal matters,
  • Prepare sales contracts for projects under construction and related matters,
  • Resolve real estate disputes through mediation or legal procedures,
  • Legal advice about companies in Turkey, Formation of companies in Turkey, Establishing branches of an existing company outside Turkey,
  • Prepare special agreements for shareholders’ issues concerning heredity and related topics

What do Foreigners Who Want to Buy a House in Turkey Need to Know?

Several conditions must be met for foreigners to purchase property in Turkey. First of all, it is obligatory to have an Energy Identity Certificate (Energy Identity Certificate in Turkey), which classifies the energy efficiency of the flat to be purchased. This is a new requirement that has just come into effect in the purchase and sale of housing. In addition, you will need to register for compulsory earthquake insurance (DASK) to receive your needs such as electricity and water.

You should also be aware that if you plan to sell your property within five years of purchase, you will be subject to a capital gains tax, which is a low percentage calculated on profits made. In addition, if Foreigners are to purchase the property on their own, they will need notarized translations of their foreign identification number (foreigner’s ID) and passport, but it is also possible to issue a power of attorney, omitting the first two. Foreigners who want to buy land, not just flats, are limited to 30 hectares, and it should be noted that there are strict regulations in Turkey about building land here.

How do Foreigners Buy Property in Turkey? 

Everybody wants to find a beautiful and reasonable property. However, due to the complex nature of the real estate sector, it is necessary and advisable to work with a professional and trustworthy real estate agent.

Because Realty Group is aware of this and cares about you, they have brought the best real estate experts here to assist you in making the best decision to buy or sell, as well as a suitable investment, as your assigned professional real estate consultant will provide the most appropriate advice and answer all of your questions about commercial real estate, home purchase, land, leasing, ownership law, lease contracts, and investment in Turkey or other countries.

What are the Advantages of Buying Property in Turkey? 

Turkey (Turkiye) is a prosperous country with a large real estate market. These properties are created for both investment and to address the need for shelter in this sector. As a result, this industry is constantly evolving and renewing itself in response to market needs.

In terms of tourism and leisure, Turkey is an appealing country for foreign visitors. 

Foreign investors frequently purchase real estate in Turkey for investment purposes, as the real estate currently on the market is high-value-added and profitable. The most important reason contributing to this is a drop in real estate prices, namely a drop in the Turkish lira. As a result, the purchased properties generate a 100% return.

Some of the advantages of buying property in Turkey are listed below.

  • Exchange Rates at the Moment
  • Turkey’s Living Costs
  • Citizenship by Investment Program
  • Property Design in the Modern Era
  • Purchasing is simple and secure.

Does buying Property in Turkey Give you a Residency? 

If you buy real estate in Turkey, you can get a residency permit, according to Turkish law. You can receive a one-year permanent residency that can be renewed annually if you choose. Property owners can relocate to Turkey and establish a second house there, in addition to visiting the country on vacation.

What Documents do I need for the Turkish Residence? 

A variety of procedures must be followed to apply for a Turkish residence permit. The first thing to remember is that you must apply for a residence permit within one month of your arrival in Turkey.

Decide which sort of residency permit you wish to apply for, and then fill out the online application at https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/ of the Turkish Ministry of Interior. You must provide your full name and surname, birth date, parents’ names, nationality, and contact information.

Then go to the “Central Appointment System” website and schedule an appointment with the Directorate General of Migration Management’s nearest office. You will be required to fill out a form with your personal information as well as your address in Turkey.

You will need to present many documents to the nearest Directorate General of Migration Management office on the day of your appointment. The following documents are necessary for a Turkish resident permit:

  • Form for obtaining a residence permit.
  • There are four biometric photos.
  • Authentic passport.
  • A copy of the passport or travel document that has been notarized.
  • Evidence of sufficient and long-term financial resources for the duration of the stay. 
  • Evidence of Medical Coverage

You may be required to provide extra documents depending on your condition, the type of residence permit you are asking for, and your nationality. Make certain you send it in.

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