What Type of House has a High Ceiling?

Houses with high ceilings are called loft houses. A loft flat is a type of flat with extremely wide and high ceilings that emerged with the transformation of an old warehouse or factory building. Loft apartments, which have become increasingly popular lately, attract attention with their wide living space.

What are the Features of a High Ceiling House?

These types of houses generally have a mezzanine floor and their ceilings are also quite high. Loft flats are also known for being spacious. Another feature of this type of house is that it does not contain many walls. This means that the parts of the house, such as the bedroom or the kitchen, that normal type houses have in another room, are in the same area but different corners. Today, many people use items such as cabinets or bookshelves to serve as room separations in loft houses.

What Do You Need to Know About the High Ceiling House?

Since loft-type houses appeal to a more specific style, decoration options also change accordingly. Wood is the most used material to give a more authentic feel to loft houses. For example, wooden furniture would be a smart option, as they are more modern types of homes. If you focus on metal details and textures together with the wooden choices you will make, a modern and stylish house will emerge. In addition to the harmony of wood and metal, an indispensable factor of loft houses is brick walls. Worn wall surfaces will add a different atmosphere to the house. The kitchen decor of loft houses is designed with a similar thought. You can choose more steel kitchen utensils. You can choose larger lantern-type lighting so that the lighting also fits the general mood of the house. Since loft apartments are often large areas, it is useful to keep the furniture large and minimal. L-type wide seats may be suitable for this. You can also choose the tables or bookcases you prefer to extend along the wall.

What are the Advantages of a High Ceiling House?

The feeling of spaciousness created by the high ceiling makes you feel free, big, and valuable. You live free, you think freely. It has been scientifically proven that the feeling of openness creates a desire for discovery and splendor, and encourages creative thinking. Apartments with high ceilings are airier. There is more space for the circulation of fresh air. You benefit more from sunlight. You live in a bright and spacious house. Spending time at home turns into happiness; you will not shrink, and you will not be overwhelmed. Your home evokes positive emotions in you. It is more modern in style. It makes the decoration look more aesthetic. Apartments with high ceilings are always more attractive. High ceiling; It allows the use of decorative elements on walls, columns, and ceilings and makes it look very stylish. There is no color limit for high ceilings, you can paint them in dark colors. After today’s possibilities have made it easier to heat and cool buildings, the contribution of low ceilings to heating is no longer an advantage. Low ceilings and window sizes are no longer decisive in terms of heating. Therefore, the high ceiling provides cool and comfortable air in the summer months. Warm air rises, sunlight enters the rooms through the windows, and natural, efficient cooling ventilation takes place.

What are the Disadvantages of a High Ceilings House?

High ceilings turn into a difficult task to clean your eyes as time passes. Although it makes the space of your room look large, it is quite difficult to decorate. In addition, since you will experience constant echo, there will likely be a noise in the room during the conversation. Finally, the temperature in the room is faced with the problem of constantly falling due to the high ceiling, which means you consume more fuel than in a normal room.

How Did the High-Ceiling House Type Appear?

It is known that the concept of loft flat first emerged in the United States. After the housing crisis in the USA in the 1970s, the authorities, who developed alternative solutions, started to transform the abandoned factories, warehouses, or other industrial facilities in the city into residences. With the restoration of these areas, loft-type flats emerged. Interestingly, these apartments were especially preferred by artists and designers. This is the biggest reason why it is popular today. Because it offers a wide living space, it has made it possible to carry out business and home life together.

What is the Name of the High Ceiling House Type?

The name of the High Ceiling House Type is Loft apartment.

Do Turkish Houses Have High Ceilings?

This type of ceiling structure is not seen in Turkish-type apartments. In Turkish architecture, mosques and museums generally have high ceilings and are designed to create a different atmosphere with embroidery and special decorations.

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