What are the Districts in Antalya that Need to be Invested in?

Antalya is located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. The city is the fifth-largest city in Turkey. About 2.5 million people live in the city. Antalya is the most important point of summer tourism in Turkey. It is sunny most of the year. The city of Antalya is surrounded by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Antalya is adjacent to the provinces of Muğla, Burdur, Isparta, Konya, Karaman and Mersin.

In addition to tourism, the city is also prominent in social and community events. Important events held in Turkey and around the world are held in the city. The city is one of the most important points of Turkey. At the same time, the city is one of the fastest developing cities in Turkey. Antalya’s economy consists largely of trade, agriculture, and tourism. The history of the city is unique. Antalya is a place frequented by history lovers with its beautiful museums, historical areas, and historical buildings that have survived to the present day. At the same time, Antalya has fascinating natural beauty. It is one of the leading cities in the world in this field. People who like to spend time in nature come to Antalya and enjoy nature. The most popular natural beauty of Antalya is its waterfalls.

The most important districts of Antalya are Muratpasa, Alanya, Kepez, Manavgat, Konyaalti. Muratpasa district is the city center of Antalya. The Alanya district is the most popular and developed resort and tourism district of Antalya. Usually, foreigners invest a significant amount of real estate in the Alanya district and live here. Thanks to this, Alanya is quite developed. Kepez district is the most populous district of Antalya. Antalya is one of the leading cities in Turkey for the real estate sector and investment. The city is visited by thousands of investors every year. This situation opens up many opportunities in the city. Thousands of Turkish and foreign citizens are investing in Antalya.

The real estate sector and the market in the city are pretty active. Disposal of purchased real estate, construction of new real estate and projects, and opportunity real estate (real estate less than its value) are among the advantages of investing in the city. Real estate purchased in this city is gaining a lot of value every year. The most profitable investments are investments in real estate located in tourist areas. Foreigners occupy an important place in the population of the city. Especially Europeans (British, Germans, Russians, and Ukrainians) prefer to live in Antalya. They add wealth to the city with their culture. There are even schools that provide education in their language. Antalya is one of the most important ports of Mediterranean trade. Therefore, domestic and foreign companies have offices in Antalya. Antalyaspor and Alanyaspor football teams play in the Turkish super league. These teams add value to the brand and image of the city of Antalya. The educational, transport, and health infrastructure in the city is very developed. Antalya hosts millions of tourists from all over the world every year with its blue beaches. The city’s living costs are generally cheaper than in Europe. House prices are also more advantageous in Europe and other places around the world. This is one of the biggest advantages of the city.

1. Alanya

Alanya is the most popular and developed tourist district in Antalya. Although the district is far from the city center of Antalya, it is pretty developed thanks to tourism. About 400,000 people live in the district. Foreigners constitute a significant part of the district’s population. Especially Russian and Ukrainian people live in the region. To the south of the city are the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The Taurus mountains are one of the important natural beauties of the city. The district has a Mediterranean climate. Winters are warm and summers are hot. The district is very rich in history. The economy of the district is based on agriculture and tourism. The service sector is highly developed. Greenhouse cultivation and citrus fruits are popular production products due to the hot climate of the region. Avocado and Banana are one of the unique flavors of the district. Since the district is important as a tourist attraction, employment is also very high, especially in summer. Transport and educational infrastructure are developed in the district. There are university campuses in the district. At the same time, there is also an airport in the district. Gazipasa airport is the most popular transportation option in the district.

2. Kas

Kas is one of the districts of Antalya. The district is located in the westernmost part of Antalya. The Mediterranean climate prevails in the district. Summers are hot and dry, winters are warm and rainy. The economy of the district depends on tourism and agriculture. About 70 thousand people live in the district as residents. Kas is one of the regions where tourism is most developed in Antalya. Especially in terms of diving tourism, Kas is one of the most important points not only in Turkey but also in the world. The district is very rich in history. Many ancient settlements are located within the boundaries of the district. Blue flag beaches and caves are other riches of the district. Extreme sports are also widely practiced in the district. The establishment in the district is quite developed.

3. Kemer

Kemer is one of the small districts of Antalya. About 50 thousand people live in the district. The district, which is adjacent to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, is highly developed thanks to tourism. Especially in the last 20 years, huge investments have been made in the district. As a result of these investments, Kemer has become one of the most developed tourist districts of Turkey today. The ancient city of Phaselis is located in the district. Therefore, the district also has historical riches. A large number of infrastructure investments are made by the state every year and the development of the district continues. The natural beaches, mountain and sea views in the area fascinate tourists. Regions such as Beldibi Cave, Mullah hole, the ancient city of Olympos, Chimera, Adrasan, and three islands are popular sightseeing spots in the district. Hundreds of events take place in the district every year. Various events in the fields of culture, art, and sports attract many tourists to the region. The most popular mode of transportation to the district is buses. Antalya airport is also quite close to the district. And there are a lot of shuttles and buses coming to Kemer from the airport.

4. Manavgat

Manavgat district is one of the large and developed districts of Antalya. About 250 thousand people live in the district. The climate of the district is the Mediterranean. Summers are hot and dry, winters are warm and rainy. Manavgat is bordered by Isparta and Konya districts to the north, Akseki, Gündoğmuş, and Alanya districts to the east, and Serik district to the west. In the south of the district are the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Tourism and agriculture are the two most important activities of the district’s economy. Thanks to the climate of the district, many different fruits, vegetables, and plants can be grown. The district, where thousands of tourists come every year, is very active, especially in summer. With the development of tourism, many different events are held in Manavgat. Especially Manavgat is quite developed in terms of water sports. There are enough installations in this area. Employment is high in the summer months in the region. The most popular tourist spots of Manavgat are Manavgat waterfall, Trembling lake, Köprülü Canyon, Side, Oymapınar Lake, Selge ancient city, and Aspendos Bridge. Manavgat is home to many more tourist areas. Manavgat, where thousands of tourists come every year, is a region where real estate investment is often made. Domestic and foreign investors are making real estate investments in the region. Investors who rent out their real estate, especially in the summer, make serious profits. Manavgat is a district where transportation and health infrastructure are developed. Manavgat can be reached by various buses from every point in Antalya.

5. Gazipasa

Gazipasa district is located in the easternmost part of Antalya. The district borders the Anamur district of Mersin. To the west is the district of Alanya. About 50 thousand people live in the district. The district has a rich history. The history of the district dates back to one thousand eight hundred BC. His former name is Selinus. Throughout its history, the Gazipaşa district has been used as a port city. As the port cities are of strategic importance, Gazipasa district has also come under the management of many different cultures and civilizations over the centuries. The most important economic activities of the district are greenhouse cultivation and tourism. The natural beauty of the district makes it attractive to tourists. In the north, the Western Taurus Mountains, valleys, forests, and streams create insatiable landscapes to watch. Banana cultivation is popular in the district. The most important crop in agriculture is bananas. The ecosystem of the district is one of the rare places where Caretta turtles lay their eggs. Major tourist investments are being made in the district. Gazipasa airport has been built in the district for the development of tourism. Gazipasa, which has just started to develop, has great potential for the future. It is a real estate Sunday where opportunities are abundant. Investments to be made in the Gazipasa district seem to provide huge profits to the investor in the future. Especially the beautiful untouched beaches of the district will be a new adventure and haunt for visitors. After planning, installation, and promotion, Gazipasa will become one of the most important tourist districts of Antalya, receiving huge investments from the private sector and the state due to the ease of transportation.

6. Gundogmus

Gundogmus district is one of the districts of Antalya that does not have a seashore. About eight thousand people live in the district. Because there is little employment in the district, its population is also small. Gundogmus is bordered by Konya to the northeast, Manavgat to the west, Alanya to the south, and Akseki to the northwest. Gundogmus is a district dominated by the Mediterranean climate. Beekeeping activities are intensive in the district. The biggest tourist feature of the district is its history. The history of the settlement in the Gundogmus district dates back to ancient times. There are many historical buildings and historical monuments in the district that were used as a settlement by the Romans. In the following periods, the district came under the Seljuk and Ottoman administrations. The mountainous areas of the district are covered with forests. Its natural beauties are one of the factors that make Gundogmus attractive. Especially people who want to spend time in nature prefer the Gündoğmuş district. The educational and transport infrastructure in the district is not very developed. Important tourist spots in the district are Kaseyir, Kese ruins, Gedefi ruins, Karadere Village, and Cem Pasha Mosque. In addition to these, ruins with a deep history can often be found in the villages of the district. Highland tourism has started to be carried out in the district. In this way, the natural beauties of the district are aimed to make Gündoğmuş an attractive point for tourism. One of the most important natural beauties of Gündoğmuş is Eğrigöl. Egrigol is frequented by highlanders, nature and photography enthusiasts, and campers with its untouched nature and endemic plants. Gundogmus, which is 70 kilometers away from Alanya and Manavgat, is also on the travel routes of tourists visiting these districts.

7. Konyaalti

Konyaalti is one of the most populous and developed districts of Antalya. About 200 thousand people live in Konyaalti. Konyaalti is bordered by Kemer and Kumluca to the south, Dösemealti, Kepez and Muratpasa to the north. The history of the district dates back to the years BC. Tourism constitutes a significant part of the district’s economy. As it is very developed as a tourist attraction, there is a lot of employment and establishment in the region. Many domestic and foreign investors invest by buying real estate from the city. The demand for real estate in the region is increasing at the highest level in the summer. Konyaalti is also a region that receives huge investments from the state and private sectors and continues to develop. Konyaalti is an indispensable point for many tourists due to its beautiful beaches and high-quality entertainment venues. There are many foreigners living in the district. Konyaalti beach is one of the most famous beaches in Turkey. Investing in Konyaalti real estate provides a great profit to the investor in the short and long term.

8. Elmali

Elmali district is one of the districts of Antalya that is not adjacent to the sea. Elmali is located in the west of Antalya. It borders Mugla. Surrounded by mountains on all four sides, the district has a continental climate. About 40 thousand people live in Elmali. Although Elmali has a rich history, it is not a place where tourism develops. The largest economic resources in the region are agriculture and animal husbandry. Investments in the region are mainly related to agriculture. Email is a district that maintains its own unique culture.

What is the Advantage of Investing in Antalya?

The advantages of investing in Antalya are listed below.

  • Providing Turkish citizenship
  • High-profit expectation
  • Living in a safe city
  • strong transport infrastructure
  • Advantageous real estate prices
  • Advanced Social and cultural facilities
  • A life close to beautiful beaches from each other
  • A life with a view of the sea, a view of nature
  • European living standards
  • A multicultural living environment

What are the Advantages of Investing in Property in Antalya?

The main advantage of investing in real estate in Antalya is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship. Investing 400 thousand dollars in real estate gives the investor the right to Turkish citizenship. One of the advantages of Antalya’s unique real estate investment is the high-profit expectation. Because Antalya is a city where tourism is developing, it is quite advantageous to rent it for high amounts, especially for tourists who come to the city for a vacation in the summer. The profit margin is also quite high due to the excess demand. Antalya is one of the safest cities in Turkey. People who invest in real estate in Antalya know that their investments are safe. Antalya has more affordable and advantageous real estate prices compared to the resort areas of Europe and the world. Most houses in the city are located near the beaches. Also, most of the houses have sea or nature views.

How to Invest in Real Estate in Antalya?

Buying a house in Antalya requires the same conditions as buying a house in other parts of Turkey. Buying a house in Turkey is a very easy and fast process. The constitution of the Republic of Turkey guarantees the right to property for everyone. (Land Registry Law No. 2644, 35. article). Foreign citizens can own property and invest in it as long as they comply with legal procedures. They do not need a residence permit to own real estate in Turkey. Buying real estate worth $ 400,000 gives foreign people the right to Turkish citizenship. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it is necessary to agree with a reliable real estate agency. Real estate agents list advantageous real estate and follow the official processes on your behalf.

The following are the requirements required for foreign nationals to become homeowners in Turkey.

  • An identification number for tax purposes
  • A Turkish bank account
  • Documents from your country of residence
  • Two pictures

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