Where to Buy a Summer House in Istanbul?

Due to its level of development and job opportunities, Istanbul is Turkey’s most populous city. People in Istanbul, who are busy working, want to escape on holiday at every opportunity. For this reason, those who dream of a summer house to go to on weekends at least raise the question of whether to buy a summer house in Istanbul.

There are many districts of Istanbul located by the sea. If you can’t find the opportunity to go on vacation due to your work schedule, you can choose the summer districts of Istanbul. Thus, you can at least have a pleasant summer house where you can have your Sunday breakfast.

If you want to buy a summer house in Istanbul, we can talk about a few areas where you need to concentrate. Istanbul offers a wide range of opportunities for houses for sale, but first of all, you need to know what you expect from the house.

If you want to buy a summer house and swim on the weekends, you should choose the neighborhoods close to the beaches in Istanbul. For example Kilyos. Kilyos is a frequently preferred area for swimming in Istanbul. If you want to get away from the city and enjoy the clean sea, you can look at the houses for sale or rent in Kilyos.

Another region that is as preferred as Kilyos is undoubtedly the Islands. There are hundreds of villas for rent and sale in the Islands region of Istanbul. Although their prices are a bit high, they are very advantageous for people who want to experience summer pleasure in Istanbul. Moreover, there are many places to visit in the Islands. In this way, you can find a chance to take a vacation, even if it is a small one on the weekends.

Sile is one of the districts that come to mind the most when it comes to the summer house in Istanbul. Especially the public beaches of Sile are flooded with people during the summer months. In other words, if you are one of those who like to spend their holidays in a crowded place, you can also look at the summer houses in Sile.

Another region that is as popular as Sile is Silivri. It will be very easy to find the summer house you want in Silivri because there are different rental options for every budget.

In general, we can say that summer houses are concentrated in these districts. Of course, there are nice summer options that you can find in different districts. You can find them by looking at rental and sale listings online or by visiting real estate agents.

The summer houses where you can find them are listed below:

1. Silivri

The district, which has a 45 km long coastline, is one of the popular summer resorts for Istanbulites.

In Silivri, where you can cruise along the coast with the boats you rent from the port, you also have the chance to see the Piri Mehmet Pasha Mosque, the Mimar Sinan Bridge, and its statue. At the same time, you can do sea sports, go shopping, participate in tours between the villages and dine in restaurants that make fresh fish.

Silivri Beach, located in Piri Mehmet Pasa Mahallesi in the Silivri district, is very crowded, especially in summer. You can walk or jog along the stretching beach. You can have a pleasant time at the amusement park established in the summer months, and you can shop at the small exhibition stalls.

Silivri Beach, which is preferred by families and young people every season of the year with its restaurants, cafes, and parks, is a location you can choose for delicious food, a pleasant beach, and a magnificent view.

2. Catalca

Catalca district, located on the Black Sea coast on the European side of Istanbul, is one of the holidays stops close to the city center.

Catalca, which is one of the daily excursion tours and weekend holiday routes for Istanbulites; is full of beaches where you can swim, trekking areas where you can go hiking, museums where you can witness history, picnic and barbecue places, and beautiful villages.

Because of its strategic location, Fatih Sultan Mehmet said about Catalca, “I have entrusted this city to God.” There are many routes you can explore as historical places dating back to the first civilizations in Catalca villages.

These villages were settled by Turks who migrated during the population exchange period in the first years of the Republic; There are also adrenaline-filled activity options such as ATV safari tours, trekking areas, horse riding, paragliding, and diving. Catalca opens the doors of an unforgettable holiday with places to visit.

3. Arnavutkoy

Located on the European side of Istanbul, on the shores of the Bosphorus, Arnavutkoy, one of the most beautiful bays of the Bosphorus, is full of places waiting to be discovered in its side streets, as well as its historical mansions on the coast.

Famous for its fish restaurants and taverns, Arnavutkoy has hosted different religions and cultures throughout history and is a town where you can feel this cultural diversity everywhere. When you come to explore Arnavutkoy, you can see the churches, mosques, and synagogues, which are very close to each other.

Famous for its bells, famous strawberries, and historical mansions, Arnavutkoy is one of the most beautiful corners of Istanbul.

Arnavutkoy is an Istanbul district between Kurucesme and Bebek that has managed to preserve its past values. With its wooden houses that have survived to the present day, its waterfront mansions lined up like pearls on the Bosphorus shore, and its pristine streets, it first takes people to old Istanbul and then returns them to the present day with decent and conceptual spaces opened to every corner of the district. In Arnavutkoy, you see everything together and as it should be; it is as if they have shrunk the Istanbul we dream of and fit it into one district. There is no reason not to love it; it doesn’t have many places to visit like Sirkeci or Beyoglu, but the neighborhood identity that will make your day beautiful is very full.

4. Sile

Sile, with its beautiful coastline, beach, and sea, is especially flocked by summer holidaymakers and weekend holidaymakers, but also attracts great attention in every season due to the villages around it and the summer residences of many Istanbulites. Below you can find information about Sile attractions, activities, popular places, beaches, restaurants, picnic places, villages, historical places, and transportation.

The Anatolian side of Istanbul is on the Black Sea coast, about 80 km from Istanbul. Located at a distance, Sile is famous for its sea, wide and long beaches, giant rocks, hotels, pensions, picnic places, shabby fish restaurants where you can eat all kinds of fish, festivals, artists, and the famous Sile cloth woven with stylish light clothes.

Sile is a very popular holiday resort, especially by Istanbulites, due to its proximity to Istanbul. It is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. It has a coast to the Black Sea. Located 70 km from the city center, this charming seaside resort is one of the first places that will come to mind for those who want to take a short holiday for the weekend. Sile and its surrounding villages have the characteristic of being a lively and lively region in every period of the year.

Sile is one of the places frequented by those who want to have a holiday with its advantageous location, rich historical past, wide beaches on the Black Sea coast, unique nature, and lively evenings. Sile Lighthouse, which is famous for being the widest body in Turkey, is among the places to visit. It was built during the Ottoman Empire period. Sile Lighthouse, built on 60 meters high rocks, has become one of the symbols of Sile. Its construction was completed in 1859. It has a structure that turns around itself and burns a light. This lighthouse, which can be seen from 25 nautical miles away, is important with its rich history as well as being one of the two lighthouses that ensure the security of the Black Sea coast. Today, you can visit Sile Lighthouse, which opens its doors to its visitors as a museum, 6 days a week.

In Sile, you can stay in touch with nature and the sea in the center, or the accommodation facilities and hotels in the surrounding settlements.

With its 10 kilometers of coastline, sandy beaches and sea, surrounding villages, forests, and natural beauties, there are many activities and places to visit when you come to Sile.

Sile beach and Degirmencayiri Waterfall, Sile Castle, Sile Lighthouse, Eleven Lakes Valley, Kumbaba Hill, Crying Kaya, and dozens of caves in the surrounding villages are among the places to visit.

5. Tuzla

Tuzla district, located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, is located in the southeast of the city. A significant part of the 13 km coastline is suitable for walking.

The district, which has the same name as the city of Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina; is a settlement where agriculture and fishing were at the forefront during the ancient Greek and Ottoman periods. After the proclamation of the Republic, the main population remained Turkish until today in the region where the population change took place.

Today, the county still has a prominent fishing industry; it is famous for its fish restaurants serving fresh fish and seafood straight from the sea.

It also boasts a remarkable popular marina, offering stunning views and enjoying the sea air. Tuzla district, which is approximately 45 minutes away from Istanbul city center by public transport; is a popular region, mostly populated by wealthy families and retirees, and full of places to explore and visit for those who come to Istanbul.

Viaport Marina, ViaSea Themepark, Holographic Zoo, Planetarium and Observatory, and Manastır Bay are among the places to visit in Tuzla.

6. Kilyos

Kilyos, which has the cleanest sea and beaches near Istanbul, is located on the Black Sea coast, approximately 30 km from Istanbul on the European side. Kilyos, which is reached by passing through the Belgrad Forests, is flocked by holidaymakers, especially on weekends in the summer months. Below you can find information about places to visit in Kilyos, activities, popular places, beaches, restaurants, picnic places, villages, historical places, and transportation.

The old name of Kilyos is Kumkoy. The name Kumkoy comes from its botanically rich dunes. It is a summer resort village located within the borders of the Sariyer district and overlooking the Black Sea coastline.

Kilyos, which is beautiful in summer and winter, is a popular resort that Istanbulites choose to eat fish, have a picnic, swim, take long walks on its long beaches, and stay a little alone in escapade coves.

Kilyos road is also worth a stop to enjoy the meat barbecue or trout on the tile served by the country restaurants here.

When it comes to places to visit in Kilyos, the first places that come to mind are Kilyos Castle, the Historical Sycamore Tree, and the charming center of Kilyos.

What are the Advantages of a Summer House?

Many advantages are waiting for people who want to own a house. These advantages make it clear why you should invest in a house. When you buy a house, you can be involved in a very relaxing process in terms of spirituality as well as many financial gains waiting for you. It is necessary to consider the idea of ​​​​owning a house with all its advantages, which will allow you to experience the feeling of freedom in addition to the general sense of security of owning a property.

Return on Investment: Among the advantages of buying a summer house, the biggest advantage is long-term profit. Buying a summer house from the ground or a newly constructed project is profitable in the long run. It is observed that the square meter unit prices of the summer areas are constantly increasing. When you want to sell your house, you can sell it above the purchase price. Buying a summer house is not a big expense to spend a holiday in the same place all the time. With the purchase, you own a property and you can earn serious income with all your rights on the property. Especially when you buy a summer house from locations that are not yet discovered but have high potential, you can make a very high profit. Do not think that the return on investment of a house will be less than an apartment in the city. Locations that are easily accessible from several different cities, especially close to the sea or lake shore, can be valued much more than a regular flat.  With the popularity of a region, the number and amount of investments made in the region increase. This means that the location gains in value rapidly and the value of the houses in the location increase in direct proportion. When you decide to buy a house, if your goal is to get a good return on investment in the medium and long term, you can choose to buy a house from the most modern and solution-oriented projects possible. While making your choice, you should choose by prioritizing the living conditions of the region, the year-round climate, and the expectations of people who will find it enjoyable to have a holiday here, especially yourself and your family. When you make a choice that fits these criteria, the return on investment of the house you have purchased will be quite high.

Passive Income: You can earn quite a bit of money by renting a summer house bought in the coastal area for a day or a week. When you buy a house, you do not have to spend all your holidays in the house. Owning a property gives you the right to use that property freely. For this reason, you can earn a seasonal income by renting your summer house when you are not using it. If your house is in a location that attracts attention in winter and spring, you can earn much more by renting it throughout the year. It is a very common choice to earn rental income from summer houses. For this reason, you can also take into account rental income when buying a house and making your return on investment calculation. While the investment you make in the summer house provides you with rental income, you can make new investments with this income or, if you wish, you can create a budget for a holiday in different locations.

Economic Holiday: It is considered equivalent to buying a summer house with a family and staying in hotels in holiday resorts. Instead of paying extra and high prices for summer vacation, a summer house can be bought. Renting is an economical choice in the short term, but an expensive choice in the long term. This allows you to reach the same result depending on the maturity in many matters from property to goods. For this reason, there is always a chance to have an economical holiday for those who own a house. While your summer house gains value or generates income, it also makes it possible for your holiday budget to be much lower. Having an economical holiday is especially important when it comes to large families. Considering that a family of 4 should stay in 2 rooms in a hotel, you can see that having a house is a great advantage for large families. In addition to being economical, a holiday opportunity with no time limit is always in the pocket of those who own a house. If there are children who are bored at home, especially when the schools are on holiday, you can allow them to have a pleasant and long vacation at the house with a relative or adult. This is a special opportunity both for the development and socialization of children and for them to get rid of the stress of trying to have fun among the concrete piles in the city for a whole holiday.

No More Reservation Stress: When you own a summer house, the occupancy rate of the hotels and the hotel prices that change depending on this rate cannot decide when you will take a vacation. Perhaps the most enjoyable advantage of owning a house is that you have the opportunity to enjoy your holiday in your own comfortable space, instead of having a holiday in the middle of the chaos in hotels that reach almost 100% occupancy rates during official and religious holidays. Aegean If you are one of the people who prefer to go abroad for such holidays, you can rent your house for a much better rental fee than usual to people who cannot make a reservation due to the high occupancy rate of the hotels.

Free From Rules: If you are going to spend your holidays in a hotel or a commercial establishment, you can spend 1-2 weeks at the most. One of the best advantages of buying a summer house is that you can host your guests whenever you want. If you have a summer house, you can stay as long as you want. The biggest advantage of buying your property is freedom. Finding an adult-only hotel, a hotel with special facilities for children, or a hotel that allows you to vacation with your pet is always limiting. Considering that most hotels in our country appeal to the general public, your chances of finding a hotel with reliable facilities for your children are high, but it is restrictive. Other options are scarce enough to oblige you to one or two hotels in the area. When you own a house, you not only have the freedom to be with the people you want, but you also have the opportunity to get all the amenities you want for your children and to take your pets with you. When you consider all these, you can see how the right choice is to buy a summer house to have an environment that everyone you love enjoys.

What are the Disadvantages of a Summer House?

Maintenance and repair: Since such houses are used at certain times of the year and then kept for a long time, there may be some maintenance and repair needs. In fact, the important point here is to check the house periodically and to complete the necessary maintenance by preventing possible natural disasters and home accidents. Otherwise, you may encounter a heavy maintenance requirement.

Vulnerability: Pest problems, storms, and other extreme weather conditions common in summer homes can damage your home. In this type of situation, it would be the very right step to insure your home.

Usage: Taking responsibility for a house use only one time of the year can be considered as a negative aspect.

How do the Prices of Summer Houses Change in Istanbul?

Summer house prices in Istanbul generally vary according to the district. In other words, we can say that the summer houses you will buy from the expensive districts of Istanbul will naturally be more expensive. However, it is not only the districts that determine the prices of the houses.

The houses can be single-story detached as well as villa type. Depending on the number of individuals in your family, you can choose single-story or dublex houses in Istanbul. Prices can also increase or decrease depending on the number of floors.

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