What are the Types of Villas in Turkey?

Villas are luxurious and large structures built in a garden or a large area. Today, villas in Turkey, which are generally built as detached houses outside the city and in summer areas, are planned as 2 or 3 floors. The main purpose of the construction of these structures, which can optionally have a large garden, pool, and bath, is to maximize the comfort of the life of the homeowners.

The history of villa construction, which started with small country houses built in ancient Rome, shows itself as much more ostentatious and comfortable structures with the developing building and construction sector today. Villas for sale in Turkey, where the points that are intertwined with nature are generally preferred for their structures, can be equipped with various features to the expectations of the buyers.

1. Historic Villas in Turkey

The use of wood in villa-type homes is very common, especially in historic villas. Particularly stone, glass, and wood materials are used in these precious houses, which are very compatible with nature. In other words, it is a feast for your eyes before entering your home. These houses are more luxury villas in Turkey compared to other buildings. Prices range from  385.000 USD – to 2.400.000 USD.

2. Ordinary Villas in Turkey

These houses consist of A, B, and C-type villas. Generally preferred by crowded families, A-type villas offer everything that can be expected from a residence. B-type villas are smaller than A-type villas. The square meters of these buildings, which appeal to medium-sized families, may differ depending on the location. C-type villas are smaller structures than other villa options. The opportunities it provides may differ according to the needs and expectations. Prices range from  85.000 USD – to 1.500.000 USD.

3. Tourist Villas in Turkey

These are the houses that usually have a garden and a luxury concept, where you will experience modernism to the fullest. Villas to rent in Turkey offer a bright exterior and green garden, as well as large and functional pools. Prices also vary according to the region and features.

What are the Features of Turkish Villas?

House buyers include a quiet life, quality materials, modern and stylish designs, and high standards into their lives with villas to buy in Turkey. Villas in almost every region of Turkey come to the fore with some of the features they have.

The features of Turkish Villas are as follows:

  • Villas, located in quiet areas far from the city, can be designed and planned according to many different styles and budgets.
  • Since they are designed as detached, children or adult pools can be added to the villas, which are often built in the middle of a large garden.
  • The interiors of the villas are quite large and provide a spacious living space.
  • It offers common facilities such as fitness centers, sports fields, saunas, spas, etc.
  • There are different types of villas in Turkey such as triplex villas, twin villas, duplex villas, loft villas.

What are the Common Advantages of All Villa Types?

Living in villa-type houses has several advantages. All the advantages offered by all villa types are explained below.

  1. Complete Privacy

In almost all housing projects, more than one property is sold on the same floor. This means that people will share their unit with a wall with neighboring apartments. While this is not normally an annoying issue, it can be problematic for those seeking privacy. On the other hand, since the villas are detached houses, the property belongs only to you.

  1. Quality Construction

Villas are usually luxury buildings. The builders, therefore, pay particular attention to the aesthetics of both the residential complex and the surrounding area. As such, they can often have relaxing views or incredible gardens. The calm environment also offers you a more pleasant living space.

  1. High Rental Income

When the villas are rented, they can get you to earn good money. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to buy a villa for investment purposes. Renters who desire a luxurious life will always be in search of a beautiful villa rental. Unlike other apartments, villa rental provides a very high return due to its luxury features and location.

  1. Customization

Builders generally build villas with the option to customize. This way, homeowners can have homes that reflect their tastes. This increases your enjoyment of the space you live in. If you buy a house under construction, you can arrange the interiors according to your tastes.

  1. Property Location

Commercial villa projects are usually planned as beautiful residential areas. Since the villas are mostly built-in sophisticated neighborhoods, the homeowners will live a comfortable life with people from the same social environment and similar tastes. Living in a quiet neighborhood also has a positive effect on work and mental health.

  1. Independence

In mass housing, the landlord must obtain permission from the surrounding neighbors for many things. However, villa owners are free to do whatever they want within their property and garden. This means you are the ruler inside your walls. You can live a truly independent life in a villa.

How to Buy a Villa in Turkey?

All kinds of villas in Turkey are waiting for capital owners with the most suitable payment options. When you choose villa villasvillas for sale in Istanbul, you can contact Realty Group to follow the procedures. Our company offers you expertise and assistance with payment plan options. You can also benefit from our services for home purchases for foreigners. We also offer legal advice, as foreigners have different legal requirements to buy a villa in Turkey.

Necessary documents are listed as follows;

  • Identity document or passport
  • Identity declaration form
  • If there is representation in the transaction, the document regarding the representation
  • Title deed of the real estate subject to sale
  • Valuation report of the real estate
  • Compulsory earthquake insurance
  • Sworn translator if necessary

Which Cities to buy Villa in Turkey?

Villa prices for sale and types vary according to location, size, and features.

Below are the city alternatives you can take advantage of.

  • Villas for sale in Antalya Turkey: Prices between  200.000 USD – 1.120.000 USD
  • Villas for sale in Istanbul Turkey: Prices between  108.000 USD – 1.251.000 USD
  • Villa in Izmir Turkey: Prices approximately 220.000 USD
  • Villas in Bursa Turkey: Prices between 228.000 USD – 3.600.000 USD
  • Villas for sale in Bodrum Turkey: Prices between  400.000 USD – 1.419.000 USD

What Should Be Considered While Buying a Villa in Turkey?

There are many details you need to know before buying a villa. The first of these is to learn the price that is worth by showing the property to the appraiser before buying it. Sometimes the price is shared before the faults from the previous landlord are seen, and this can hurt you later. In addition, after the examination of the house, its location and usefulness are also features that should be evaluated. If you are buying for investment purposes, the house must be made of quality materials. Because Turkey is a country located in the earthquake zone, the durability of the structure is of great importance to you. You can talk to your real estate agent about all the details you need to learn about the villa.

What are the Advantages of buying a Villa in Turkey?

Although apartments are the most common type of residence in Turkey, there is a great interest in villas and similar detached house models. Especially detached houses and villas, which are popular among those looking to escape from the crowd and noise of city life, are gaining popularity with their magnificent architecture and return on investments. When you buy a villa in Turkey, these advantages are awaiting you:

  • Both traditional and modern architectures
  • Eclectic structures
  • Comfortable interior designs
  • Elegant and eye-catching materials
  • A style in harmony with nature
  • Aesthetic originality for each villa
  • Away from crowded city life
  • A safe living opportunity
  • Luxury and comfort altogether
  • Making profits in a short time

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