Which is the Best Area to Live in Mugla?

Mugla is a city located in the Aegean region of Turkey. Most of the city’s territory is located in the Aegean region, and the rest is located in the Mediterranean region. Mugla is bordered by Aydin to the north, Denizli, and Burdur to the northeast, and Antalya to the east. The city is also surrounded by the Aegean sea and the Mediterranean Sea. In this respect, Mugla has unique importance. Mugla is the city with the longest coastline in Turkey and the second most important holiday region of Turkey after Antalya. Mugla is divided into districts established on the coastline. The population structure is also mostly distributed over the districts. The population of the city is more than a million people. The most remarkable feature of the population in Mugla is that the population has a multi-cultural structure.

In addition, people from many parts of Europe live here, especially the British, Germans, Russians, and Ukrainians. Each of the districts of Mugla is a resort area that has become popular all over the world. Both Mugla’s natural beauties and entertainment venues are world-class. The blue flag beaches of Mugla are unique beauty. Mugla is also a very important city historically. Being a port city, it has been under the control of different civilizations for centuries. Even today, the city has unique historical monuments from each other. There are many ruins from different periods in the city. With this feature, many history lovers visit the city. In addition, people who are curious about birds also visit the city to observe the bird species in Mugla. The central district of Mugla is Mentese. Although Mentese is the central district of Mugla, it is not the most developed district. The biggest feature of the Mentese district is the presence of a university campus.

Mugla’s tourist districts are more developed compared to the center. In particular, the districts of Fethiye, Bodrum, and Marmaris have developed districts above the standards of Turkey. Mugla is a safe city with advanced transportation, and health and security services. The economy of Mugla is largely dependent on tourism. But besides this, agriculture, trade, and industry are also important economic resources of the city. Large real estate investments are made in the city every year. Especially in recent years, many foreign citizens have been choosing the city to live in and investing in the city. Real estate investments in the city grow in value every year. In this way, a serious amount of profit is made by buying and selling.

The districts of Mugla are listed below:

1. Bodrum

Bodrum peninsula is one of the most developed tourist districts of Mugla. The district is not only a popular holiday destination in Turkey. It is a popular holiday destination all over the world. Bodrum is bordered by the Milas district to the east. Other parts of the district are surrounded by the Aegean Sea. The district of Bodrum is also located on the peninsula, as are Datca and Marmaris. The Aegean and Mediterranean climate influences are observed in the district. In summer, it is hot, and in winter, warm and rainy weather prevails. About 200,000 people live in Bodrum. Although it is not the central district of Mugla, Bodrum is the most developed and populous district of Mugla. People of all nationalities live comfortably in the district. Especially European people, led by the British and Germans, live in the district. Domestic and foreign investors invest a large amount of real estate in the district every year. Social life in the district is also shaped by this cultural diversity. A culture dominated by tolerance has been formed in the city. Therefore, Bodrum is the most suitable district of Mugla for the life of foreigners. The history of the district has a unique depth. The first name of the district is Halicarnassus.

The history of the city dates back to ancient times. The Halicarnassus Mosaic, one of the seven wonders of the world, was made in Bodrum. The mosaic, which was later destroyed, was also used in the construction of the Bodrum castle. Bodrum Castle has also maintained its importance throughout history. Bodrum attracts history-loving people to the district with its unique history. The most preferred option for transportation to Bodrum is Milas- Bodrum airport. By reaching this airport, which is close to Bodrum, you can easily reach the center of Bodrum district by shuttles, minibusses, or car rental. Bodrum is also famous for its marinas. Most people can get to Bodrum by boat. There are a lot of marinas in Bodrum. These marinas are Milta marina, D marina, and Pal marina. Bodrum has the best quality entertainment venues in Turkey. The nightlife in Bodrum is very lively. Colorful events take place every night and music is not missing from the streets. Beach parties, concerts, and festivals are held every hour of the day. In addition, there are many five-star hotels in the district. The district also has beaches with cool and clear waters with blue flags. The most popular beaches of Bodrum are Kargicak, Yalikavak, Peksimet, Thuja, Barakci and Gumusluk beaches. The educational and health infrastructure in Bodrum is very developed. There are hospitals, private hospitals, and offices of world-famous doctors in the district. In addition, there are a sufficient number of educational institutions in the district. The employees living in Bodrum are qualified people who are experts in their field.

2. Datca

Datca peninsula is one of the most popular tourist districts of Mugla. The district borders the Marmaris district in the east. Datca, which is geographically a peninsula, provides a connection to the mainland with the Marmaris district. It is surrounded by the seas to the west, north, and south of Datca. About 30 thousand people live in Datca. Not only do Turks live in the region, but also people from many parts of Europe live in the district. Since many Europeans live in the district, Datca is one of the most suitable districts for foreigners to live in. A large amount of real estate investment is made in the district every year. These properties are gaining value every year.

The district has a Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and winters are rainy and warm. The district is sunny most of the year. Datca district is also an important district historically. The history of the district dates back to two thousand BC. The region was dominated by local peoples, Greeks, Lydians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, and later Turks. The ancient city of Knidos is one of the most important historical areas of Datca. Datca has maintained its importance throughout the ages because it has a peninsula and port features. Social life and nightlife have developed in the district. Entertainment and activities continue every hour. Entertainment venues are high-standard venues. This causes the cost of living to rise. In addition, there are many five-star hotels in the district. The district hosts a large number of tourists every year. The economy of Datca is mostly dependent on tourism. The most preferred transportation option of Datca is Dalaman airport. Tourists who come to the district come to Dalaman airport and from there they are provided with transportation to the district via special services, car rental, or buses. Dalaman airport is an airport open for international flights. The health infrastructure of the district is quite strong. Water sports are quite developed in the district.

3. Dalyan

Dalyan neighborhood is connected to the Ortaca district. It is the most important tourist point in the Ortaca district. Dalyan is a unique region with its nature. The bird ecosystem is very important in the region. With this feature, it attracts the attention of birdwatchers. At the same time, Dalyan attracts the attention of its visitors with its history. The ancient city of Kaunos, which dates back to BC, is located in Dalyan. There are a lot of British people living in the neighborhood. The British make large real estate investments in the region. The economy of the region is largely based on tourism. About six thousand people live in the neighborhood. The Mediterranean climate affects Dalyan. Summers are hot and winters are rainy. Dalyan stream is one of the central points of the region. Settlements are usually located around the Dalyan Stream. Iztuzu beach is the most important beach in Dalyan and is located about 12 kilometers away.

4. Ortaca

Ortaca district is one of the smallest tourist areas of Mugla. The district is a district established on the coastal edges of Mugla. Ortaca district borders with Koycegiz and Dalaman districts. At the same time, the west of Ortaca district is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. About 50,000 people live in the district. In addition to Turks, foreigners live in the district. The biggest reason why foreigners prefer the Ortaca district is that it is a small and quiet district. The district is influenced by the Mediterranean climate. The summer months are hot and the winter months are rainy. Ortaca usually has sunny weather. The biggest reason why Ortaca district is popular is because of the bays and beaches. The city’s waters are clean, clear, and cool. Ortaca district is also very popular for its natural beauty and nature. Ortaca district’s economy is based on tourism and trade. The district is also quite developed in the field of industry. Every year, many tourists visit the district and spend their holidays there. Therefore Ortaca is a multi-cultural district. There are quality entertainment venues in the city. These places usually appeal to people of high status. Despite this, the nightlife in the district is not very developed compared to other tourist districts. The district fits mostly for families and has a quiet life. The district is also a safe district with these features. Many foreign investors invest in real estate in the district. Living costs in the district are more affordable than in other tourist districts. With this feature, it is the reason for many people’s preference. The easiest way to get to the district is Dalaman airport.

5. Marmaris

Marmaris district is one of the most important tourist districts of Mugla province. The district of Marmaris is located on the peninsula. To the west of the Marmaris, the district is the Datca peninsula. In the east, it borders the districts of Ula and Koycegiz. It is surrounded by the Gulf of Kerme in the west of the district and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. Marmaris is also very close to the Greek island of Rhodes. About 100,000 people live in the district. Since Marmaris is a tourist district, not only Turks but also people of different nationalities such as British, Germans, Ukrainians, and Russians live in the district. Marmaris is one of the most suitable districts for the life of foreigners. The Mediterranean climate is observed in the Marmaris district. The district is sunny most of the year. Summers are hot and winters are rainy. Marmaris has a rich history. So much so that the history of life in Marmaris dates back to before BC. For centuries, Egyptian, Assyrian, Persian, Macedonian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman civilizations have ruled in the region.

Marmaris has always maintained its importance because it is a port area. Its popularity today also comes from its ports, bays, and seas. In addition to its natural beauties, the district is also a tourist area with its historical areas. Physios, Amos, Phoenix, and many other ancient cities are located in Marmaris. There are a lot of high-quality entertainment venues in the district. Since it is one of the most important tourist districts of Mugla, Marmaris is very developed in terms of entertainment venues and entertainment activities. There are cafes, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs of high standards in the district. There are also many five-star hotels in the district. Social life and nightlife are very busy in the district. Entertainment venues located in the district serve people every hour, making life lively all day long. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from Europe visit the district every year. Many foreign investors invest in real estate in the district. These properties are gaining value every year. At the same time, large investments are made by domestic and foreign investors in the district every year. Dalaman airport is the most important option for transportation to the district. Getting to Dalaman airport by plane and then getting to Marmaris by bus or shuttles is the most preferred transportation option. The district has all kinds of luxury amenities. The economy of Marmaris is largely dependent on tourism. Educational and health infrastructure is also developed in the district. There are public hospitals and private hospitals in the city. Living costs in Marmaris are higher than the Turkish average. The biggest reason for this is the quality of service.

What are the Other Places in Mugla?

Other important districts of Mugla are listed below.

  • Mentese
  • Dalaman
  • Fethiye
  • Kavaklidere
  • Koycegiz
  • Milas
  • Seydikemer
  • Ula
  • Yatagan

Is Life Expensive in Mugla?

Mugla is an expensive city because it is a tourist city. People of high status usually live in the city. In other words, the best quality of all kinds of services is provided in Mugla. This makes life more expensive with high-quality services. Although the cost of living is higher than the average in Turkey, the cost of living is less than in Europe. The people working in Mugla are also qualified people in their fields. Although living costs are affordable in Mugla city center, the regions with the most expensive living conditions are the coastal districts. That are tourist spots.

How to Buy a House in Mugla?

Buying a house in Mugla has the same conditions as buying a house in other parts of Turkey. Buying a house in Turkey is a very easy and fast process. The constitution of the Republic of Turkey guarantees the right to property for everyone (Land Registry Law No. 2644, 35. article). Foreign citizens can own property and invest in it as long as they comply with legal procedures. They do not need a residence permit to own real estate in Turkey. buying real estate worth $ 400,000 gives foreign people the right to Turkish citizenship.

The following are the requirements required for foreign nationals to become homeowners in Turkey.

  • An identification number for tax purposes
  • A Turkish bank account
  • Documents from your country of residence
  • Two pictures

What are the Prices of Houses for Sale in Mugla?

Real estate prices in Mugla vary from region to region. Real estate prices are also high because Mugla is a very popular city. Although real estate prices are affordable in the city center of Mugla, prices are rising quite a lot, especially in the coastal districts. As prices rise, the value and earnings of real estate also increase. Prices are listed below.

The average price of housing units in the district is 30.000 $ per m2.

The price of an average house (100m2) is 3.000.000 dollars.

Min Max unit price: 30.000 USD – 6.000.000 USD

Average gross area (m2): 100

What are the Rental House Prices in Mugla?

Buying a house in Mugla and renting it out is an important earning choice. Especially in summer and spring, houses are rented for high money and provide serious profits to the investor. Because the demand for renting a house in the summer is increasing a lot.

The average price of housing units in the district is $ 1000 per m2.

The price of an average house (100m2) is 100.000 dollars.

Min Max unit price: 100 USD –  60.000 USD

Average gross area (m2): 100

What are the Reliable Real Estate Sites to Buy a House in Mugla? 

When buying real estate, it is very important to cooperate with a reliable real estate agency. The biggest proof of the reliability of a real estate agency is customer satisfaction. Working with agents with high customer satisfaction minimizes the problems that may occur. Realty Group is a real estate agency that has been serving for many years in Turkey, has dominated the Turkish real estate market, and has proven its reliability. Realty Group, which has relations with many construction companies in Turkey, adds the most advantageous ads to its portfolio and secures the earnings of its investor in this way. If you look at the ads with the codes Rg-1006 and Rg-1007, you can see that Realty Group has high-quality, profitable, and advantageous villas in its portfolio. Realty Group brings together its customers with a large number of important projects, especially in Bodrum, the most developed tourist area of Mugla.

Is Mugla Suitable for Foreigners?

Mugla is a city that hosts millions of tourists every year. Issues such as tolerance, understanding, and assistance are always at the forefront in the city. Mugla culture has developed closely with foreign cultures since it was an important trade point in the past. Today, due to both trade and tourism, Mugla has a culture that is intertwined with foreign cultures. Thanks to this culture that Mugla has, foreigners, live comfortably in the city. In addition, Mugla is a city where there are no violent incidents, but on the contrary, festivals and events are intensively held. With this feature, the number of foreign people is increasing every year and it is becoming more suitable for the life of foreigners.

How Many Foreigners Live in Mugla?

About 20,000 foreigners live in Mugla regularly. In addition, hundreds and thousands of foreigners live in the city for long-term stays (3-5 months especially in spring and summer) every year. Foreigners living in Mugla usually live in coastal districts. Most of the British and Germans live in the city. In addition, Russians and Ukrainians also reside in Mugla for months every year, adding color to the city. Especially with the effects of the Russia-Ukraine war, thousands of people have started to choose the city to live in these days.

How to Provide Transportation in Mugla?

Mugla is a city where transportation activities are easy, thanks to various transportation options. There are 3 main transportation options in the city: by road, air, and sea. Thanks to two airports in the city, air transportation is quite easy. These airports provide transportation of hundreds, thousands of tourists by domestic and international flights every year. Road connections to the city are also another transport advantage. A huge amount of investment is made in the city every year in terms of highways. Transportation and road connections to every district of Mugla, which is an important tourism point, are strong. Bus companies from all cities of Turkey operate services to Mugla. The ports located in Bodrum, Marmaris, and Fethiye districts are also one of the transportation options of the city. Tourists can easily reach these ports by sightseeing ships or private boats. It is highly developed in urban transportation in Mugla. Municipal buses provide access to all points of the city. The opening hours are busy and comfortable in the city center as well. In addition to municipal buses, it is an important part of transportation in personal minibusses. Again, since people with a high status usually live in the city, taxis are also one of the most used transportation options. The city also has a very developed car rental service. Car rental services are available at every point of the city and even at the airport.

How Far is Muğla From Airport?

Muğla is a province located in southwestern Turkey. There are two airports located in the Muğla province listed below:

  • Bodrum Milas-Bodrum Airport: This airport is located approximately 30 kilometers (19 miles) north of Bodrum, which is the largest city in the Muğla province. The journey from Bodrum to the airport by car typically takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on traffic.
  • Dalaman Airport: This airport is located approximately 95 kilometers (59 miles) east of Bodrum. The journey from Bodrum to Dalaman Airport by car typically takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic.

Is There an Airport in Mugla?

Yes. There are two airports in Mugla, which host millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year. One of them is Milas- Bodrum airport, which is an international airport located in the Milas district. This airport is close to both Milas and Bodrum districts. And that’s why people living in these districts usually use it. The other airport in the city is Dalaman airport, located in Dalaman. Dalaman Airport is also an international airport. In other words, it is easy to get to the city by air from domestic and international points.

Is Life Safe in Mugla?

The health and safety infrastructure in Mugla is very strong. It is very easy to get to all kinds of services such as police, fire department, and ambulance in Mugla. In other words, people living in Mugla can easily access these services in case of emergency and thus live their lives safely. A city is usually a place where tolerant and educated people live. This situation allows all kinds of people to live freely in the city in safety. Especially since European people prefer Mugla to live in, life in Mugla has become even safer. In other words, people in the city are not judged and resented because of their religion, thoughts, culture, ideology, and way of life. When we examine the culture of the city, it is seen that compliance with the rules of law and social ethics is very important. For these reasons, it is safe to live in Mugla, where chaos is minimal.

How are the Health Services in Mugla?

Mugla is a city where the health infrastructure is very developed. Private hospitals and public hospitals in the city are very well equipped. Qualified medical personnel is trained in vocational high schools and universities in the city. There are about twenty-five equipped medical institutions in the city. In addition, the most famous doctors of Turkey also have private practice offices. Thanks to this strong health infrastructure, Mugla is also one of the important cities in Turkey in terms of health tourism. In addition to these hospitals located in the city, the state and private sectors invest more and more medical institutions in the city every year. Since the city is a place where life is popular, qualified doctors and health workers also prefer Mugla for living and working.

Why is Mugla City Popular?

The reasons for the popularity of the city of Mugla are listed below.

  • It is the second most popular tourist city in Turkey.
  • There are quality venues from each other.
  • There are world-famous, blue flag beaches.
  • It is one of the safest cities in Turkey.
  • There are quality educational institutions and a university in the city.
  • The natural beauties of the city are unique.
  • It has a rich history.
  • The ports and marinas located in the city are important and popular.
  • A large number of tourists visit the city every year.
  • There is a lot of employment opportunity in the city.
  • Different activities such as paragliding are carried out.
  • There is an opportunity to live away from noisy city life.
  • Transportation in the city is easy.

What is the Nightlife Like in Mugla?

Mugla is the second most important holiday city in Turkey. Therefore, Mugla is one of the cities where nightlife is the most active and colorful. There are many beautiful and high-quality entertainment venues in the city, especially in the tourist areas (cafes, bars, nightclubs, etc.). Another reason why the nightlife in Mugla is lively is because of the students. University students which live in Mugla make a positive contribution to nightlife. Even though the city center of Mugla is calm, its tourist districts are almost in a carnival mood. Life in tourist districts continues all day long. Life never ends in these areas until the first light of the morning. Entertainment venues in the city are famous not only in Turkey but also around the world. Concerts by famous artists are held in the city, especially in the summer. Again, hundreds of different events are held in the summer. The street of bars in the city is also one of the most crowded populated areas of nightlife.

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