Everything about the Avcilar Area in Istanbul: Living and Investing

Avcilar is located on the European side of Istanbul. Avcilar is a small district with a high population. About half a million people live in Avcilar. It is one of the most developed districts of social life in Istanbul. The district was built and developed rapidly with the giant investments it received during the periods when Istanbul was growing and developing. As a result of this development, Avcilar gained the status of a district in 1992. When the location of the district is examined; it is close to the Marmara Sea in the south, Basaksehir district in the north, Kucukcekmece in the east, and Esenyurt and Beylikduzu districts in the west. The neighboring districts of the Avcilar district are also the most important points of Istanbul. Basaksehir is the new city face of Istanbul. Therefore, the Avcilar district must be adjacent to Basaksehir. Transportation is easy and varied. In addition, hundreds of projects made every year in Basaksehir also add value to the Avcilar district. In other words, although the district is very developed, it has still not fully reached its potential. Investments are continuing rapidly. The economic atmosphere of the district consists of developed sectors such as trade, industry, and the entertainment sector. These sectors also provide many job opportunities to the district. Looking at the service infrastructure of the district, the health sector (hospitals, pharmacies, and health clinics), and the education sector (Istanbul University, Istanbul Development University, reputable high schools and primary schools, private colleges and schools) are quite developed. Investments in transportation to the district are ongoing. It is expected that transportation will be further strengthened with new subway lines.

Where is Avcilar Located?

Avcilar district is located in the south of the European side of Istanbul. The district is bordered by the Marmara Sea coast to the south. There are Kucukcekmece Lake and Kucukcekmece districts in the east of the district, Basaksehir district in the north, and Esenyurt and Beylikduzu districts in the west. The distance between the district to the center of Istanbul is about thirty kilometers. The district is one of the most important points where Istanbul’s connection with Europe is ensured. The road connections of the district have also been established with the aim of European transportation. Avcilar is adjacent to Kucukcekmece, one of the most populous districts of Istanbul, and Basaksehir, one of the most developed districts. Therefore, Avcilar is located in one of the most important areas of Istanbul.

What are the Advantages of Living in Avcilar?

The advantages of living in the Avcilar district are listed below.

  • The transportation infrastructure of the district is developed. And it continues to develop, and diversify.
  • Avcilar is a district with a lot of job opportunities.
  • Social life has developed in the district.
  • It is a district with a lot of investment.
  • The service sector is highly developed.
  • Avcilar is adjacent to the important districts of Istanbul.
  • The educational infrastructure in the district is strong.
  • Living costs in the district are more affordable than in other districts of Istanbul.

What is the Standard of Living in Avcilar?

Avcilar is a district where the cost of living is affordable. Especially compared to other districts of Istanbul, the Avcilar district has a lot of options and low prices. Since the district is a place where economic sectors are developing, entertainment and service facilities have also developed in parallel with this. The district is a district where social culture develops and is full of activities with its young population.

What are the Weather Conditions in Avcilar?

Avcilar is a district where there are four seasons. It has a unique layout so that each season lasts for three months. Winters are not very difficult, summers are not very dry. The pleasure of spring in Avcilar is another beautiful one. Avcilar, like most regions of Turkey, sees the sun most of the year.

What are the Education Conditions in Avcilar?

Avcilar is one of the regions where education is developing in Istanbul. Since the district has a large population, the state’s educational investments are also high enough to meet the need. There are dozens of state educational institutions spread throughout the district. In addition, private educational institutions are also located intensively in the region. The district is also home to two universities. One of them is the Avcilar campus of Istanbul University and the other one is Istanbul Gelisim University. As is known, Istanbul University is one of the most successful universities in Turkey. Therefore, student mobility is also high in the district. Avcilar’s neighboring districts, which are easy to reach, are also home to reputable educational institutions.

How is the Transportation in Avcilar?

Avcilar is a district where investments are made in transportation. There is a developed Metrobus line in the district. The bus lines in the district are also very active during the day and provide transportation to many places. Transportation to Marmaray is also easy. The district is located in one of the most important areas of Istanbul. And due to its proximity to these districts, it provides an advantage in traffic. The district is very rich in road connections. Thanks to these highways, it is quite easy to get to every part of Istanbul. The metro station project is also being implemented in the district. A rail transportation network is planned to reach every corner of the district with four different stations.

How Far is the Avcilar from the Important Areas of Istanbul?

The distance of the Avcilar district from the important areas of Istanbul is listed below.

  • Avcilar district is located about 30 kilometers far from the center of Istanbul.
  • Avcilar district is located about 17 kilometers far from Kucukcekmece district.
  • Avcilar district is located about 27 kilometers far from Basaksehir district.
  • Avcilar district is 37 kilometers away from Besiktas district.
  • Avcilar district is located about 31 kilometers far from Nisantasi district.
  • Avcilar district is located about 30 kilometers far from the Eminonu district.
  • Avcilar district is located about 37 kilometers far from the Uskudar district.
  • Avcilar district is located about 45 kilometers far from the Atasehir district.
  • Avcilar district is located about 41 kilometers far from Kadikoy district.
  • Avcilar district is located about 41 kilometers far from the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

How Far is Avcılar From Near Airports?

The distance between Istanbul 3rd Airport and Avcılar is 31 kilometers and takes 50 minutes.

What are the Important Areas of Avcilar?

The following are the important districts in the Avcilar district.

  • Marmara Street
  • Kucukcekmece Lake
  • Ataturk house museum
  • Avcilar Beach
  • Cam Parc Picnic Area
  • Pelican Mall
  • Avcilar Beach Park
  • Pasaeli picnic area
  • Haluk Perk Museum
  • Beylikduzu life valley
  • Pelit chocolate museum
  • Recep Tayyip Erdogan park
  • Bathonea archaeological excavation site

What are the Malls in Avcilar District in Istanbul?

Shopping centers in the Avcilar district are listed below.

  • Pelican Mall
  • Owain Center
  • Open bazaars

What are the Investment Options in Avcilar?

Avcilar receives a large amount of investment every year. Investments gain value overvalue. That is why investors are showing great interest in the Avcilar district. There are various investment options in Avcilar. One of them is to buy a house and rent a house. Since the district has a large population and the student density is also high, the demand for renting a house is very high. The working class and students, who have no financial means, rent thousands of houses every year. That is why the construction sector in the district is also quite developed. Houses are being built for every need. Another investment option is to buy a house, wait for it to be valued, and sell it. As we have already mentioned, the state and the municipality are investing a lot in the Avcilar district and building new facilities. The biggest example of this is the metro project. Such large projects allow houses purchased at an affordable price to be sold at higher prices. Another option is to buy a plot and sell it to construction companies. A large number of residential buildings are being built in the district every year. Another important investment option is commercial real estate investment. The economy of the city is quite developed thanks to the trade, industrial, and entertainment sectors. Many people rent or buy shops and start a business in the Avcilar district. These opportunities also provide the investor with serious income. As the districts and regions around Avcilar also develop and grow, the demand for this region increases.

How to Invest in Real Estate in Avcilar?

Investing in real estate in Turkey is a fairly easy and fast process. Real estate in the Avcilar district is modern, durable, and high-quality structures. Most buildings are newly built or under construction. In other words, by cooperating with a reliable real estate agency, you can identify real estate that will gain value in the market and invest in this real estate. For those who are considering a long-term investment, the durable and high-quality structure of real estate in the region is a great advantage. By investing in luxury residential properties in the region, you can increase your rental expectation and the profit you will make on the sale.

What is the History of Avcilar?

Life in the Avcilar district dates back to very ancient times. The Bathonea archaeological excavation site, the excavation of which continues today, is also the greatest evidence of this. Later, during the Roman and Byzantine periods, the settlement became a fishing town. During the Ottoman period, the commercial importance of the region was realized and it was used for maritime trade. During this period, the Ottoman Empire began to change the face of the Greek fishing village of the region by allowing Turkish settlers to migrate to the region. During the Republican period, as a result of a mutual migration agreement, the Greeks of the region went to Greece, while the Turks living in Greece emigrated to this region. Avcilar has grown and developed rapidly with the people who came to the region after this migration change. by 1992, thanks to its growing population and development, the region has reached the status of a district.

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