What are 10 Excellent Reasons to Buy Property in Izmir

In addition to being one of the most special provinces in Turkey, Izmir is also the third-largest city in the country. In fact, according to many, it is probably the most similar to a western or European city in the country. So much so that those who come to Turkey to visit as tourists compare this cosmopolitan, liberal city to Paris or Madrid, one of the European cities. In addition to enchanting tourists with its different aura, it frequently hosts investors, Turkish and foreigners, with its different investment options. People are seriously looking for a slice of Izmir real estate, with many completed or ongoing new development and infrastructure projects, great cultural, artistic, and lively events throughout the city, proximity, and liveliness to some of the world’s best historical sites. The advantages of İzmir are listed below;

1. The Tourism Industry Is Developing

The tourism sector in Turkey is seen as a foreign exchange reserve and a source of employment that has grown significantly in the last two decades. Izmir, which is seen as one of the main centers of tourism, has potential in terms of tourism with its historical, and cultural values ​​, and nature. In this context, for example, the Bornova district of Izmir, with its urban functions and economic structure, has undergone a continuous renewal in the last 10 years. On the other hand, the industry and service sectors have left their mark on Bornova. This data shows us that Izmir is increasing its tourism potential by improving itself today.

The number of relatively large-scale investment projects throughout the city, which is one of the other most effective determining factors that push investors to invest or live in Izmir, is the development of the city, which is increasing day by day. Looking back over the past decade, the city has rapidly improved its road and rail network, as well as improved pedestrianization and traffic management.

2. Beaches Are Perfect

Izmir is a province located in the western part of the country and has a coast on the Aegean Sea. In this way, there are many private and unique beaches where you can vacation in the city. Izmir beaches offer you all kinds of beach entertainment. These beaches feature white sand and warm water, so if you can’t swim in the cold sea or the ocean, it will be a great swimming opportunity for you. In the evenings, you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the cafes and restaurants on the beach.

3. Transportation is Easy

This big city with a population of more than 4 million people makes it very easy to travel from one point to another, thanks to its road network and multi-networked public transportation systems. The fact that each district has a unique atmosphere makes it more enjoyable while traveling in Izmir. Although districts such as Bornova, Karşıyaka, or Alsancak, which are considered suburbs, are more popular, going to a historical bazaar-like Kemeralti will provide you with a very unique experience. however, even though it has many districts since İzmir is a popular province, properties for sale in Izmir are usually sold quickly in the market area so if you intend to buy a house, you may have to act quickly.

With the wide variety of public transportation systems in Izmir that you can use each district easily.  Public transportation is divided into categories such as bus, minibus, izban, Metrobus, ferry, and tram. You can use the same izmirim card for each vehicle by depositing the fee you will use online or from kiosks. You can also refill your card from the box office and the charging machine at the Intercity Bus Terminal. In addition, Izban provides complete transportation services with its public transport lines and routes and integrated bus-ferry-metro-suburban train network.  In this way, there is no problem with transportation in the city, and even izban provides you with an affordable trip because it has a line that goes to the most remote corners of Izmir.

We have to remind you that Chargers only sell 3-use card tickets.

4. Food Culture Is Great

Izmir is in the Aegean region, which is one of the seven regions of Turkey and stands out with its olive oil dishes. That’s why it is famous for its meze-style cold olive oil dishes and nightlife. Besides, Izmir has hosted various civilizations throughout history so it gains this amazing diversity in Izmir cuisine. And also during the population exchange years, Macedonians, Bosnians, Albanians, and African-origin Arabs constitute the diversity of this culture. This province draws attention to vegetables, herbs, and fish dishes flavored with olive oil and Mediterranean cuisine. The Mediterranean part of Izmir’s cuisine is mostly found in the coastal areas. You can find the best examples of dishes made from vegetables and herbs with olive oil and gulf fish, as well as in Urla, Karaburun, Seferihisar, Tire, Foca, and Cesme districts.

In the districts with more pastoral life, for example, in the district of Tire, there are tandoori, rubber meatballs, and all kinds of roasted, boiled, and pastry herbs that can be found. It can be said that it is a city where natural and organic products and food culture are quite rich.

5. Foreigners Can Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Those who plan to buy a house or use it as a residence abroad earn money for rent in one of the provinces of Turkey.

If the house to be purchased in Izmir exceeds 400,000 dollars, he/she has the right to obtain residence and citizenship from Turkey. The most exclusive estates in Turkey are located in Antalya, Istanbul, Ankara, Alanya, Kemer, Izmir, and Bodrum. It also provides residence permits and citizenship for future investors in properties in other cities and provinces of Turkey.

6. It’s a Safe City

Izmir is the 3rd most populous city in Turkey, located in the Aegean region of Turkey. Izmir is a multicultural city with a vibrant day and nightlife that appeals to everyone. Millions of people come to visit Izmir every year and these people leave the town with safe and beautiful memories. Izmir is a safe destination with many historical and cultural things to discover and beaches to enjoy. The crime rate in Izmir is low.

Offers a lively city life, allowing you to experience different tastes and experiences in the city center of Izmir. While you can spend a cozy day in the idyllic green streets and sweet cafes of Izmir Fair located in the mansion, you can join the nightclubs in Alsancak and Bayrakli and have fun with your friends.

7. Finding a Job Is Easy

The local economy of the city of Izmir can be analyzed in four main sectors. The first of these is the large share industry. It represents 30.5% of the economy of the region, followed by trade and related services with 22.9%. Transportation and communication take place in the economic structure with a rate of 13.5% and finally, agriculture contributes to the local economy with 7.8%. In this sense, having a job in these sectors or the service sector and opening an institution by investing are highly supported, so it is very easy to find a job or work in Izmir.

If you start to think about How to Find a Job in Turkey before coming to Turkey? so we can say to you that you need to chill and more concentrate on this lovely adventure.

8. University City

Izmir is one of the special provinces that are the backbone of education Homer wrote the Odyssey in Izmir. The city is known as a liberal and cosmopolitan city with Turkey’s four largest universities and a technical college. In this way, the young population is dominant in the city and has a strong working power. The fact that people who know themselves in terms of economic and development and intellectually live in the province also provides positivity in terms of the security of the city. As for the entertainment channel, the city always maintains its vitality with various university spring events.

Izmir, which brings art galleries and all kinds of art to the public, is one of the cities in Turkey where high-level cultural shows and performances are held. In addition, the presence of big brands in the city culture in the shopping venues surrounding the city is proof that Izmir is a more sophisticated cultural experience.

9. Life Is Cheap

Although Izmir is the 3rd largest city in Turkey and has a multicultural structure, it is a very cheap city compared to Istanbul, one of the reasons for this is that the city is developing from university students and tourism. Life is quite cheap compared to other European cities with the same status.

10. Buying a House is Easy

It is very easy for foreigners to own a house in Izmir, which offers a comfortable life with a Mediterranean lifestyle! All you need will appeal to you. Turkey offers many affordable housing solutions to ex-pats. For foreign buyers, real estate in Turkey remains relatively cheap. However, there are a few factors to keep in mind before taking any action. These are listed below:

  • Although the transactions are easy, it will be beneficial for you to work with a real estate agent to make the shopping completely legal.
  • It will be better for you to travel and see the house with your own eyes before purchasing.
  • you must receive the title deed document in hand.

How to Buy a House in Izmir?

If you are thinking of buying a house in Izmir, and you do not know how to take action, you can make your work easier by contacting our team to help you from the Realty Group. However, before contacting us, you can express your style more clearly by examining the Izmir properties available in the market on the Realty Group’s Izmir projects tab of our site. As a real estate agency, we are trying to respond to your requests and needs by communicating easily thanks to our multilingual team for you in every region and district of Izmir. Thanks to our experience in real estate, we assure you that we provide almost 100% satisfaction to our customers. In addition, below are the steps you need to take to buy a house in Izmir.

  1. Research.
  2. Find the agent.
  3. Talk to your property agent and build a good rapport.
  4. Visit Turkey.
  5. Go on a Turkey property inspection trip.
  6. Negotiate the price and terms of purchase.
  7. Buy the house.

What are the Best Places to Buy a House in Izmir?

There is a list of the best places to buy a house in Izmir below

  • Bornova: Home of Homer, separates into 36 smaller neighborhoods. In Bornova, Ege University, Izmir’s first open shopping mall, Small Park Bazaar where various activities can be done, and many things are sheltered, as well as Folkart, Izmir’s first tall building. Bornova is a popular district with its new buildings and well-developed urbanism.
  • Konak: Konak, which is the oldest in Izmir and still home to the Greek people, is still a popular district. The Clock Tower, located in the Konak district square, is one of the symbols of Izmir. To take a break in the middle of the sea at Konak Pier, have a coffee, enjoy the view in the historical elevator, and discover traditional flavors in Kemeraltı bazaar.
  • Cesme: Those who want a more holiday-like life in a more touristic town should head to the Çeşme Peninsula. The three regions that attract all the attention are the town of the same name, the charming Alaçatı, and the slow-moving Ilıca. With 20 magnificent beaches, the peninsula offers the typical Turkish coastal lifestyle that easily attracts foreigners’ attention. It offers the best day and nightlife you have ever been to, so you need to discover and have a house in this place.
  • Seferihisar and Sıgacık: Seferihisar and Sığacık, which are among the districts with an even more calm and cozy lifestyle, have an authentic atmosphere. Located in the far southwest of Izmir city, this place is an official Cittaslow town. -Seferihisar is all about living in harmony with the environment, so locally grown produce is heavily featured in its cuisine, and even solar-powered streetlights meet strict criteria for what it means to be a Cittaslow destination.

What are the Advantages of Buying a House in Izmir?

Real estate investments to be made in Izmir offer a very different investment opportunity compared to others, because real estate investment is always affected by the economy and political stability of the State, and Turkey is the first and best candidate for real estate investment in the region. Izmir is an investment-hungry province, and real estate investment, Izmir farm investment, Izmir villa investment, and Izmir land investment are sectors that provide growth and profit at the Turkish level. Izmir real estate investment produces risk-free guaranteed results. So that’s why there are lots of advantages to buying a house in Izmir. The most important of these advantages is citizenship with a high income.

What are the Disadvantages of Buying a House in Izmir?

There are several potential disadvantages to buying a house in Izmir. Some of the main disadvantages include:

  • High prices: The cost of buying a house in Izmir can be quite high, especially if you are looking to buy in a desirable neighborhood or a central location.
  • Limited availability: The demand for housing in Izmir can be high, which can make it difficult to find the perfect house at a price that you can afford.
  • Location: Izmir is a large city with many different neighborhoods, and the quality of life can vary significantly depending on where you live.
  • Maintenance and repair costs: Owning a house can be expensive, as you will be responsible for paying for all necessary repairs and maintenance.
  • Limited flexibility: Once you buy a house, it can be difficult to sell it quickly or move to a different location if your circumstances change.

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