Everything About The Basaksehir In Istanbul: Living and Investing

Considering how historically impactful and important it is, and how it is the most populated city in Turkey, millions of those people reside within this glamorous city for good reason after all. Being a perfect example of multicultural harmony and various people living here in this historical beauty.

It is without a doubt that Istanbul’s enchanting serenity is with no rival. And every district of it holds a unique beauty of its own, all of them have an ensorcelling history of its own and every one of them is so unique, one could even feel as if they’re traveling from one town to another. Which Basaksehir, is the prime candidate at hand, being one of the said districts of Turkey, and this article shall be a proper headline through and through for those who are interested in it. Here is everything that one must know about Basaksehir.

What is the History of Basaksehir?

To be properly acquainted with a town, one must first and foremost, know its history. How such a place came to be. The history of Basaksehir goes back to the Ottoman Empire; when it was first founded, its name was ‘Azatlik’, a district where it was mostly specialized in providing gunpowder for the Ottoman Army. Later on, this small town progressed furtherly and a farm was established, known as the ‘Resneli Farm’ referring to Resneli Niyazi, a military officer from the town of Resen in North Macedonia, which to remark, was also in the Ottoman Empire’s borders.

The man Resneli Niyazi, later on, became a remarkable hero of the ‘Young Turk Revolution in the year 1908. Up to the year 2009 however, Basaksehir remained as a quarter of the ‘Kucukcekmece’ district. Later on, however, it became a district of its own, separating from Kucukcekmece.

As brief and shortcoming as Basaksehir’s history sounds. There is but one another important place that must be mentioned. The Cave of Yarimburgaz, a historical landmark that is believed that it is the first human settlement in the ancient days of Istanbul, is such a remarkable place indeed, as its history goes back to 400.000 years ago. The findings that have been found in this cave are also notably presented at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum.

Where is Basaksehir Located?

Basaksehir is within the European side of Istanbul, notably nearby to the center of the city itself, and remains within a quite efficient location. It is also neighbored by the following districts; Arnavutkoy from the north, Sultangazi and Eyupsultan and the northeast, Esenler in the east, Bagcilar, Kucukcekmece, and Avcilar in the south, and Esenyurt at the west.

What are the Advantages of Living in Basaksehir?

Overall, Basaksehir is one of the most preferred parts of Turkey by foreign people. It is remarkably inhabited by various people. Because of this, people who speak languages such as Arabic, Russian, English, and French are to be found quite commonly. Not to mention the Arabic population is rather prominent in Basaksehir and because of this, private schools for Arabic people are also common.

All this overall considered, in Basaksehir there is no concern about not finding people who can speak foreign languages, perhaps even speaking the very same language as those who are interested in settling in this part of Istanbul.
On top of this, Basaksehir is considered to be one of the most serene districts of Istanbul, it is rather larger than most of Istanbul’s districts, and generally is a forestal region. Remaining as a perfect candidate for those who prefer comfort and serenity above anything.

What is the Standard of Living in Basaksehir?

Although no doubt Basaksehir is one of the youngest districts of Istanbul, it is nonetheless considered to have one of the most serene standards of living overall in Istanbul. This is mostly because how the district possesses beautiful forests where people can relieve themselves from their stress and how the population in Basaksehir is considered to be remarkably modern and sophisticated. And because of the district’s brilliant reputation, many investors invest in this beautiful city to see it shine even further.

The prices of living here are also considered to be fairly plausible, not to mention that given the district is always progressing with brilliant investors seeking to invest in real estate at every turn, and the opportunities of finding the perfect area to settle in are limitless.

What are the Weather Conditions in Basaksehir?

As mentioned before, Basaksehir is rather a forestal region compared to the center-districts of Istanbul, it possesses a warm and mild climate, and given the north side of the district is covered in forests, its flora is consisting of steppes and thickets. Overall, its rather green climate considered, Basaksehir offers a harmonical weather condition where all the four seasons can be felt respectively although rainy weathers are not so rare, depending on the location exactly, the forestal regions prominently and naturally are rather rainy.

What are the Education Conditions in Basaksehir?

Basaksehir offers a rich amount of education for not only studying but for sports as well. There is even a soccer team named ‘Istanbul Basaksehir FX’ for the district itself. Along with this, a copious amount of sports schools can be found and especially just as mentioned before: private schools for certain foreign nations, where the best efficient education is offered.
Overall, Basaksehir has no shortage of educational opportunities for those who do so; from all sorts of sports to academic studies, this beautiful district has got one covered.

How is the Transportation in Basaksehir?

First and foremost, it should be mentioned that no corner in Istanbul is reachable, from buses to subways to metro buses, plenty of transportation options are there to travel to every corner of Istanbul, and Basaksehir is no exception to this.
One can use the M1 Ataturk Airport Metro to transit to Basaksehir, by taking the Kirazli station, one can transit to the M3 Basaksehir Metroline free of charge.

However, of course, it is not only by metro line can one go to Basaksehir, there is a rich amount of buses that come and goes from Basaksehir, practically from any part of Istanbul, below shall be listed the names of the buses that go to Basaksehir.

  • 78 – EMINONU
  • 78H – EMINONU
  • 98H – BAKIRKOY
  • 146B – EMINONU
  • 98 – BAKIRKOY
  • 89C – TAKSIM

How Far is the Basaksehir from the Important Areas of Istanbul?

Although location-wise Basaksehir is not too far from the center region of Istanbul, given its rather large compared to most of the districts, it can still be considered somewhat distant from the important areas of Istanbul. However not too much, as it is still rather easy to traverse the other areas of Istanbul practically by the metro lines, buses, or even by taxi.
The traffic is also considerably lesser compared to the other parts of Istanbul, this is an excellent advantage that compensates for the distance from Basaksehir.

How Far is Basaksehir From Near Airports?

There are 2 different airports in Istanbul. The distance between Istanbul Airport and Başakşehir is 19.3 kilometers, and the distance between Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport and Başakşehir is 47.8 kilometers.

What are the Important Areas of Basaksehir?

If the beautiful forest flora of Basaksehir is not enough, this beautiful district still has plenty to offer. First of all are the two places that had been mentioned in the beginning: The Resneli Farm and the Cave of Yarimburgaz, both of them are historically remarkable in their way, yet it doesn’t quite stop there.

There are plenty of Parks, Malls and Nature Parks offering a beautiful time for those who would like to visit them, the Malls shall be mentioned soonish, yet the Samlar Nature Park is especially worth mentioning. It is a beautiful park where one can picnic at their heart’s content, a beautiful relief of serenity from the rest of the city.
This aside, there is also the Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium. A large football stadium which is quite popular. It is also home to the Basaksehir FX Football Club.

What are the Malls and Shopping Centers of the Basaksehir District in Istanbul?

Now is the time for mentioning the Malls of Basaksehir, just as said before, there are plenty of locations one can visit. The most important of them all is the Mall of Istanbul. It is not only Turkey’s biggest fun and shopping center but also it has been chosen as the “Best Mall of the World”.

There are more than 300 shops, cafes, and restaurants one can go to in the Mall of Istanbul, as well as one, can have quite a fun time in the Moi Park.  It is the biggest theme park in Europe itself. Along with this, there is also Moi Sahne, where various musicians come for concerts. Or Turkish and Worldwide Theatres are also presented here. And finally, the Mall of Istanbul also has Turkey’s biggest cinema; the Cinetech.

What are the Best Restaurants in Basaksehir?

While Mall of Istanbul already offers various restaurants of the best quality to its visitors, there are still plenty of excellent quality restaurants throughout the Malls of Basaksehir and in the district itself.

‘Kuzubeyi’ would be an excellent recommendation, with its glamorously luxurious atmosphere, and second-to-none service.  And beautiful meat of all kinds. Kuzubeyi is within such an excellent location that there are various other places of interest to go as well after a delightful dinner. Such as the Turkish Delight Restaurant “Baklavaci Mehmet Yildirim” where one might experience the unrivaled taste of the Turkish Delight.

What are the Investment Options in Basaksehir?

Compared to all other districts of Istanbul, Basaksehir is truly a major candidate for an investing opportunity. There are various reasons why to do such, and they will be listed below:

  • Given the area of Basaksehir is prominently rich in flora, it is a remarkable place to invest in agriculture, there are large plots of land available to be purchased or invested in – for agricultural purposes. The factor Basaksehir being right within Istanbul creates copious opportunities for trading crops all across Europe and Anatolia alike.
  • As said before, Basaksehir possesses a rather large region. While its industrialized parts are considered modern and attract many, there are still enormous opportunities for investing in the plots of Basaksehir. This brings up a brilliant chance of investing in Malls, Schools, Hospitals, Real Estate, and so on forth. The options are rich.

How to Invest in Real Estate in Basaksehir?

Basaksehir offers a golden chance for those who would wish to invest in real estate. All the factors above, combined, make Basaksehir a perfect place for real estate indeed. Its beautiful lush region is always available for those who would like to invest in and purchase their plot. Or its beautiful neighborhoods offering a perfect place to settle in, in this district’s beautiful serenity.

The Turkish Government always welcomes those who would be interested to settle in, especially in Basaksehir, as it has always been a crucial part of Istanbul that has an incredible potential, a potential that the investors all around the world will make the most efficiency out of it. You can check the property in Basaksehir, here is our article.

Istanbul, the jewel of Turkey, has always been a city of beauty, and Basaksehir truly is no different, with all of its incredible opportunities and what this beautiful part of Turkey offers, it truly is a place that one must not overlook.
Basaksehir, its beautiful forests, its incredible malls, and its glamorous serenity invites those who would like to embrace what it offers. And it certainly will never disappoint.

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