Everything about the Beylikduzu Area in Istanbul: Living and Investing

Beylikduzu, as a district located in the west of Istanbul, is adjacent to Avcilar to the east, Esenyurt to the north, Buyukcekmece to the west, and the Marmara Sea to the south. Since this district is central and decent, it is highly appreciated by families and the upper-middle or upper class. If we want to explain briefly, we can say that Beylikduzu is a beautiful and modern suburb of Istanbul. Since life in Beylikduzu will allow you to live in one of the best European neighborhoods of Istanbul, you can own a property in Istanbul, not just for investment. This region as a whole creates a feeling as if it is in European countries because Beylikduzu neighborhoods are equivalent to the most luxurious and beautiful neighborhoods in terms of modernity and sophistication.

Where is Beylikduzu Located?

Beylikduzu is located by the sea and close to Tekirdag in Istanbul. This makes this district the westernmost district of Istanbul. The total area of the district is 36 square kilometers. Although this region was the region where slums were concentrated in the past, the city expanded to the west with the population owned, and today’s modern Beylikduzu was formed from the village at that time.

What are the Advantages of Living in Beylikduzu?

You can examine the advantages of living in Beylikduzu are listed below.

  • Being a new and luxurious settlement
  • Construction of buildings after 2005 by the earthquake resistance policy
  • Being close to the Metrobus Line on the E-5 and having various public transportation options.
  • Various services such as cleaning and porter service in return for fees in residence-like properties.
  • Including the surrounding green cover, the proximity between lakes and beaches, and the beautiful sea view from Marmara.
  • Semi or fully furnished, cleverly built apartments give users the freedom to choose what they want.
  • Quality education schools and universities.
  • Various amusement parks built for children.
  • More than 5 shopping mall options, built to meet your shopping needs.

What is the Standard of Living in Beylikduzu?

Beylikduzu is a beautiful and modern suburb laying on the European side of Istanbul, with a view of the Marmara Sea on one side and Buyukcekmece on the other, surrounded by the Avcilar region on the east and the Esenyurt region on the north. Its population is 315 thousand, and its surface area is 360 square kilometers. According to the population distribution in this region, it is a region where the middle-upper class generally resides and lives. In general, there are many activities that you can do both day and night, with the participation of employers or freelancers, which, on the other hand, increases the quality of life.

In addition to daily shopping and sightseeing activities, there are also many important and special touristic areas where you can travel in history. In addition, we can say the Standard of Living in Turkey offers a good amount of things.

What are the Weather Conditions in Beylikduzu?

As Turkey is located in the northern hemisphere, the warm seasons experienced in Beylikduzu last 3 months, from June 10 to September 14, with an average daily high temperature of over 77°F. It was found that the hottest month of the year in Beylikduzu is August with the highest average of 83°F and the lowest average of 70°F.

The cold seasons last 3.9 months, from November 29 to March 25, with an average daily high of less than 54°F. The coldest month of the year in Beylikduzu is February with an average low of 38°F and a maximum of 48°F.

What are the Education Conditions in Beylikduzu?

According to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, every citizen living in Turkey has the right to free education for compulsory primary education. Turkish should be taught as a mother tongue, except in specially licensed and foreign institutions. Since 2012, the first twelve years of education are compulsory for boys and girls, which can be divided into 4+4+4 years of education. In other words, Turkey is one of the only countries that values ​​and prioritizes education.

Schools located in Istanbul, Beylikduzu, on the other hand, offer non-state school options called both public and private schools. In cases where the government does not provide sufficient or specific education, private schools may be preferred. They may also be schools with religious or higher regular education or other attempts to promote individual achievement. In schools located in Beylikduzu, the goal will be to ensure that all children start a solid and early formal education, they will indeed encourage children aged three to six to meet their environmental and self-care needs.

How is the Transportation in Beylikduzu?

Along with the housing projects and social activity areas in Beylikduzu, which are constantly increasing, various transportation networks have been created to facilitate transportation. The fact that the Metrobus line passes through Beylikduzu, which significantly reduces the transportation load, has been used for all people who live in Beylikduzu. With the development of new transportation projects, the value of Beylikduzu will continue to increase. With the approval Bakirkoy-Beylikduzu metro line, which was decided to be built after the Metrobus, the house prices in the region started to rise. This shows that the transportation networks in Beylikduzu will expand and it will be easier for the residents of the region.

How Far is the Beylikduzu from the Important Areas of Istanbul?

Since Beylikduzu is located in the west of Istanbul, it is very close to Tekirdag from the city center. If you are wondering how many kilometers away from the central areas of Istanbul, the answer to your question is about 40 kilometers. But, for example, its distance from Taksim street is about 30 km. Since it is located in a quieter and more decent part of the city, it will be very easy to reach these areas thanks to public transportation, except for your car, even if it is in the outer part.

How Far is Beylikduzu From Near Airports?

There are 2 different airports in Istanbul. There is approximately a 4.7 km distance between Istanbul. The distance from Istanbul Airport to Beylikdüzü is 32.2 kilometers, and finally, the distance from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport to Beylikdüzü is 57.0 kilometers.

What are the Important Areas of Beylikduzu?

Below are the known and most populated- important areas in Beylikduzu.

  • Baris neighborhood
  • Cumhuriyet Mahallesi district.
  • Gurpinar Mahallesi district.
  • Marmara district
  • Yakuplu neighborhood
  • Adnan Kahveci Mahallesi neighborhood.
  • Buyuk Sehir Mahallesi district.

What are the Malls in Beylikduzu District in Istanbul?

Here is the list of malls that stays Beylikduzu district in Istanbul.

  • Bauhaus AVM
  • Beyaz City AVM
  • Beylicium AVM
  • Beylikduzu Migros AVM
  • Koctas AVM
  • Markacity AVM
  • Perlavista AVM
  • Marmara Park

What are the Investment Options in Beylikduzu?

Turkey is a country that attracts great attention due to its geographical location. Thanks to Turkey’s strategic location, historical features, touristic places, and rich cultural structure, people living anywhere in the world prefer to invest in real estate in Turkey as an investment choice. Another reason for this is that buying property in Turkey gives real estate investors a competitive advantage and allows them to increase the value of their investments.

Beylikduzu district, which has become the new attraction center of Istanbul, is a popular district that is frequently preferred in terms of real estate investment. With its new settlement and beautiful urbanism, it kind of takes the pulse of the Turkish real estate market. Beylikduzu is one of the most popular destinations for those who want to invest in real estate options. Those who want to invest in new projects will see that the real estate value of this district is gradually increasing. because this district, which hosts a separate project that is started almost every month, can offer you many different options.

How to Invest in Real Estate in Beylikduzu?

Turkey is a country that attracts great attention due to its advantageous geographical location. Turkey’s strategic location, historical features, touristic places, rich cultural structure and rapidly developing real estate sector make it one of the most valuable countries in the world. Properties in Beylikduzu allow them to buy great property, invest in real estate and increase the value of their investments. Since Turkey is one of the countries that affect the real estate sector, it attracts the attention of domestic and foreign investors. Istanbul houses are among the most exclusive destinations for investors.

Being one of Turkey’s most metropolitan cities due to its rich cultural background, Istanbul is one of the locations that investors from all over the world evaluate with its extensive transit network, social facilities, and business centers. As a realty group, we will work with you on all your real estate investment requests and we will find you the houses that will meet your style and needs.

What is the History of Beylikduzu?

This region, whose history dates back to the 7th century BC, was first turned into a settlement by the Hellenes. This region, which was later captured by the Byzantines and Ottomans, was named “Kavakli” due to the density of poplar trees that easily adapt to the natural climate of the village in the Republican period. With the law enacted in 1993, Kavakli became a town municipality of Buyukcekmece. It turned into a district from a town and finally took the name of Beylikduzu. The real population explosion in the region was experienced by the people of Istanbul who moved to Beylikduzu after the 1999 Marmara Earthquake, fleeing the old and rotten buildings. The district, which was later redesigned according to environmental and urban planning plans, is now a favorite of Istanbul.

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