How to Buy an Office in Turkey?

Buying an office is a form of investment that investors have recently preferred. People who invested in buying houses and land in the past have recently begun investing in buying offices. Buying an office in Turkey is the same as other real estate buying processes. Official procedures usually occur when opening an office. To purchase an office, it must first be determined which city or district to invest in. Since some districts are at the center of business life, it takes a short time for the investment to return. First of all, this situation should become a certainty. Then, the current real estate advertisements and projects of real estate companies should be examined. Some conditions are required from foreign investors.

Foreigners who meet these requirements can purchase the office that they have decided on together with the real estate agency. The constitution of the Republic of Turkey guarantees the right to property for everyone. (Land Registry Law No. 2644, 35. Article). Foreign citizens can own property and invest in it as long as they comply with legal procedures. Foreign investors do not need a residence permit to own real estate in Turkey. At the same time, a real estate investment worth $ 400.000 also qualifies for Turkish citizenship.

What are the Features of the Office?

The most unique feature of Istanbul is the Bosphorus. This strait makes it a city that connects both the Asian and European sides. Therefore, the most important feature of the offices in Istanbul is the Bosphorus view. Istanbul acts as a gateway for both western and eastern countries, as it is the place where trade can be managed most easily due to its location. Istanbul’s Levent, Maslak, and Esenyurt regions are the areas where many commercial and business complexes, offices, and companies are located. The services offered in the offices in these places are listed below.

  • Stylish and equipped equipment,
  • Services that ensure the constant cleaning and ordering of offices,
  • 24/7 security services,
  • Expenses such as electricity and natural gas are generally included in the rent,
  • High-speed internet service.

What are the Office Prices Like in Turkey?

Office prices vary depending on some factors. An exact price cannot be mentioned. Real estate prices in Istanbul are higher than in Ankara, Izmir, and Bursa. In addition, prices vary in different districts located in the same city. In addition, factors such as the size of the office (m2), how many people can work, and which project the office are involved in affect prices. The following lists the average office prices in the four major cities of Turkey.

  • Istanbul: 9901 TL/ m2 (731 USD/m2)
  • Izmir:5335 TL/ m2 (394 USD/m2)
  • Ankara :7000 TL /m2 (518 USD /m2)
  • Bursa: 3200 TL/ m2 (236 USD/m2)

How to buy an Office in Turkey with Realty Group?

Realty Group is a real estate company providing services with its expert team in Turkey. When you review the company’s website, you can review the announcement by selecting the desired city. English Arabic, Persian and Russian languages can be selected on the website to view the adverts more conveniently. In all ads, they indicate the price, the specifics of the office project, and the deadlines for the project. After reviewing a project that interests you, you can fill out the form. Any questions you wish will be answered by providing you with a return within the time which you have chosen when filling out the form. If there is a project that you have already chosen, you can also ask your questions to the authorized contact person.

What are Realty Group’s Offices for Sale in Turkey?

Realty Group includes projects in Istanbul and Izmir on its websites. The Realty Group projects are listed below.

  • Luxury Flats With Exquisite Sea Views Over Adalar Islands – Rg-452
  • Exclusive Property Complex Overlooking Princess Islands – Rg-451
  • Modern Offices & Business Centers Compound in Istanbul – Rg-445
  • Lotus Nisantasi Elite Project In The Center Of Istanbul – Rg-441
  • Mall of Istanbul High Residences in Hilton Hotel Tower – Rg-417
  • Modern Standards of Akzirve Topkapi Properties in Istanbul – Rg-416
  • Babacan Central Luxury Property Compound in Istanbul – Rg-415
  • Sea View Property Project With Government Guarantee – RG-408
  • Different Culture Business Life In Asian Side Of Istanbul – Rg-406
  • Vip Complex Project With Full Modern Facilities In Maslak – Rg-394
  • Unique Project With Guaranteed Investment Opportunities – Rg-388
  • Deluxe Compound With Investment Opportunities – Rg-375
  • A High-Class Residential And Investment Project In Esenyurt – Rg-357
  • Innovative Complex In The Asian Side Of Istanbul – Rg-345
  • Properties For Sale In Izmir With Best Choice – Rg-546

You can also find more offices options for Realty Group projects for your preference.

What are the Documents Required to Buy an Office in Turkey?

Foreign citizens can own property and invest in it as long as they comply with legal procedures. They do not need a residence permit to own real estate in Turkey. But there are certain requirements for obtaining property. The requirements are listed below.

  • An identification number for tax purposes
  • A Turkish bank account
  • Documents from your country of residence
  • Two pictures

How Much Deposit is Required to Buy an Office in Turkey?

A deposit is an assurance given by the tenant to the owner of the property in case of material damage that may occur in the real estate or case of non-payment of rent and dues. So, when buying real estate, a deposit is not paid. But when you rent out the real estate you are investing in, you also have the right to receive a deposit because you own the property. The deposit fee is up to a maximum amount of 3 months of rent. In Turkey, the deposit is usually taken up to 1 month’s rent. The received deposit must be deposited into the term account according to the constitution and there should be no inflation depreciation. At the end of the contract, if the damages contained in the contract have not occurred in the real estate, the deposit is returned to the tenant.

What Jobs are Done in Turkey Offices?

The professions performed in the offices in Turkey are listed below.

  • Company representative offices
  • Media and communication sector
  • Social media agencies
  • Agencies
  • E-Commerce companies
  • Real estate companies
  • Accountants and the financial sector
  • Consulting companies, etc.

Illegal work cannot be done in offices in Turkey.

From Which City to buy an Office in Turkey?

Many cities in Turkey are cities where the economy and industry are developing. Therefore, the demand for offices in these cities is very high. Office investment in these cities allows you to return the investment in a short time. The cities suitable for office investment are listed and explained below:

  • Istanbul: Istanbul is the most developed city in terms of economy in Turkey. There are representative offices of local and foreign companies in the city. At the same time, there are also representative offices of companies like Buy Office in Istanbul, serving the Middle East region in the city. Regions such as Levent, Basaksehir, Maslak, and Atasehir are the leading economic regions of Istanbul. There are a lot of requests for offices in these regions.
  • Ankara: Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and is also the second-largest city in Turkey. Therefore, some companies that want to do business in Turkey prefer Ankara for their offices. Its location in the middle of Turkey makes it easy to get from Ankara to other cities. In addition, this is also an advantage, since most of the state institutions are located in Ankara. Kecioren, Mamak, and Cankaya regions are the economic regions of Ankara.
  • Izmir: Izmir is the third-largest city in Turkey. Izmir is a port city, so international companies and logistics companies prefer to open their offices in Izmir. An economic ecosystem has also been formed in Izmir itself. Districts such as Bayrakli, Bornova, Konak, and Alsancak are the districts where Izmir’s economy is developing.
  • Bursa: Bursa is one of the most developed provinces of the Turkish industry. There are dozens of factories of large companies in the city. Bursa is one of the preferences of local and foreign investors because it is close to Ankara, Izmir, and Istanbul and because it is logistically advantageous.

How much is Office Tax in Turkey?

Property tax is an annual tax levied on the owners of real estate and immovable property, such as housing, workplace, and land. The property tax varies according to the type of real estate concerned, its value, and the status of the province. It is 1/1000 for residential buildings, 2/1000 for businesses, 3/1000 for land plots, and 1/1000 dec land plots. These thousandth rates vary depending on the value of the real estate.

Can Citizenship be Obtained when buying an Office in Turkey?

According to the Constitution, investing in real estate and real estate worth $ 400,000 provides Turkish citizenship and residence permits to foreign citizens. Making an office investment is included in this real estate investment requirement. That is, making an office investment worth $ 400,000 in Turkey meets this requirement and gives the right to citizenship.

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