What are Questions to Ask the Real Estate Agent when a House Buying?

Before buying a house, it is very important to work with a real estate agent in order not to have problems in sales transactions and to protect your rights. Of course, working with a real estate agent not only provides you with transaction security or financial satisfaction but also the presence of a special person who will make your whole home-looking process easier and offers you structures that will appeal to your taste.

If you are getting help from a real estate agent while buying a property and you want to get the most out of the service you receive, you should let the real estate agent get to know you as well. Therefore, regarding how to get to know each other, the answer is pretty simple to ask each other specific questions. The answers you will give to the real estate agent include a lot of specific information from your home taste, your life expectancy to your financial situation. In addition, the questions you will ask the real estate agent will be about the service you will receive from him. The questions are below to ask a real estate agent when buying a house.

  • Why Is the Owner Selling the House?
  • How long has the property been on the market?
  • What are the Features of the Property?
  • How Many Rooms Does the Property Have?
  • How Many Bathrooms Does the Property Have?
  • When Was the Property Built?
  • Is the Property Earthquake Resistant?
  • Which Way Is the Property Facing?
  • When was the last time the property was maintained?
  • Are the Neighbors Noisy?
  • Is the Property Pet Friendly?
  • Is the property Suitable for Children?
  • How is the Local Neighborhood?
  • Is Access to the Property Easy?
  • Can I Talk to The Seller Directly?
  • What is the Latest Price for the Property?
  • Is there a Discount on the Price?

1. Why Is the Owner Selling the House?

People who want to put their houses up for sale may have different motivations. These motivations do not always indicate bad news about the home. For example, expanding their family can mean that the house is not enough for them, which, while bad for the landlord, creates a great opportunity for a market sale.

Another cause of motivation that encourages sales can be considered as the financial problems experienced by the landlord. These monetary problems should not be thought of as always being in debt. For example, it is also a financial reason for them to sell their current house to buy a house that will bring more profit than them in the market. That’s why by asking this question to your real estate agent, you can get enough information about why the house was put up for sale by the owner.

2. How Long Has the Property Been on the Market?

The way to understand how much demand and offer a house is in the market is to find out how long that house has been on sale. Because in some cases, one of the reasons why the house you are interested in has been on sale for a long time and has not yet found a buyer may be a sign that there is a problem with the house. These problems can be related not only to the house but also to the person who is the seller of the house. However, the best way to learn the answer to this question is to talk to your real estate agent.

3. What are the Features of the Property?

Everyone has their own unique needs and desires while searching for a house to purchase. Still, some features of the house they are caring for may surprise them.

Having priority features before doing research makes a real estate agent’s job a lot easier while researching your desired house but taking firm decisions over it sometimes blocks the opportunities that you will encounter in the marketplace. So, you must be careful about deciding and not think of a solid decision since you may encounter different options in the market, which you may like as well. That’s why it is essential to talk about the features of the property with your real estate agent so that you can decide whether it is good for you or not. Furthermore, knowing the features of the house makes you think about if it is worth for price or not.

4. How Many Rooms Does the Property Have?

It is very important to find out the number of rooms in the house that the real estate agent shows you. If you wish, you can tell the real estate agent the number of rooms you want the house to have, and you can see only those that will meet your needs among the houses on sale.

If the number of rooms you want the house to have is not enough to meet your needs, even if you buy it, after a while, you will want to move again because the house will not be enough for you. To avoid this situation, tell the real estate agent about your needs and wishes so that your real estate agent will present you with the houses that are suitable for you.

5. How Many Bathrooms Does the Property Have?

If you have a family with children, an en-suite bathroom, and a shared bathroom in your home, if your standards are higher, having a guest bathroom will make your job much easier. However, if you have different or specific priorities in this regard and only want to look at the house options in that number and that feature, talk to your real estate agent clearly about this issue. All of the recent buildings in Turkey have en-suite bathrooms.

This subject requires considerable discussion, as the properties of the house’s bathroom cannot be easily changed or added extra because of the way the pipeline has been.

6. When Was the Property Built?

The buildings constructed after 2018 were subjected to prioritized controls and conditions in and out of areas with earthquake risk. Whereas the younger the construction year of the house, the more it is preferred because it will provide an easier usage area. Therefore, finding out the age of the building you want is one of the questions you should ask when buying that house.

7. Is the Property Earthquake Resistant?

As we mentioned in the previous question, one of the factors you should consider when buying a house is whether the house is earthquake resistant or not. That’s why you should find out if the houses you are looking at are earthquake-resistant structures by asking your real estate agent.

8. Which Way Is the Property Facing?

Which direction the house faces is a very important factor in the internal temperature of the house. South-facing houses will get warmer in summer and winter as they will get sun and this will save you heat and can even turn into a very lucrative investment over a long period.

9. When Was the Last Time the Property was Maintained?

Before you buy a home, the maintenance of the property you are looking at needs to be investigated separately, as it is crucial to maintaining the value of the physical building it owns.

10. Are the Neighbors Noisy?

One of the important and relatable properties in Turkey is buying a house. Because the peace you will experience in that house is very proportional to your relationship with your neighbors. If your neighbors behave appropriately and do not have a noisy life that will disturb you at night, the efficiency you will get from the house will be doubled. If the house you are considering buying is located in a residence or a multi-story building, your neighbors should be careful about their approach and loud noise.

11. Is the Property Pet Friendly?

If you want to take care of an animal in the property you will buy or if you already own an animal, the house you will buy must be pet friendly. Pet-friendly apartments and residences have higher fees, but thanks to this element, you will prevent your neighbors from complaining to the management because you have a pet, and you will not experience any stress in this regard while living with your pet. O if you consider having a pet in the house you will purchase, you must ask the real estate agent to look for pet-friendly properties.

12. Is the property Suitable for Children?

If you have children, the house you will buy must be suitable for your child. Therefore, you should carefully examine some factors to understand that your home is suitable for your child. For example, the quality of the local school or the house you will buy will completely change your child’s school life. In addition, the size of the house and the absence of a playroom or play area mean that the child constantly scatters his belongings around and this situation will disturb both you and your child.

13. How is the Local Neighborhood?

The location of the house you are going to buy is very important, even the location in the neighborhood will have a great impact on the value of your house. Once you have chosen the general area you want to live in, it would make sense to start looking for specific places in those neighborhoods. If you buy at the lower price end of the neighborhood’s price range, other homes in your neighborhood will increase your value.

Besides the prices, the crime rate, welfare level, school quality, and hospitals of the neighborhood or region you live in will affect the majority of your quality of life, so you should talk to your real estate agent to get detailed information about the neighborhood that you want to live.

14. Is Access to the Property Easy?

Transportation to the house by public transport or subway is of great importance because transportation opportunities both increase the price of the house and provide a lot of convenience in terms of vital activities while providing an opportunity for you to save money by preventing you from driving every day.

15. Can I Talk to The Seller Directly?

Talking to the seller of the house individually will give you a clear understanding of why he or she wants to sell the house, so you’ll have a smoother process and reduce the chances of getting scammed or getting a bad surprise later on. For this situation, you can talk to your real estate agent and express that you want to talk to the landlord.

16. What is the Latest Price for the Property?

If favorable conditions are met when purchasing a product, bargaining can be made, so you will have the opportunity to have the same product at a more affordable price from the same seller. This bargaining logic is also valid when buying a house.

If you wish, you can contact your real estate agent and request a discount as the final offer on the price, or your real agent can make a call to the landlord on your behalf to see how much the last house will cost. In these two scenarios, remember that you will be the winner, so don’t forget to ask questions about the final bid.

17. Is there a Discount on the Price?

If you are looking at a house that is already on sale in the market, you may want to find out if there is any discount on the price during the sale because if the house has been on the market for a long time, there may have been any problem in this house, and if the discount is made, it may be related to the house being disposed of. in some cases, due to the cash crunch, homeowners leave their houses at very affordable prices due to their sudden needs, no matter how good they are.

18. Have a Parking Problem?

Finding the home of your dreams, making the deal, and then learning that the neighborhood is dangerous, has severe traffic issues, or requires on-street parking is a nightmare. Before committing to buying a house, it is essential to research the area. Ask the neighbors about the neighborhood as you drive to the house during rush hour. Inquiring about any issues in the neighborhood is always a smart idea.

19. Has the Property Repeatedly Changed Hands?

It’s crucial to find out why the current owners are leaving after a brief stay. Do they, for instance, have bothersome neighbors or any other issues?

And if the property has repeatedly changed hands, you should be on the lookout for significant issues. Find out the reason the previous owners left. Even try to get in touch with them to find out their motivation.

20. Do You See any Potential Issues?

When looking for a home, it’s simple to overlook crucial aspects, especially if you’ve been looking for a while and are anxious to buy. However, your agent approaches things from a more authoritative perspective. They have a responsibility to look out for details that you might miss and ensure that you know what you’re getting into. Nobody wants to get into a contract only to have a house inspection turn up serious issues. Asking the realtor if any concerns may make you alter your mind is vital since there may be anything that you haven’t seen that could influence the value of the home.

What Questions should be asked of the Realtor After Buying the House?

There is a list of questions about the things to ask before buying a flat below.

  • How has the property’s value changed in the last few years?
  • How much is the Council Tax? And how much are utility bills in the area?
  • When can I get the title deed?
  • When can I move into the house?
  • Should I pay all the fees after purchasing it or should I call inspectors to analyze the fees?

What should be considered while Talking with Real Estate Agents?

If you want to solve home-buying transactions in a safe and stress-free way, you need to work with a real estate agent, but to understand which real estate agent is more suitable for you, you need to contact a few people and ask questions mutually.

There are lots of questions that you can ask the real estate agent however you need to introduce yourself and explain your taste at home to them. This will help them to understand your point of view. And then tell the reasons why you want to buy a house in the first place.

After that, you should ask them about their previous clients and how they work collaboratively with their clients, this will give you hints about your options.

How to tell if the Real Estate Agent is Reliable?

There are several ways to understand whether a real estate agent is reliable or not. The first key to understanding that is to check their certificate that shows that they are officially and legally working as a realtor.

The other key to reliability is knowledge of the brand. There are several brands and associates in the real estate sector that they are working for years with their great teams. So, the experience they have will prove their reliability.

And the final proof of this question will be communication. Well-established and reputable institutions want to make sure that your wishes are fully met and that they provide a service that you are satisfied with, respectfully, and by taking very close care of you. Therefore, by examining these three factors, you can understand whether the institutions you will meet are reliable or not.

We, as a Realty Group, have been providing you with superior service with our professional team since 2009. We are proud to offer you safe, innovative, and dynamic service with over a thousand different projects we have completed. If you are considering buying a house in the Turkish market, you can contact us without hesitation and take advantage of the great opportunities.

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