What are Questions to Ask your Real Estate Agent?

The real estate agent is a licensed professional who manages real estate transactions by gathering buyers and sellers. He/she also acts as their representative in negotiations. Real estate agents usually are compensated completely by a commission—a percentage of the property’s purchase price. So, their income depends on their ability to close a real estate deal.

Anyone who has the necessary education and is always inclined to improve themselves can become a real estate agent. It is also necessary to keep the knowledge up to date and to have the ability to act proactively. However, many of the things that need to be done to be successful in this profession may require compromising the comfort zone of the person. In this sector, which requires a lot of effort and patience, being aware of why one wants to do this job is as important as being patient and stable. So, you need to find a reliable real estate agent and ask him important questions to handle your purchasing process accurately.

The dialogues that real estate agents have with their customers are mostly in the form of questions and answers. By understanding the expectations and demands of their customers correctly, the consultants ask some questions to offer the fastest and most accurate real estate options. Customers, on the other hand, want to be sure that they have chosen the most suitable real estate agent for them, and for this purpose they seek answers to some of their basic questions. So what questions do clients ask their real estate agents?

1. Is Your Agency Legal?

To avoid any legal problems in the future, you need to pay attention to whether your real estate agent complies with legal obligations. It will also protect your rights to work with a professional that complies with the laws and regulations governing the real estate agency profession.

2. Can I See Your Real Estate License?

A real estate license enables better marketing strategies and a more satisfying system. In the courses of this certificate, marketing strategies are explained in detail and in-depth information on this subject is given. These courses also teach techniques that ensure customer satisfaction. You should also choose a real estate agent with a real estate license.

3. How Many Customers Do You Have?

Real estate consultants contact a lot of customers during the day due to their profession. Some of the customers contact real estate agents to sell their house, some to purchase a house, and some to find a tenant to rent their house comfortably. So, the more clients they have, the more adept real estate agents are at understanding their wants and desires. This experience is valuable enough to make real estate professionals and experts in customer psychology.

4. Do You Have a Reference?

Everyone wants to get their dream house as soon as possible after they have made a good decision. For this reason, the first question that comes to mind when choosing a real estate consultant is ‘do you have a reference?’ Because the real estate agent’s previous work experience might be decisive.

Some of the real estate consultants are experts in the sale of commercial, residential, historical buildings, and some land. A customer who asks you this question wants to know whether you have sold places similar to his real estate in the last year.

5. What Services Do You Offer?

It is very important to know the services that the real estate agent you will work with will provide. Because real estate consultants are in charge of directing their clients to the most profitable real estate investment. They compare the value determined for the real estate in their portfolio with the real estate values of the region with the special real estate region value analysis.

A real estate consultant who knows the real estate prices of the region in which he operates in the real estate sector, not only according to the conditions of the day but also about the housing sales or housing rental price trends in comparison with the previous years, is always ahead.

6. Do You Work with Buyers or Sellers?

The customer profile consists of those who want to buy a property and those who want to sell/rent a property. Their basic desires are very clear: to own a property at the most affordable price or to acquire a high-yielding return. For this reason, customers prefer to work with a real estate agent that is suitable for the process they want.

7. Do you Work Individually or as a Team?

One of the questions you should ask the real estate agency you will work with is whether they work as a team or individually. Because this greatly affects the style of selling real estate. Working as a team takes less time, you don’t have to ask just one person when you want to ask a question.

8. How Can I Contact You?

The working methods of real estate consultants and how often they will inform are important for customers. Because every customer wants to know that they are really taken care of and that they will work professionally on the real estate they own.

Every customer is different. Therefore, their preferred method of communication will also be different. Some customers want to be kept informed by regular phone calls, while others want to learn about the steps you take to sell a home by email. How often the communication link is maintained is as important as the method of communication.

9. What Days Do You Work?

The real estate purchase process is a long-term process. It contains many factors. Real estate agents are people who generally work every day of the week. Being able to reach the real estate agent at any time will accelerate you to find an answer to a problem you have in mind.

10. How Much Do You Charge?

Real estate is a sales business, and those who want to sell or rent their home want this process to proceed as efficiently as possible. At this stage, price policy stands out as a very important issue. By asking the real estate agent about the charges and commissions, you should compare the price and consider the pricing of the others.

Besides, the average price of the real estate in the portfolio is an important criterion when choosing a real estate agent. If you are interested in a million-dollar property, you may not care too much about subprime real estate.

11. Can you Explain the Homebuying Process from Start to Finish?

Technical knowledge, skills, and experience may not be enough when meeting with a real estate agent. At the same time, establishing a solid relationship of trust and being a recommended real estate agent makes it easier to reach potential customers faster, in addition to customer satisfaction. That is why explaining the process in detail from start to finish forms the basis of trust between them.

12. How Long Have You been in the Real Estate Industry?

The level of experience that real estate agents have varies greatly, so you should think carefully about whether you want someone who is just entering the industry to guide you through one of the biggest financial transactions of your life, especially if it’s your first time and you have no idea what to expect. The education and experience of an agent may be quite helpful during negotiations or when assessing properties during showings. A skilled and experienced agent who can safeguard you during a difficult procedure and point out anything you might have missed is really useful.

You need a professional that understands the ins and outs of the industry, and only experience can provide that degree of expertise. Select a candidate with at least a few years’ worths of experience in the field. Ask the agent if he will receive in-person training from a real estate broker in his office if he is a novice (A broker is a real estate professional who has advanced their schooling above the agent level and frequently oversees a group of agents.).

A seasoned agent will have developed negotiating strategies that have been tried and true and will be able to foresee issues before they occur. Additionally, they will already be connected to other real estate experts.

What are Questions to Ask Real Estate agents when a House Buying?

One of the first things that a client who wants to work with a real estate agent will pay attention to is experience. A client always wants to confirm whether the agent is experienced and motivated enough. There is no specific figure expressing experience in the real estate industry. Experience can only be measured by one or two sales, which can be considered successful in terms of the type of real estate that will enter the sale or rental process and its location.

By asking these questions to choose a real estate agent, you can learn significant information;

  • Is your agency legal?
  • Can I see your real estate license?
  • How many customers do you have?
  • Do you have a reference?
  • What services do you offer?
  • Do you work with buyers or sellers?
  • Do you work individually or as a team?
  • How can I contact you?
  • What days do you work?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Can you explain the whole home purchasing process?

Why is a Real Estate Agent Important?

A real estate agency covers a long process with several data. For instance; needs analysis, preparation of alternatives, marketing, reporting, proposal and negotiation process, bank loan processes, the acquisition of title deed, portfolio, property presentation, a professional photo, and video shooting, competitor market analysis, and determining the right price.

 A real estate agent is very important as it will take quite a while to handle these processes on your own as a buyer.

How to Find a Reliable Real Estate Agent?

The real estate agent is the professional title given to people who carry out transactions such as buying, selling, and renting properties such as villas, residences, land, and similar properties within the framework of certain rules. It serves potential customers or new customers by creating its portfolio.

You can find a real estate agent by consulting a real estate company. In Turkey, Realty Group will be at your service while offering a transparent process through reliable real estate agents. Here are the services of Realty Group;

  • Adopting the needs of customers
  • Determining the economic situation of the customers
  • Offering customer-made options
  • Finding the affordable properties
  • Be in constant contact with those who want to sell real estate
  • Be in constant contact with potential clients
  • Following the developments and changes in the real estate sector
  • Making house promotions to customers who want to buy a house
  • Informing and guiding customers and advising them in the real estate sector
  • Arranging the necessary documents during sales and purchases
  • Implementing a good marketing strategy for customers

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