How to Start in Real Estate?

Real estate consultants, who enable the active progress of the real estate sector today, provide services on subjects such as real estate purchase, sale, and rental. Consultants, in many transactions related to the real estate sector; the landlord acts as an intermediary between the buyer/tenant. To these brokerage transactions; sale, leasing, marketing, establishing a condominium servitude, establishing condominium ownership, barter, change of type for real estate, grant (donation), partition (sharing), proofreading (correction), issuing maps and regional zoning plans from municipalities, issuing real estate declaration, selling from notary public transactions such as making a preliminary contract and making a lease contract can be given as examples.

To briefly express this real estate consultancy, it can be expressed as an intermediary that undertakes a task in the process of communicating with real estate owners and people looking for a house. Individuals cannot work independently while performing this task. Persons who want to undertake this task must fulfill certain responsibilities and act under a certain official institution. People who want to take part in this process can obtain the necessary professional authorizations by registering with the Chamber of Realtors or the Chamber of Commerce in the province where they are located. In this way, the real estate sector serves as a more organized and developed sector under the supervision of the state.

What are The Steps to Start Real Estate?

The real estate sector has emerged as a sector in which the rate of profitability has increased especially in the last period. The real estate sector draws attention as a sector in which there is a shortage of supply and yet the demand rate does not decrease. In this context, it is possible to describe the sector as an investment tool that provides advantages.

According to the statements made within the scope of current research, an increase of 26.2 percent is observed in the real estate sector in Turkey, especially in the last year. Within the scope of this increase, it is possible to say that the real estate sector is one of the driving forces of the economy in Turkey. In this direction, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who want to work in the real estate sector. Entrepreneurs and those who want to acquire new professions are increasingly interested in this field.

In Turkey, people have to fulfill certain responsibilities to serve as a responsible real estate consultant in a real estate office, to take part in this subject in real estate companies, or open their own real estate office. Otherwise, it is not possible to show a presence in the sector. These responsibilities can be summarized as follows:

  • Follow the training and fairs related to the sector,
  • Take the compulsory professional qualification exams,
  • Focus on the customer,
  • Consider that the real estate business is a team job and build a strong team,
  • Make use of social media and the internet and use technology correctly,
  • Follow the field of law and finance along with the real estate sector.

1. Review Your State’s Guidelines:

People who are interested in the real estate sector in Turkey need to get detailed information on what to do to become a real estate agent. Working in the real estate sector requires having some competence and equipment within the scope of the current regulation on the real estate trade. At this point, people need to have detailed information about the directives on the real estate sector in their region. In addition, the Ministry of Trade and Labor has brought certain standards to hundreds of professional groups in the European Union’s harmonization process. In this context, it is aimed to perform the professions in Turkey at certain standards. Today, these studies have been completed for many occupational groups. Within the scope of the National Competence and Vocational Qualification rules, it has been determined which rules will be taken as a basis while performing these professions. It is also explained within the scope of these rules what kind of licenses the executives should have. Real estate consultancy is also within the scope of these professions.

2. Complete a Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course:

Anyone who has high school graduation, after the university entrance exam, can choose departments such as Business Administration, Economics, and Real Estate in the relevant faculties of universities and receive their graduation from these departments. Candidates who have graduated from schools related to the sector have the right to work in the sector if they successfully pass the real estate consultant exam.

3. Pass The State Real Estate Exam:

If you have a high school or university certificate in the field of real estate trade, you do not need a professional qualification certificate at the next stage. To get the Real Estate Advisor certificate, you must attend the Theoretical and performance exams. In these exams, some questions will measure the knowledge and skills that real estate consultants should have. The theoretical exam takes place as a 90-minute exam, with a common session for all participants. Performance exams, on the other hand, are held separately and for 1 hour for each participating candidate. Candidates who succeed in the exams are entitled to receive a professional qualification certificate. Documents are sent to the person’s address as soon as possible after the exam.

4. Apply For a License:

As of 31 August 2020, people who do not have a license document have been prevented from opening a real estate office. To open a real estate office, it is necessary to have a level 5 Realtor Authorization document. To obtain a Level 5 certificate, it is necessary to apply to the institutions determined by the MYK with the real estate certificate you have received.

5. Find a Brokerage:

One of the most important features of working in a corporate company is the feeling of trust. With the power of the firm, both real estate consultants and prospective customers act with a sense of trust. Real estate companies use a common network with their real estate consultants. In this context, portfolio alternatives are emerging even for consultants who have just entered the system. While being a part of a successful team working in unison in companies motivates the consultant, this situation also reflects positively on the customer. As a result of all these advantageous situations, when real estate consultants work with an intermediary institution, they get the price of the service they provide, together with the equipment they have and the corporate power behind them, while making their customers’ lives easier.

6. Consider joining the National Association of Realtors:

The National Association of Realtors is an organization that brings together real estate agents and other industry professionals on an international scale. Members, defined as real estate consultants, have access to a variety of benefits and tools designed to keep pace with progress in the real estate industry. The organization seeks to lobby for the protection of private property rights, promote homeownership, and maintain internationally sound credit and other standards.

7. Become a Broker:

Real estate consultancy is a sector that requires you to be open to development throughout the profession. The development expressed in this context can also be expressed as constantly updating yourself. In an area that is changing day by day and its target audience is expanding, you need to follow current developments and adapt to those situations. With the experience you will gain in this context, it will be an advantage for you to start providing real estate consultancy services in your own office.

How Long Does it Take to Start a Career in Real Estate?

There is no specific training period to become a real estate consultant. People with different degrees of education can do this profession. However, the way for those who graduated from universities related to the subject may be more open. In addition, people who have experience and different equipment in the field of real estate can find a job more easily and have a more successful career. This process can vary between 4 and 6 months for real estate consultant candidates who want to advance in the sector professionally by obtaining a license. This may also vary depending on the licensing requirements in your area and when you took the real estate test.

What are the Requirements for Realtors?

People who want to work in the real estate sector can become real estate consultants after receiving the necessary training. However, people who want to be real estate consultants must have a certificate or diploma.

Within the scope of the new regulations introduced recently, undocumented real estate consultants are not employed in any real estate office. After the necessary studies are done and the equipment is provided, it is necessary to obtain a diploma from a course or university. At the same time, people can start working in the sector after getting a valid evaluation from the exam, which is an official obligation.

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